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Okay I think I recorded this with Julius over a month ago, we were just in the Ateneo football field, he had his guitar and video camera. I said I wanted to make a song called Grade School. This was all freestyle (as you can tell from the lame rhyming skillzzz) and it took me a while to post this because I didn’t want to offend anyone. Sorry, Assumption, I swear I was only kidding. Please don’t take it seriously. It was all off the top of my head. Posting this now because cmon it’s a funny song. Hahaha. Peace, mothas!

Julius and Saab – Grade School

I went to two schools for grade school

There was Miriam and then we transferred to Antipolo

Antipolo, I know you think it’s so jologs but it’s cool

I went to Assumption and it was okay

The girls were nice that’s where I met my best friend

Marquis, Marquis, Marquis, I love Marquis

Grade school

I kissed Marquis under the pool

That was my first kiss (it was bliss)

We almost drowned but it’s okay as you can see we’re safe and sound

I remember lying

I said I had a hundred Polly Pockets

And my classmates just hated me

I said I had a phone in the bathroom

But it’s all so untrue

Grade school

I got kicked out of grade school

Cos they say it’s evil to be on TV

Fuck you nuns of bitches

I ain’t going back there

But I’m going back to grade school

I’m going back to grade school…

Just for the record

I didn’t get kicked out

I transferred schools

Because Assumption sucks

They said we shouldn’t go to that school no more

It’s okay because rules are a bore

P.S. Julius and Saab reminds me of Juris and Chin. HAHAHA. We should have a duo name anoba.

January 29, 2010
January 30, 2010