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“I want what I want when I want it”

My dad would always used to say that quote whenever we’d have tantrums as kids. It made us feel silly and it put us back in our place – we didn’t want to be Veruca Salt crying about not getting another pony. My parents were not raising brats.

I am so glad to have grown up in my family where things are not simply handed to us. We are taught that we get what we give. We reap what we sow.

With everything becoming digitized and most things accessible at a click of a button, it’s very seldom that we remember how lucky we are. How incredibly slow was dial-up Internet?! Haha!

Yes, of course, it’s fun to be spontaneous but life is so precious, you shouldn’t be wasting it on waiting. I believe in planning out certain things to avoid having to wait because you can’t expect to get things your way without lifting a finger. It’s the modern age, you can move mountains by lifting literally A finger – singular – kaloka. I call restaurants to make reservations, check movie schedules in different malls before making concrete plans, ask a store if they have a product I’m looking for before making the drive – technology is there for us to learn to make plans and be responsible, not to make spoiled brats of us!


This is why I am very proud to be a BPI 24/7 brand ambassador. I love brands that embrace our evolving world and use technology for good! I’ve been using their website, BPI Express Online, since the day I opened my first bank account (I think that was in 2005?). I do almost everything online – pay bills, transfer funds, track expenses, etc.

Still, there are some transactions that I want to make inside the actual bank. Have you been to the bank during peak hours? I swear, the line is CRAZY. BPI has made “lining up” easier by giving people queue numbers so you don’t have to stand up the whole time. Even better, BPI Express Online has BEA (BPI Express Assist) Online! You can easily set an appointment in 3 easy steps! Get your queue number online and just show up at the time you prefer!

You definitely make things easy, BPI!;)


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    February 27, 2014

    True! It even has a mobile app that makes it easy for me to check my account. Para sa tamad maghintay at pumila katulad ko….