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Manila Improv Festival 2017

March 16, 2017 0 Comments

My friend Aryn has been part of SPIT (Silly People’s Improv Theater) for as long as I can remember. I watched them perform in Ateneo when I was still in college, and I remember watching them a couple of times at Mag:net High Street as well.

Aryn Cristobal (isn’t she gorgeous?!)

Not only is she a beaut, Aryn’s hilarious as well. So when she invited me to the press launch of Manila Improv Festival 2017, I said YES YES YES!

What better way to promote an improv festival than by holding an improv show? SPIT performs every Thursday at Commune, Makati.

If you’re not familiar with improv, it’s basically a totally unscripted show. All comedians ad lib their way through the whole program and I’m sure you can imagine how difficult it is to stand in front of an audience with no idea what’s going to happen. It’s also how most of my favorite SNL comedians started their careers (Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, etc)! Each show is a special snowflake because it’s essentially a one-night-only event.

Jim and I went on a double date with Manny and Janelle and we just laughed our heads off for about 2 hours.

At the start of the show, all audience members were asked to write down a song lyric that the performers would read out loud in the middle of a skit. Watch this similar performance by SPIT from a few years back:

SPIT created the Manila Improv Festival in 2004 and this year, improv groups from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Osaka, Tokyo, Mumbai and Brisbane are coming to our shores to join the fun. A total of 16 local improv groups are poised to perform at the festival as well.

Schedule of Manila Improve Festival 2017 performances

You can also try something new by joining one or two (or all??) workshops at the festival!

SPIT’s Kenneth Keng held a workshop with the cast of No Filter (the Sandbox Collective play I was part of!). It was a great experience and really taught me how to let loose and stop being so self-conscious! Jim and I are definitely going to take a couple’s class soon!!

Manila Improv Festival 2017 runs from March 22-26 at the PETA Theater, QC. Get your tickets at Ticketworld.com or through 0917 716 7357.


March 22, 2017