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Oreo Thins Flat Lay Challenge

October 24, 2017 0 Comments

I was trying to make a flat lay of the new Oreo Thins I got the other day but I took longer than usual because it’s not as easy as it looks! The distinct feature of the Oreo Thins makes it a lot more challenging to stand on its side.

I like to snack on Oreo Thins while finalizing things for our new album!

But I wanted to show off how slim it is and the best I could do was 3 pieces haha! It’s definitely the more grown up, sophisticated version of our beloved Oreo cookies as it comes in 2 flavors: Tiramisu and Vanilla. Jim prefers the Vanilla one while I finished the whole box of Tiramisu heehee.

Take on the challenge yourself and get a chance to be featured on Oreo’s Facebook page! Make sure to tag their social media accounts (facebook.com/oreo and instagram.com/oreoph) and use the hashtags #OreoThinsPH #OreoTHINrrific. Don’t forget to set your post to public so the brand can see it!