Spell Saab


Because there is no such thing as too much plugging when it’s your band’s album launch!

I can’t believe we finally have an album. Or that a band I sing for actually finished the whole album process.

I actually recorded vocals for my 1st band Candyaudioline in 2001. We finished the whole album then I quit and it was never released. I still have it though I think they must have recorded vocal tracks to replace my vocal tracks. (Selena, please confirm? lol)

Death By Tampon recorded 4 songs at Shinji’s in 2005 i think with uber cool producers Raimund Marasigan and Jason Caballa. That never went past first mix though, God knows what happened there. Still hoping the original split EP with Blast Ople will happen just to see it released. Though “Kinder Pop” did make it on the radio at some point. Ah. Where did our dreams of our pussy waxing first video conceptualized in RA’s house one day go?

And now, 4 bands in (including If Disco, where Miggy never actually let me sing, lol) I actually am singing in an album with 4 of my dearest friends through PMS and onstage breakdowns, band loyalty and not so band loyalty, silly dance moves and bad moves,  tiny hostels and hugs, british words of the day and wincyisms, momol pacts and nfc, my tears and their laughs, and lots of love.

It may never be the same but least it was.

Seriously. There is just no such thing as over plugging.


November 17, 2009
November 18, 2009