Spell Saab

This happens every year. I tell myself I’m going to have an awesome costume but end up buying last minute things and preparing on the day itself!!

I must say though even if it’s always last minute, my costumes aren’t so bad.

Halloween 2010 – Tiger Lily (Peter Pan)

Halloween 2011 – Poison Ivy (Batman)

Halloween 2012 – Misty (Pokemon)

YES, I know Misty’s pokemon is Togepi but ain’t nobody sellin’ no Togepi stuffed toy, K?!? Pikachu’s just there so people get that I’m a character from Pokemon. Surprisingly, only a few people knew who Misty was. What a sad sad world. Or maybe I just went to the wrong Halloween parties. Haha.

So I need a little help for this year! What should be my costume??

October 18, 2013