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I’m a real big coffee fan. I have it every morning with my breakfast and I have to give it credit for getting me through my daily workouts and writing deadlines.

Photo by Duncan C

Photo by Duncan C

The sad thing about coffee, whether hot or cold, is that not everybody can enjoy drinking it. People with sensitive teeth know what I’m talking about.

I didn’t think of myself as someone who suffered from sensitive teeth but sometimes when I’m eating or drinking something that’s outside of room temperature, I flinch because I feel a sharp pain in my mouth. Mom said I probably had sensitive teeth. A quick trip to the dentist showed she was right. Every time the dentist would direct cold air to dry my teeth after cleaning, I’d feel a strong discomfort.

Luckily, Sensodyne® has found a fun way to find out if you’re suffering from the same thing without having to go to the dentist (cos that’s never fun! Haha!). It’s perfect for us coffee lovers because it involves — wait for it — COFFEE!

Photo by Sacha Fernandez

Photo by Sacha Fernandez

It’s called the Chill Test and here’s what you have to do: take an ice slush of coffee in your mouth, then brace yourself. If you can stand the chill, you’re A-OKAY. If not, then you’ve got sensitive teeth. Even if you can stand to keep the coffee slush in your mouth, if you’re feeling discomfort, welcome to the dental hypersensitivity club. THE HORROR!!!

Not to worry, there is hope for us. Thanks to Sensodyne® and its #SayNoToNgilo campaign, they’re letting everyone know that they’ve got our backs. Or teeth, rather. Sensodyne® has a wide range of products that will help relieve the symptoms of sensitive teeth and even fix the damage that causes it.

Give the Chill Test a try! Better yet, drop by one of the various malls and barangays where Sensodyne® is holding the test. Find the closest location through the Sensodyne® Philippines  Facebook page via @SensodynePH. The Chill Test will happen from February 20, 2016 until September 18, 2016.

Here’s a tip: Bring a friend and take a video of each other while taking the Chill Test just for fun. If both of you pass, treat yourselves to some coffee afterward! If you don’t pass, go ahead and stock up on Sensodyne® ;)


SENSODYNE and the rings device are trademarks owned by or licensed to the GSK group of companies.


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    May 2, 2016

    Coffee FOR THE WIN! One coffee addict here (even if it gives me tremors)! ? ?