Spell Saab

I just watched his video for Baby yesterday and I got why he could be annoying but he’s such a cutesy patootsie like a little brother who’s trying not to be awkward but failing but the failing is so cute that it’s successful and he’s not my little brother so I can crush on him kind of cutesy patootsie. Yes. Exactly. Ha? Labo. ANYWAY. So Julius started it all by sending me a link to this Funny or Die clip. I found out that his new single, Baby, already had a video out so I watched it and I’m not going to say it all over again but I thought he was fine, okay? Fine as in faahiiiinnneee. As in he is kind of a cub.

I sent Julius so many pictures I found on the internet. I even told him that Justin Bieber kind of reminds me of him (yes because I wanted to justify my developing crush on someone who used to annoy me big time and also because his lips actually remind me of Julius’). He said “Oh my… Justin Bieber is our future son” Hahaha.

Here’s one of the pictures I sent him:


And here’s how our conversation went:

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha “and why am I saving every picture” so gay. I’m going to spam you guys w Bieber pictures later :P

For now you can watch his Baby video which has a cameo by Drake!

P.S. When I say Baby video I mean video for his song Baby; clarifying because it sounds like I’m talking about a video of him as a baby. Weird.

April 2, 2010