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I really enjoyed playing futsal (indoor soccer) in high school and college. I even had plans of training and joining the actual women’s football team in Ateneo. I enjoyed playing it but I wasn’t an exceptional player. Watching football players, both men and women, just really fascinated me. The precision of their kicks, their eye foot coordination. Strangely enough, I have never really been into the FIFA World Cup.

I do, however, see all the excited tweets of my friends and how affected they are by “their” teams winning or losing haha. I experienced TRYING to get into a pub in Makati 2 years ago to watch the games in the wee hours of the morning but the lines outside were just crazy!

So now I’m curious. For the rest of you who are actual die-hards of the World Cup, how about ditching the long lines in rowdy bars and actually going wild while watching your favorite team LIVE?!

Sole To Goal

Ipanema’s promo SOLE TO GOAL is giving you the chance to tour Brazil and watch the games! All you’ve got to do is buy a pair of Ipanema slippers, get a coupon code and input it in Ipanema’s Sole To Goal app on Facebook! What?! A pair of flip flops gets you a chance to be one of three winners of a 6-day and 5-night stay in Brazil?? Crazy, I know!

This is just perfect timing because I need to get a new pair of flip flops for the summer anyway! I should really start watching replays of the past World Cup games, too!!

P.S. Sobrang cute nito!!



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    April 6, 2014

    hi saab please post something about your engagement with Jim soon? pretty please hihi <3