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If you haven’t heard of local indie band Oh, Flamingo! I feel bad for you, son.

oh flamingo2

The first time I ever encountered them was when we had a gig together at Saguijo. I think it was for Play4Serve, a prod spearheaded by the analog kids of Sandwich. It was my first time to hear about them so of course I asked the we-know-music-better-than-anyone tandem, Myrene Academia & Diego Castillo. Apparently they saw the band play at 70’s Bistro and they were blown away, they just had to book them for Play4Serve. All I knew was that they were a band from the University of the Philippines and from experience, aren’t UP bands usually awesome more often than not? So I bought a beer, stayed for the show, and I’ve been a fan ever since. We played together again when Sandwich performed at 19 East and brought Cheats and Oh, Flamingo! with them. This was back in January, days before Jim and I got married. We all got a little drunk and started a rap battle. Well, Oh, Flamingo! were laying down the beats and Jim and I were making awful rhymes. It was a great night and I always go back to that moment when I hear Oh, Flamingo play. They released their debut album earlier this month and they’ve got a brand new track on rotation called Two Feet.

Really digging on the new song, the guitars are on point as usual and the blending in the chorus reminds me of Animal Collective, which is definitely a good thing. If this is the first time you’ve heard of them, you really should check out their previous single, too. Definitely one of my favorite local tracks of the year.




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    December 1, 2015

    kala ko lead vocalist yung only girl sa band hehehe! magaling nga sila thank you for sharing ate saab :)