Spell Saab

MTV invites you to Laban ni Maria – Rocking Against Cervical Cancer through Music and Fashion!

When: September 23, 2009
What time: 8pm
Where: Eastwood Central Plaza

Everyday, 12 Filipinas die from cervical cancer- sad statistics considering the disease is preventable! Help spread the word and help save lives as we raise awareness for cervical cancer prevention. Let’s rock against cervical cancer with Astrojuan, US-2 Evil-0, Brigada, Imago and Pupil! Plus a super cool fashion show with specially designed Laban ni Maria clothes in cooperation with the Francis M. Clothing Company.

Admission is free.

I’m singing with Us-2 Evil-0, Elmo’s going to sing with Imago/Brigada/Pupil, Maxx is hosting with Eri Neeman! Please come? :)

September 22, 2009
September 24, 2009