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Today is my good friend Manny’s birthday so we threw him an impromptu surprise last night. He was the resident third wheel of The Jim and Saab Show when it first started hahaha. Manny is Cheats’ and Yolanda Moon’s sexy bassist. He’s one of my best friends! I gathered the gang for a little get-together, told them I was telling Manny we had band practice from 8-10pm. It was a good thing I was thinking clearly and told Manny it was going to be at 9 because I was correct, the boys were late!!


Unfortunately, Candy couldn’t make it at the last minute so I was the only girl there. I usually don’t mind it but I was a little stressed when Jim said “Bakit pa mag-cake? Pizza nalang.”


Hahaha and since this was a very laid back group I didn’t even bother getting birthday candles. Jim had some tea light candles so I just put them in front of the pizza boxes. You won’t believe it but he actually asked me, “Ah, diyan mo lang ilalagay?” like I had any other option… On top of the pizza? Inside the pizza box? Lurx. Hahaha! Cute naman eh.



Finally, he arrived and we all sang happy birthday! Poor guy was carrying his bass and his amp because he was expecting practice haha!




I really love this bunch – they are amazing hang out friends BUT if anyone wants to discuss serious matters, no one gets uncomfortable and everybody lends a hand. Here is a photo Jim took with his phone. YAY! That’s Ernest resting his chin right on the bar thingy because he assumes it was made for that purpose – otherwise why would it be at the perfect height?


Also last night, while playing some Mojofly hits (long story): here is Cholo enjoying some TRX goodness.


Happy birthday, my dear Manny!! You are the funniest creep I know! HAHAHA!

photo (3)Here is how comfortable Jim and I are with you – a photo from Halloween two years ago HAHAHA love youuuu


January 23, 2014


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    January 25, 2014

    so sweet of you and jim! for giving him a surprise bday party! :)