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January 2, 2017 26 Comments

*Nope, Jim and I didn’t attend Family Values Tour. It’s just a title. Teehee. For the younger ones: Family Values Tour was a rock & hip-hop festival that started in 1998.

For our 3rd day in Tokyo, Jim and I made plans to meet up with my family who arrived in Tokyo the day before.

Before anything, here’s a little info about our Wi-Fi in Japan:

We always rent a portable Wi-Fi at the airport to stay connected while going around. This time it was a little complicated because we had landed in Tokyo Narita airport and we would be leaving from Osaka Kobe with a connecting flight from Tokyo Haneda airport. Basically, we couldn’t rent our Wi-Fi from Narita airport because we had to return it there, too. Thankfully, Chelo told me about possibly renting one online because she had done it before.

I visited this website and rented the SoftBank one because it has the best speed (187MBPS).

If you order before 4pm, they can deliver it on the same day. If not, you can get it the next day and even choose a time period in case you won’t be at home all day. It can be delivered to the airport, your AirBnB, or your hotel. I chose to have it delivered to our hotel but now that I learned about this, I’ll order one before flying out next time so I can just pick it up at the airport post office.

The net was super fast and the battery life was amazing. The website says battery life is 3-4 hours only but mine always lasted throughout the day because it goes to sleep when not in use. I used it for 6 days and paid ¥4,380 (Php 1,860.48). Between me and Jim, that’s just 900 bucks each for 6 days. If you’re traveling with a large group, you can share with them and split the cost because the Wi-Fi can connect up to 14 devices. To send it back, I just put it inside the envelope they provided and dropped it off at our hotel’s mailbox. There are mailboxes everywhere in Japan, so you can just drop it off at the airport before checking in for your flight.

I love Japan talaga. It was so easy to order the pocket Wi-Fi through their website!! Also, you would think you’d easily get lost because of the language barrier, but they are very tourist-friendly. There are English signs almost everywhere. If not in English words, they have pictures that you can easily understand. I honestly get lost more in Manila dahil yung mga signs natin nakatago sa puno na hindi tini-trim or sobrang liit ng sign kasi “nagtitipid.” Le sigh.


The plan was to have GoGo Curry (our fave) for lunch but, of course, they were 2 hours late. There was this whole drama because I’d finally had it with their disregard for other people’s time, etc, etc.

I also felt really bad because this was the first trip the family had without me and I know I need to get used to it because my ate Unna also misses out now that she’s married and has her own family. But I was very emotional because I had set aside time to be with them and I felt like they didn’t value me. Of course, after crying in the middle of the street and letting them have an earful, it was resolved after 10 minutes because they said sorry. It was nothing personal, duh, but I couldn’t help but feel bad. But I guess like Jim told me, boys just don’t have a clue most of the time.

Maxx’s flight was canceled so she wasn’t with them pa, meaning there was nobody to push them to hurry up. I forgive my mom entirely because she’s gone through this with 8 children and everybody in the group is almost an adult already so I can’t blame her if she’s sick of nagging them. The boys assured me they would be more considerate and sensitive. Crossing my fingers this is for real. Usually, at family get-togethers I’m just passive aggressive whenever they’re late. I’m just thankful I finally told them how I felt.

After they buried me in hugs and apologies, we spent some time at a designer ukay called BINGO.

This Champion x Vader sweater!!

I enjoy navigating everywhere. It’s like solving a puzzle for me. And I like puzzles.

Tried to take a quick selfie before the Shibuya crossing. Hahaha sorry, Frank. And where the heck is Clara??

Then we went to Village Vanguard and went shopping. I highly recommend the place for pasalubongs and cute stuff for yourself hehe.

Instax bag!! Great idea!

All the KitKat you’ll want

I bought this big off-white leather Anello bag and a smaller nylon black one.

I’d never heard of Anello before but I told my mom I wanted a black backpack. I also told her about how I’m thinking of investing in a Givenchy one like what Maxx has and mom told me I don’t need to splurge for a nice black backpack. Thanks for talking me out of it since I can just always borrow yours and Maxx’s stuff, mom. Hehehe.

I think Anello is a Japanese-made brand because it was EVERYWHERE there. I tried searching for it on Google and their homepage’s footer says:

Both Let’s make good company.

“Fun and Strongly”

So I guess that solves it. If the English doesn’t make sense but is poetic, it’s from Japan.

We went to meet Maxx at Ichiran in Shinjuku but when we got there, we were told that there was an hour and 20-minute wait. LOL. No thanks! So we called Maxx and told her to meet us at GoGo Curry across the street instead. I was just going to drop them off and say hi to Maxx but she and Rob got a little lost and I had to leave for dinner with the Bacarros already.

So we took this selfie instead

I’m so bummed I don’t have a nice photo with the fam huhuhu but it’s okay, I’m sure there will be more trips I can join!

Previously on The Bacarros: the kids offered to treat papa Gerry and mommy Bing for their 36th anniversary. Earlier in the day, ate Mia and Chelo told Jim and I that they had found a nice tempura place. But around 6pm, they messaged us that we should look for another place because that one always has a long waiting time pala! We didn’t think of making a reservation.

Japan’s restaurants are very tiny so it was very difficult for us to find anything at the last minute. Imagine a montage of us splitting up, asking restaurants if we could have dinner there and being rejected by all because they were fully booked. I think it was because of the holidays. Earliest they could give us was around 9pm! After almost an hour of searching, the parents were very gracious and they said what matters most is the company so we should just head back to the hotel and eat there.

As we were walking back to the hotel, we passed by a restaurant that Jim and I previously checked. They had cleared up and had a private room for all seven of us. YAY✨

Foodie in the making

We also asked if we could arrange for our real dinner treat the next day to make up for it! We asked our hotel concierge for help in making reservations. Hehe.

Because we missed Maxx and Rob that afternoon, we made plans to meet up. They were staying with Rob’s family just a block away from us.

We went to some random sushi restaurant, one of the few we passed that was still open. Of course the sushi was good. All sushi in Japan is good. We also ordered Matcha Highballs for all just to try it!

A highball is made of base spirit and a lot of non-alcoholic mixer. In this case it was Suntory Whisky and matcha green tea. Yum!

We couldn’t really find any bars or maybe we didn’t try enough. Jim and I just wanted Maxx and Rob to experience the power of Strong Zero. It’s a ready-to-drink canned cocktail that has 9% alcohol and 0% sugar. It gets you crazy drunk. Shout out to our friend Kyle who introduced it to us the last time we went to Japan.

So we ended up just standing in front of a Family Mart for 2 hours drinking Strong Zero and just talking. We also witnessed 2 drunk foreigners fighting because “one of them owed the other 60,000.” It was very intriguing so we tried to inconspicuously follow them to hear more. But we got scared and just went back to Family Mart. Hahaha.

Laki ng mukha ko dito. Please ignore even if I pointed it out just now. TNX

It was SO MUCH FUN, really.

My small black backpack! Jim took this photo as I was reaching for my power bank. I think this was the building beside Family Mart. Haha

Jim and I headed back home and got to bed around 3AM. When we turned on the TV, CNN reported that Carrie Fisher had passed away. It broke my heart and if I were sober I think I would have teared up at the loss of a heroine. But I was drunk and so I literally BAWLED for an hour before calming down and falling asleep. As in hagulgol level talaga. UGH. You’ll see what I mean when I blog about the following days. I took a photo when I woke up because exagge talaga. Thank you, Jim, for helping me calm down. Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. I’m currently halfway through the last book she wrote, The Princess Diarist.




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    Barby Simbajon

    January 2, 2017

    I love anello bags! I got the mini boston bag! 😍👍🏼Ill get the backpack like yours next! Haha

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    January 2, 2017

    Saaby!!! Always keeping it real, I love it!!! When I finally plan a trip to Japan, will definitely go back to your posts for the recos! Also, sidenote-I love the backpacks you bought! Totally would buy them for myself, too :D

    I was so sad about Carrie Fisher, too. And then her mom, Debbie Reynolds passed just a day after 😢😢 2016 just had to throw that last punch in the gut. I felt the same devastation when I heard of Alan Rickman’s passing last year!! I was heartbroken I think I cried for a good 15 minutes 💔

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      January 3, 2017


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    January 2, 2017

    Saab you are crazy funny. I think everyone can relate to your family dramarama. At the end of the day, even if you wanted to kill them just a few minutes earlier, you’re still family and you can’t help but look past their faults and love them.

    • Reply


      January 3, 2017

      So true!

  4. Reply

    Barby Simbajon

    January 2, 2017

    I love anello bags! I just got my mini boston bag! Haha but i also want backpack like yours not too big though! 😊

    • Reply


      January 3, 2017

      So far I’m loving my bags!!

      • Reply

        Barby Simbajon

        February 1, 2017

        What’s the size of your anello black backpack? 😊 I am really liking sa size since i’m kinda petite!

        • Reply


          February 2, 2017

          My 12inch Macbook fits perfectly in it! It’s the perfect size :)

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    Michelle Guardacasa

    January 3, 2017

    Hi Saab. 😊 please share us how to go from Tokyo to gala yuzawa. (I hope it’s budget friendly 🤔) We are planning to go there next Christmas. We got so inspired after seeing all your posts on instagram. It will be our first time in Japan and we’d like to experience winter as well. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us 😊 stay cool and sweet 😊

    • Reply


      January 3, 2017

      Hi Michelle! I don’t really know the specifics because the whole trip was papa Gerry’s treat and was handled by the travel agency! But I did a bit of research because my family had intended on going, too, pero hindi natuloy. I would recommend this package. You just have to pay for your ski gear & optional lessons when you get there. Everything else (roundtrip bullet train, lockers, roundtrip ski lift) is taken care of!

  6. Reply


    January 3, 2017

    You have an amazing family. 😊

    • Reply


      January 4, 2017

      Thank you!! I think so too :)

  7. Reply


    January 3, 2017

    Thank you for sharing 😊 may I know the name of your preferred travel agency for Japan? Thanks a lot! 😊

    • Reply


      January 4, 2017

      I’ve never used a travel agency before this last one and I wouldn’t recommend them. Sorry, I prefer doing my own itinerary and bookings online because these things (overlooking important details) tend to happen when I relinquish control and I’m the type to do everything myself. Maybe in the future I’ll find my perfect match in a travel agency. Until then, Google is your friend :)

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    January 4, 2017

    My bf surprised me on my bday with an Anello bag straight from Japan. We have the same size but mine is navy blue. Now, I have a new backpack where I can put my Mac lappie.

    Re: Carrie Fisher – I don’t know how will I react since twas my bday that she passed away and ugh! I’m just confused if I want to be happy coz its my birthday or be sad because she will always be the classic Princess Leia in my jedi <3. Please reincarnate (nyahahaha).

  9. Reply

    KC Villera

    January 4, 2017

    I remember nag karoon din ng dramarama nung papunta kayo ng singapore before? (not sure tho) hehe. I’ve always loved your family!!! <3

  10. Reply


    January 4, 2017

    Thank you so much, Saab 😊 will do an independent tour na lang.. Thanks for your precious advice 😊 stay blessed! You rock! 😎

  11. Reply

    Louricka Genoviz

    January 5, 2017

    Saaby! keep it up. I’m always reading your blog and honestly… tambay ako sa blog mo. HAHAHAHA :D
    Enjoy your vacation there! hope to see you again .. :)

  12. Reply


    January 9, 2017

    Hi Saab,

    I have a Q about the pocket wifi. What if hindi mo siya binalik? May deposit ba yan?

    • Reply


      January 11, 2017

      Yes, because you input your credit card details on their website. I’m sure they will charge you for it if you fail to return it! It will cost around 20k pesos if I’m not mistaken, so you’d better return it :p

  13. Reply


    January 29, 2017

    Now I know what color your anello bag is haha. Nandito pala ang sagot sa tanong ko sa isang post mo 😅

  14. Reply


    February 4, 2017

    Hi Saab.
    I always read your blogs. Nkakainspire and nkkatempt to travel.
    Btw, my bestfriend is working in a private company in philippines, yung company nila ang gumgawa ng anello bag na brand. But they dont sell it in phils. They are sending it to korea kasi its not allowed daw sa pinas. Even yung staffs nila bwal din bumili. Just saying.
    Im from Dubai pala. Working here. Been your fan since college. I hope u could visit Dubai also.
    Please do more entries! 😘

    • Reply


      February 5, 2017

      Really?? I wonder why! I think my mom told me about an Anello seller here, though? I wonder if legit yun! Will do research. I would like to visit Dubai some day :)

  15. Reply


    February 7, 2017

    Hi Saab,
    Did you buy your Anello in Japan? May I know how much it costs (the small one)? I’ve been wanting to buy one from resellers here in the Philippines but it’s a bit beyond my budget. I wonder if its cheaper in Japan coz my cousin is going there this month and I might ask him to buy me one. Thanks!

    • Reply


      February 7, 2017

      Hello! I think it was a little over 2k pesos? I don’t remember!!