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JAPAN HOLIDAY: Matsusaka Beef in Osaka

January 4, 2017 8 Comments

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: Matsusaka Beef.

We rode a bullet train to Osaka from Tokyo on the 29th and though it was my second time to ride a shinkansen (Japanese for bullet train), it was my first time to ride a “green car.” It’s equivalent to an airplane’s business class. Well, they don’t exactly serve unlimited champagne but it’s fairly nicer than the regular car. There’s more leg room and the chairs are more comfortable.

They even had sockets on the armrest, that’s why I was able to blog while on the train. I didn’t notice if the ordinary car had it. I would recommend it for longer travels like Tokyo to Osaka (4 hours), but if it’s a shorter one like Tokyo to Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort (1.5 hours) the ordinary car is more than fine!

We checked in to our hotel, Sheraton Miyako, and they had this little store called “DRUGS”


The teenagers (TEENAGERS???) stayed on the 11th floor and our rooms looked (and smelled) a little old. Our parents stayed on the 7th floor and their room looked much newer, FYI! On our last night, I found a medium-sized cockroach on our bed. Not kidding. It was a good thing I wasn’t lying down yet. We switched rooms and, in all fairness, the staff was very helpful and walang hanash in moving us. We only had about 3 hours before waking up so we didn’t have any other choice. Overall I wouldn’t recommend the hotel because, well, there was a fucking cockroach on our bed. Thanks, travel agency for your recommendation.😷

Anyway, I didn’t know that was going to happen yet so after checking in, we all went to the famous Shinsaibashi shopping street to — you guessed it — shop!

And I went ahead and caught some Pokémon along the way.

I finally caught Pikachu, btw, and he was wearing a Santa hat huhu.

Cute 8-bit tableware!!

Didn’t have much time before our dinner reservation so I checked with the store owners and luckily, Shinsaibashi would be open on the 31st so we could just go back!

We walked to our restaurant, Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M which was just a few minutes’ walk.

Our travel agency pre-ordered the set Premium menu for us and it was simply the best dinner I had all year.

I didn’t know this was just the appetizer. It tasted SO GOOD.

More appetizers

Beef sushi!!! It was wonderful!!!


After dinner we met up with our friend Raf who was also there for the holidays. We recommended our favorite bar, Fanny Mae, where the owner only plays his CD collection. He’s a big Rolling Stones fan and it’s quite obvious when you see the place.

Fanny Mae is the coolest

Jim, me, my enormous holiday cheek, and Raf

Heading out with Raf’s sister and her friends to get Strong Zero at Family Mart hehehe

Japan drunk is the best kind of drunk

We woke up with massive headaches the following day because we were so dehydrated. I think that helped in my 2017 resolution to lessen drinking as much as I can. It really makes me bloated and my productivity is highly affected the following day. My plan is to go cold turkey on beer, and only drink gin, scotch, vodka, or wine maybe once a week or even twice a month! Nothing’s set in stone yet. I may regret posting this on my blog for everyone to see. Hahaha. We’ll see where the year takes me!




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    January 4, 2017

    Yay to Japan Holiday Day 5! <3 If you don't mind, may I know what travel agency who arranged this tour for you? Hehe. Thank you! :)

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      January 11, 2017

      Hi Dona! It was Rajah Travel Agency!

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    January 8, 2017

    Your Japan travel entries make me want to try Strong Zero so baaaaad, but I think I’m allergic to vodka and my digestive system can only tolerate beer and wine. Weird. Your travels are to die for. I feel inspired to save up hihi! <3

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      January 11, 2017

      Hehehe a little sip won’t hurt!! It tastes like soda but super “traydor” :)

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    January 12, 2017

    Care to share how much the wagyu set was? Thank you, Saab! Very entertaining post as always. <3

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    March 2, 2017

    Hi Saab,

    How much was the bullet train ride from Osaka to Yuka Yuzawa, hope you still remember. I tried to search online but websites I found were in Japanese.. Thank you!

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      March 2, 2017

      Gala Yuzawa is much nearer Tokyo. I would suggest going to another ski resort if you’re coming from Osaka!:)