Spell Saab

The top 2 things people ask me now:

  1. “Kamusta buhay asawa?”
  2. “Kailan na kayo magkaka-baby?”

Because that’s the only reason you get married, right? Haha. Just kidding, I know people just ask these questions as small talk but here are my answers:

  1. Being a wife is so much fun. But really, not much has changed except Jim and I now get to call each other’s parental units mom (my mom) and mommy & papa (Jim’s parents). I swear I feel like I would offend my in-laws if I still call them tita or tito. Hahaha. Laki ng problema ko?!?!
  2. Probably in 3-4 years. Or I don’t know, whatever happens will happen but we’re not consciously trying to make a baby. Haha.

It’s hard not watching cute baby videos without being accused of wanting a baby of my own. But really, Jim and I are happy with our beautiful baby girl, Joey (our fluffy pomeranian). Babies are just cute. Cat videos are cute too but I don’t think I’d ever get one. Did I just compare babies to cats? Here, watch some baby videos.

Emotional Baby

Baby Laughing At Ripping Paper

French Girl Tells A Story

Monday Morning

Little Girl Does Makeup Tutorial

Hope you enjoyed that without getting baby fever. LOL. Happy Sunday!



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    March 15, 2015

    Sweet. Iba din kasi if you spend time as a hubby and wifey muna before the kids come in. Hehe. Though not married yet, I can say thru my parents who spent a year muna before having one. Enjoy your married life and God bless. ^_^

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    Vicky Mavs

    March 16, 2015

    i agree! baby videos are really adorable…the cutest ever! congrats on ur wedding and , uhm, future endeavors?? Just kidding. God bless po!

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    March 16, 2015

    nakaka tanghal stress pero na aliw dun sa batang babae na nag make up tutorial, ang kyot!:)

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    March 18, 2015

    Is it really offending if you still call your in-laws tita/tito? I still call them that. :( I’m a little shy to call them mommy/daddy, but I really want to! But I don’t know how to start… Ahhhhh! Help!!! :(

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      March 19, 2015

      I don’t think it’s offensive naman! But both our parents have encouraged us more than once to call them mom/mommy/papa so I get so flustered when I call them tito/tita pa rin. Hehe. If your in-laws haven’t urged you to call them mom or dad then there’s no pressure! But if you have a good relationship and you’re always with them you can maybe “accidentally” call them what your husband calls them. Baka matuwa pa sila hehe.