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Here’s another time I felt gangsta and made a song with Franco Ocampo and Carlos Domingo back in 2008. I loved this whole process it was so silly. So the first verse is all the things that are bad (we like to kill) and the second verse is all things that are good (we kill to chill). Kingston is there because we loved Sean Kingston’s line “we can go to the slums where killas get hung” HAHAHA when we were singing that we were all “WHY WOULD YOU TAKE A GIRL TO THE SLUMS WHERE KILLERS GET HUNG???” Hahaha anyway our song’s pretty wack. The title is Crack Synth because the synth sounds like it’s on crack parang whoa relax. Labo. Enjoy.

Jamkru – Crack Synth

Yo yo Jamkru 2008

You know who we are

All up in that ass Ass crack

Rocket Launchers (we like to kill)

Shabu (we like to kill)

Snipers (we like to kill)

Bags o crack (we like to kill)

Allergies (we like to kill)

Flashbangs (we like to kill)

Airstrikes (we like to kill)

Landmines (we like to kill)

Yo them clowns (we like to kill)

Them snakes (we like to kill)

Sellouts (we like to kill)

We may be dumb but we’z ain’t blind

Guess what? Them blinds them blinds them blinds

Check it out

Sushi (we kill to chill)

Kitchenware (we kill to chill)

Steak knives (we kill to chill)

Milkshakes (we kill to chill)

Yo aircons (we kill to chill)

Pillows that are long (we kill to chill)

Documentaries (we kill to chill)

The ocean (we kill to chill)

Longboards (we kill to chill)

Kingston (we kill to chill)

It’s Whiskey Hill (we kill to chill)

January 30, 2010
January 30, 2010