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March 31, 2017 3 Comments

I’m bringing back my monthly GIRL CRUSH content just as International Women’s Month comes to an end. March’s girl of the month is… YOU! ME! US! WE! EVERY GIRL!!

I recently posted about Grrrl Meet #1, an open forum last March 25th for women who’d like to learn more and discuss the issues that affect us. Unfortunately, even before the event was announced, I had already made plans on that day that I couldn’t move. Still, I made it a point to swing by even just to help set it up!

We were asked to write down all the issues that affect us as women. We ended up writing down so many things! Look at what this little girl said:


Before the forum, I had coffee with one of my loyal blog readers, Mayee. When I asked her if she wanted to come with me to Grrrl Meet, she said yes. Yay!

That’s Mayee in blue!

Since Candy and I had to run even before the program started, I asked Mayee if she would be game to take notes and write about her experience. Thankfully, she was willing! Here is her story:

“Why are you here?” That was the opening conversation of the first ever Grrrl Gang Grrrl Meet last Saturday, March 25. I found out about Grrrl Meet #1 [from] the Preview article that Mich Dulce, the instigator of Grrrl Gang Manila, wrote. My interest was piqued. Then, came an invite from blogger, musician, and actress Saab Magalona and I immediately said yes. (I’ve been a follower of hers forever and we were already meeting that same day for something for her blog, SpellSaab.com.)

That’s the easy answer. Before I said yes to Saab’s invite though, I already researched about Grrrl Gang Manila and I found a feature from Candymag.com where Mich said how she was always afraid to call herself a feminist in fear of judgment that people would think her opinions were wrong. That personally resonated with me and it was why I essentially decided to go.

It was honestly one of the best decisions I made to show up and be a part of this collective group of females with one goal in mind: to have a safe space where we can be girls among girls and be able to discuss topics or issues we felt strongly about without any judgment. Having been a part of the group coming up with solutions to the issues we have identified felt very rewarding. I also appreciated that I was able to voice out my opinions and personal issues and actually being asked, “how do you feel about that?” It felt great to be able to have conversations that I normally have only in my head.

But this is just the beginning. There’s work that needs to be done and I know I am just one of many who will strive hard until we make all our feminist visions a reality. (Mayee Manalo, 25 hellotherefoureyes.blogspot.com)

Thanks so much, Mayee!! I’m so happy you enjoyed!

The next day, I was surprised by this Instagram:

Just a little backgrounder: you probably had no idea that we were not on good terms before. About 7 years ago, hindi pa uso ang Twitter drama noon so I was sh00kt when Mich fought with me! Haha! I really don’t like confrontation and fighting so I just replied calmly and she eventually apologized! But this is just one of the many issues we have to deal with because we are constantly pitted against each other. I’m very proud of Mich for being a “reformed mean girl” haha! It’s never too late! Girl for girl > girl vs girl!

I believe the next Grrrl Meet will be held in May! Follow Grrrl Gang Manila on Facebook for updates! Volunteer! Read up on feminism! Celebrate your womanhood! Just because International Women’s Month is ending, it’s no reason to stop making the world a happier and safer space for girls. Love you, girls!!




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    March 31, 2017

    WAAAHHH LOVE YOU, thanks for the feature 😭❤

    Girls for girls rock!!! ❤❤❤

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    Kimberly Rodriguez

    April 5, 2017

    “Reformed mean girl” Wow, parang ang saya umattend ng ganyan ate Saab. To be honest, until now medyo may nabubully pa rin ako. Siguro kasi nqbully rin ako noon at nagtatapabg-tapangan lang ako para hindi na ako ma bukly. Kaso ang nangyari, ako naman ang naging bully. 😔

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      April 19, 2017

      Go to the next meet! It’s next month!