Spell Saab

Ukay, annoying guy, Pecha Kucha Night, Magnet Hi Street. Pictures after the jump!

Gabby and Nellie

LABO. Well, menace parin naman yung nasa picture? Haha.

Leather jackets!


How depressing :|

Naks Volcom

Batgirl costume?

In fairness, may DMs!

Ang dami.

LRT back to Katipunan

Walking to our last Ukay stop in Katipunan

Take your peeck! Save ako dun sa sobrang pointy toed boots! Hahaha!

Talagang nakalagay sa pocket yung sleeves hehehe

Triking back to homebase!

Nyko bought these two jackets (among other things) for P25 and P50 respectively!!! Great steals!!!

Nellie and I didn’t buy anything :(

Marquis joined us after her class. Writing on my Moleskine!

Nellie and Nyko started hitting on a guy who was sitting beside us and he joined our table. You can see the regret on Nyko’s face because the guy was really full of himself. Hahaha. When he left he said, “If you guys see me around campus, just remind me of your names because I know I won’t remember any of you” WOWWWWW! LAKAS MO. By the way, he said he’s bisexual and his girlfriend doesn’t know it. There you go, that’s what you get for being more open to strangers than to your girlfriend. I don’t even remember YOUR name. Haha! Anyway, Nyko, Nellie and I left to get ready for Pecha Kucha.

Stop over at UP Fine Arts!

My dates and I enjoyed Pecha Kucha Night so much! We learned a lot!!! Pecha Kucha is a Japanese term for chit chat. There were speakers from different fields (pole dancer, green architect, fashion designer, mountain climbers, underwater photographer, comic book artist, etc) and they each had 20 slides and each slide was shown for 20 seconds so every speaker would have a little over 6 minutes to talk. I especially enjoyed Lourd De Veyra’s talk on the word “WASAK” hahaha! To learn more about Pecha Kucha, click here. Please excuse the look of uninterest in my face, I was trying to look “art” and failed. Haha.

Coffee with Kate Torralba after the show!

I followed to Sandwich’s “Putik” video launch but it was almost over. At least I caught the dangerous Pedicab band :)

If you like this then let me know, I will post more stories. YUNLANGBYE

December 12, 2009
December 12, 2009