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Valentine’s Day has never been a big deal for me personally, like I don’t look for flowers or gifts of any kind. I dread the traffic on Valentine’s Day if anything. This year’s traffic was well anticipated given the fact that it fell on a Friday that was also a pay day. Jim made reservations for us at Las Flores, a Spanish restaurant at The Fort we had been looking forward to trying. He got us a table for 7:30pm and since I’m very punctual, I left Libis at 5:20pm. I made good time, getting there at 6pm so I got my legs waxed while waiting for Jim to get out at 6:30pm. I went out of the waxing salon and there he was — my pancake <3

Looking good kahit malabo haha

Valentine's Day-2

Didn’t I give a disclaimer? This post will have lotsa cheese. Just kidding, that’s pretty much it. You can keep reading.

Since the restaurant was just in the same vicinity, I offered to have my driver drop us off instead of Jim taking his car. Trying to park on Valentine’s Day is like trying to make a dinner reservation on actual Valentine’s Day. While I got my legs waxed at Serendra, I told my driver to park first. Apparently he parked at Market Market – it’s about 10 steps from where I was to get picked up but it took over 30 minutes for him to get out of the parking lot. I was so hungry I opened the complimentary fortune cookie Strip Waxing Salon gave me for the Year of The Horse. I got a good laugh out of it.

Valentine's Day-1Finally the car picked us up and dropped us off… At the wrong building pala. Okay lang because it was just at the next block so Jim and I had to walk past this huge vacant lot.

Valentine's Day-4I thought it would look romantic so I asked the security guard who was on a yosi break to take our photo. It did NOT look romantic hahaha!! I asked Jim that morning, “should I wear heels or something?” and he said, “just wear what you normally wear” buti nalang because I wouldn’t have been able to walk that lot.

Valentine's Day-5So we got to Las Flores. The food was okay lang – paella negra tasted like all other paella negras, steak was cooked perfectly but seasoned too salty, tortilla thingy appetizer was kayang-gawin-sa-bahay level. But the company was exceptional <3 Actually, in all fairness naman sa Las Flores, it wasn’t a bad experience because these two lovely Spanish women whom I assume own the place were very hands on in getting everyone seated and happy. It was pretty packed because it was Valentine’s Day so maybe the kitchen staff was just overwhelmed. I am more than willing to give it another try.

I had too much fun talking to Jim anyway so I forgot to take photos of the food and place. Eeek. Sorry. He gave me the sweetest card, by the way. He’ll probably get so mad at me if I share it on my blog haha but one of the lines is

“I love you more than Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan combined.”

Now if you knew Jim, you’d know that means he loves me a looooooot. Hahaha. I promised this wouldn’t be a cheesy blog post!! Anyway, Cheats had a gig at midnight with other bands we love so we went to the new Tomato Kick branch (Tomas Morato) at around 10:30PM. I really like the vibe of that place.

The new Squid9 with Rayms, Shinji and Paolo

Valentine's Day-6 Valentine's Day-7 Valentine's Day-8

The hotties of Flying Ipis + J.Sonic of Pedicab doing extra guitar work!

Valentine's Day-9 Valentine's Day-14Hi!

Valentine's Day-11Our lovely road manager, Jam, just got bangs!

Valentine's Day-15Cheats set list

Valentine's Day-10

The newest addition to Locked Down Entertainment, Toni B!

Valentine's Day-12She took this photo of us

Valentine's Day-13

After which, she said “fuck you guys” hahaha

Check her out, she’s performing at a gig Cheats is also playing this Wednesday. B-side for Locked Down x Identity Crisis

Valentine's Day-16

Hey girl heyyy

Valentine's Day-18

Cheats on stage

Valentine's Day-19 Valentine's Day-20 Valentine's Day-21 Valentine's Day-22

Hahaha Candy, anong problema?!Valentine's Day-23 Valentine's Day-24By the way, Cheats is included in Vandals On The Wall’s Most Anticipated Filipino Releases of 2014.

Thanks for all your love <3 Follow Cheats on Facebook. Happy Valentine’s Day!


February 17, 2014



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    February 18, 2014

    You and Jim are perfect for each other to the nth level <3

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      February 18, 2014

      Thank you Grems!!!<3

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    jie fuentes

    February 21, 2014

    hi saab!

    I’m a huge fan of yours and your blog is amazing. what camera did you use in taking photos? stay beautiful, in love and happy..:)