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Help A Dad Out!

June 5, 2017 1 Comments


I’m writing this post in the hopes of appealing to you guys! One of my longtime dearest blog readers, Mayee, is in need of your help. Her dad suffered a bad fall a couple of days ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Joey Manalo has been in the Neuro Critical Care Unit of a hospital. His family is hoping that he will be transferred to a regular room soonest!

I can only imagine the medical expenses their family is dealing with right now. I’ve never personally met Mayee’s father but I know how it feels to have a dad in the hospital. You can’t fight feeling a little bit helpless. But Mayee, being the bright and optimistic girl I know she is, has set up a GoGetFunding page to help out with the hospital payments! Any amount you can donate will go towards the treatment of her dad’s brain injury.

Plus if you donate, you get a nice little badge like this one below:

It’s going to be father’s day in a couple of weeks. Help out a fellow Spell Saab blog reader, won’t you?:)

Click here to check out Joey Manalo’s GoGetFunding page!


June 6, 2017


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    June 6, 2017

    Thanks, Saab and Spell Saab readers who’ve donated! Much appreciated ❤❤❤