Spell Saab

Yesterday morning I registered to vote w Lucy! Weird how when I asked when we’d get our voter’s ID they just said matagal pa yun so I asked if they would announce it or if I should call them to check and they said again matagal pa yun… Dotdotdot…

Then met up with Marquis to go shopping in Shang where I bumped into Rico. I can’t remember the last time I saw that guy! Hehe. After buying a few things for Fashion Week and the NU Rock Awards, Marquis and I went to Eastwood na to have quiet time in the condo. I was channel surfing and thought Who the heck gave Rachel Zoe her own reality show?? Hahaha.

Chicosci played in Eastwood so since Marquis and I weren’t really doing anything we went to the Central Plaza. It was an MTV Sessions thing. Reunited with Lucy again! The grossest thing that happened was when Mong threw his very very sweaty shirt (after the gig) right in my face. With my mouth still open. I couldn’t get the taste out until we got to his next gig in Magnet for Sandwich. I really wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Hahaha.

October 22, 2009
October 22, 2009