Spell Saab

Ang dami niyong hinihingi hahaha pero good ideas for upcoming contests! Hehe. But for now, gagayahin ko nalang muna sila Reggie, Francis + Niña, etc and I’m giving away my Starbucks planner! Yes, I have two—the other one is for Reggie’s 2nd prize winner.

And because I am self-centered, here’s what you have to do: Take a screencap of your Tumblr crushes. Whoever has the highest number of likes or whatever of me, wins. Post it on your Tumblr and tag it with #lookatmesaab so I can see!!! If you do not know how to see your Tumblr crushes, click that tab on the upper right that says “You are following # people” BAWAL MAGPHOTOSHOP HA. Contest ends when I say so. Hahaha!

I’m searching for my #1 Tumblr follower :D YOU DESERVE A PRIZE!!!

January 6, 2010