Ask Saab 44

Put your hands up
Put your hands up

Q: why do you shop sa greenhills kapag gadgets? sobrang makakamura ba dun? you said you buy gadgets from janet, do you have her contact details? Thanks!
A: Actually, hindi ko alam kung nakakamura ako dun. Hahaha. Nakasanayan lang. My dad loved going to Greenhills to buy gadgets. Janet’s number: 09178068988

Q: would you ever consider to be working in an IT industry?
A: If that involves creating websites and coding, I think I would.

Q: saab im planning to buy an adidas superstar. they said that the sizing of adidas is different. is it true? btw i’ll buy online kasi hihi thanks
A: I’m normally a 7.5 women’s. My Superstars are UK 5. Hope that helps!

Q: I love you so much Saab. You’re my inspiration in life. Swear to God. My friends laughed at me nga ksi crush ko din si Elmo but mas crush lng kita hahahaha :)) When are you planning to come here in Cebu?
A: Hahaha awww! Well, no plans right now. Maybe if Cheats gets a gig there?:)

Q: Who is your fashion icon?
A: Myself.. TARAYYYY gusto mo yun?? Hmm.. IDK. Probably Daria?

Q: Ano ang common interest nyo ni Elmo?
A: Drake? Haha and video games.

Q: HI Saab! I have been scouting all the Adidas shops in the metro and I haven’t found a Superstar in my size. I know you got yours in Japan (haha! major #fangirl here) but I would like to know if you know where can I get one? Thanks! And I would like to ask for a photo op with yew! :*
A: Aww man, I really wouldn’t know because I got mine in Japan nga :( Sorry!! Yes, of course, I’m free for photo ops hehe.

Q: Do you remember familiar faces in your gigs? Just wondering if you’d remember a fan like me. Hope to see Cheats play again soon! :)
A: Yes, if they go to gigs regularly!! Hope you come to more gigs!!

Q: Do you have an idea how much a lasik procedure would cost?
A: Here’s what Asian Eye Institute says:

In general, the cost of LASIK depends on two things: the type of treatment (conventional LASIK or all-laser bladeless LASIK) and the doctor who will be doing the surgery. But we do offer installment plans with most banks. We wouldn’t want you to have to field questions about cost so you can tell them to email us directly at or visit our Facebook page for inquiries.

What we’d encourage though is for interested patients to undergo lasik screening because as you know, not everyone can do LASIK. That costs P3,200 and involves a series of tests to determine whether he or she is qualified to do LASIK. During the consultation, the doctor will discuss the results and recommend the type of LASIK that is appropriate for them.

Right now, we have some partnerships running that can help them get the screening done and surgery done:

– Asian Eye – PNB OFW Family Eye Care Program (For OFWs and their family members)
– 15% discount on eye care services including Lasik screening and Lasik Surgery

– Pag-IBIG Loyalty Cardholders (anyone can get this!)
– – 15% discount on LASIK screening and conventional LASIK surgery

Q: hi saab ? what do you do to your pubic hair before you wear bikini?? do you shave or wax?? just curious? I always read your blog, its very inspiring ? and its my first time to ask, Love lots?
A: Hello there! I wax down there :) Thanks for taking the time to ask a question!

Q: Hi Saab! Been reading your blog for years now. Are you into the adult coloring book craze too?
A: Hello!! No, not really but I understand the craze :)

Q: Are you a fan of Hello Kitty like Maxx?
A: No. Haha!

Q: Can you do an updated beauty haul of beauty favourites blog?
A: Totes!

Q: Sino sa mga ex ni Maxx ang nagiging close mo?
A: Only Chino because we were friends even before they got together.

Q: How old is Elmo? Is he single?
A: He’s 21 and no, he’s got a girlfriend.

Q: hi Saab ang tagal mo sumagot wala na kami ng bf ko *abusive relationship* HAHAHAHA
A: Well mabuti nalang hindi mo kinailangan hintayin ang sagot ko. Siguro kasi alam mo na rin naman ang isasagot ko. At siguro dahil ALAM MO NAMAN RIN NA DAPAT YUN!!! Woohoo congrats!!

Q: Is there a time na you feel so lonely and you don’t know why? what did you do to get out from that feeling? Hmmm :(
A: Yes. Watch FRIENDS.

Q: In a modern world where being connected is so easy like log onto fb or any social media and you can talk to people yet I feel disconnected. I blamed tech for my disappointment. How you feel about it?
A: I felt the same way. That’s why I’ve become inconsistent in updating my social media accounts. I’ve been online for so long and I’m finally enjoying real life more haha so my online persona has suffered. But I know it’s part of the job, of being an online personality, so I have to keep updating. It’s just about finding a balance. I hope you find yours.

Q: Hi Saab! Nag debut party ka ba nung 18th birthday mo? :) if yes, anong theme? may pics kaba? thank you! muah :*
A: Nope, it’s not a tradition in our family!

Q: Hi, Saab! Gusto ko sana magpagupit, yung sa Matrix challenge. Kaso natatakot ako baka di bumagay sa akin yun kasi 20 na ako pero never pa ako nagpashort hair. What should I do? Gusto ko talaga.
A: Aww tapos na yung Matrix challenge! Pero kung gusto mo talaga, gawin mo na!!:) Short is the way to go. Perfect pa for summer ;)

Q: Hello, saab! When was the last time you watched a uaap game?
A: Oh my.. I can’t remember!! I think I was still in college so about 5 years ago?

Q: How was your college life like? Any ADMU tips? hehe
A: It’s all a blur. Haha! ADMU tips? Read all your required readings and prepare for each class. Daming cute sa Ateneo so you’ll get distracted easily. Don’t fall for it! A happy crush is good to have so you look forward to going to class hehe but aim to make him/her your motivation instead of a distraction. Study hard to impress them! Damn, I wish I knew all this back then. Haha! Sobrang di ako focused when I was in college. Don’t waste it!

Q: What brand of luggage do you use on your trip abroad?
A: Rimowa!

Q: Hi, Saab! How do you take care of stray eyebrows? Is getting brow threading every 6 weeks too much already? xoxo
A: Hmmm well I haven’t gotten my eyebrows threaded in about 4 months? Haha. I think I need to get this under control soon. :)) But I just cut the upper part when I see na medyo kagulo na (I swear my eyebrows have a life of their own) and tweeze a few stray ones under. I make sure never to over-pluck!

Q: Hi Saab! I admire you na despite being a celebrity you talk like a regular girl based on what I read on your posts, walang arte :) Anayway, here’s my question, how do you and Jim makeup whenever there’s a “tampuhan”?
A: Thank you :) After a few minutes of silence after arguing (usually happens when we’re both hungry hehe), one of us just reaches out for the other’s hand. And we just start laughing and we both say sorry for being so silly. And then we end up explaining why we feel a certain way about something. Just last night I read in a book (The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional by Gary Chapman, a gift from my mother-in-law) that emotions are just an indicator. Like when your gas tank lights up when you’re driving, instead of panicking you have to find a solution or you’ll end up nowhere. Your emotions are an indicator that something is off. Find a way to solve what’s wrong instead of letting your emotions take the lead.

Q: what are signs that one has moved on from a failed relationship? does moving on mean no longer loving that person?
A: Not at all, I think you can move on but still love your ex. I will always love some of my exes because they became a part of me. I have no ill feeling towards them and I think that’s a good sign of moving on. When I don’t want them to feel bad about not being with me anymore but I don’t want to get back with them either, that’s when I know I’ve moved on.

Q: Hi Saab, I am a mother of a 4 year old and I am turning 26. I don’t want to dress like a mom, but I want to graduate from shirts and sneakers. Any advise on how to rebuild a wardrobe? PS: mej budget conscious. :)
A: Buy neutral colored pieces! Comfortable skirts and tops that you can pair would be a start! Grays, blacks, whites, navy blues, moss green, etc. Keep white/black sneakers in your wardrobe. I think I’d be a sneaker kind of mom. Right now I own a really comfy pair of Muji slip-ons that I got in Singapore for just around Php1,500. My thinking: some people will see me as looking like a mom, I think I look Japanese chic. It’s all about attitude ;)

Q: Nagju-juts ka ba? hihi
A: A lot of my friends are surprised that I don’t smoke weed. You’d think I would but I’m just not into it.

Q: what schools do clara arkin and go to? is frank from ateneo also?
A: Montessori, Antipolo. Frank went to Ateneo grade school, Montessori high school and UP Diliman college.

Q: Where did you buy the green jacket you were wearing in your Ask Saab 36? Thank you :)
A: My fave jacket from H&M

Q: Any advice for a 23yr.old NBSB-career woman that people find intimidating. I have to admit that I’m kinda loud or should I say “babaeng bakla”. I think that’s the reason why nobody likes me back.
A: Awww.. That’s sad! Although awareness of the fact that you might seem intimidating is a start! Maybe you can tone down the volume of your voice when you speak? And not everything that comes to mind HAS to be said! Try not to be negative all the time because that tends to turn people off.

Q: Right or left handed?
A: Right

Q: Paano kayo naging “sworn enemies” ni Chelo? Hihihi please make kwento. :)
A: Haha ang luma. There was a guy. I didn’t know they weren’t completely over, di kasi kami magkakilala noon but the guy started messaging me. It was really the guy’s fault. LELZ.

Q: Did Jim ever told you that you stress him
A: Probably. I don’t remember but most likely. Hahaha.

Q: When did you and Jim become an official couple? :)
A: Hmm I really don’t know if we have an official date but we got serious around July of 2012, I think.

Q: Do you still hangout with clara and arkin now that they went back to school??? P.S I love you so much Saab. ?
A: Yes, we try to see the whole family every Sunday :) <3 Q: Where can we buy the rainbow cake you had on your party? Thanks
A: Epicurious in Shangrila East Wing

Q: Are you planning to maintain your short hair? Or you are going to let it grow long again? :)
A: Hmmm I had no plans, really, but as of the moment I think I’ll grow it again :)

Q: Do you watch the TV show Castle? What do you think of it?
A: No :(

Q: Who’s your favorite Friends character? Why?
A: Chandler. Because his sarcasm is the best.

Q: First book you’ve read?
A: Probably something by Richard Scarry.

Q: You should try to watch MISFITS (UK tv series) it has 5 seasons with 6 to 8 episodes each) the first two seasons were the best but the rest were okay din! Ok love you poh
A: Noted! Thanks!

Q: Do you use lip pencil with your MAC Chili? If yes, what kind? Also, do you use lip brush to apply lipstick? Or can you please describe your lipstick routine? Thanks! :)
A: No I don’t use a lip pencil. I want to use a lip brush although I haven’t gotten around to buying one! I really just apply it directly. I try to do the X thing first in the middle of my upper lip and then I just color “within the lines” of my lips hehehe.

Q: Not a question! Just want to share you something: I’m in a middle of a relationship crisis and then I heard your song ‘New Day’ (It’s from your old blog, if you can still remember hehe) from my iPod and it felt like an eye-opener. Oo nga naman bakit ako mag papaka stress sa lalaking sobrang labo when in fact, every day is another awesome chance to live my life!! I super love you 10x more because of that!
A: Omg I don’t even remember that song!!!! Awwwww I’m so happy I helped :):) Wish I had a link to that song.

Q: Hi Saab! I have a crush on a guy who used to be my classmate in college and now we’re workmates, too. Whenever I see him around, I’m too shy to say hi since we’re not that close, and he also looks a bit suplado. :( But I notice that when we’re around common friends, he acts friendlier. Could he also be shy, too? I don’t have the guts to talk to him first! Haha. Any tips? :) Btw, I get really kilig when he “likes” my FB posts (ang babaw lol)
A: HE PROBABLY HAS A CRUSH ON YOU hehehehehehehee uyyyyyy kinikilig!!! Message him on Facebook about something random!! GO AHEAD, GIRL!!! Send him a funny meme or a video. Or, this worked on me before, some guy who never really talked to me in real life messaged me about a new ice cream promo at McDonald’s. I replied with, “is this an April Fool’s joke?” cos it was April 1 and he said it’s true and he’s going to check it out the next day. I could come with him to confirm daw. I thought it was well played. We went on a couple of dates after that.


Should You Keep Gifts From Your Exes?

Q: Do you think being friends with your ex is wise? Is it alright to keep stuff that your ex gave you? Or is that insensitive to your present partner?

Britney & Justin in the 90's
Britney & Justin in the 90’s

A: I think it’s okay to be friends if your partner doesn’t mind. I think being friends is normal but to go out of your way to stay friends at the expense of your present partner’s feelings is a bit too much.

I kept a very nice letter that my boyfriend wrote me after we broke up because it was very sweet and honest. An ex of mine (the one after him) found it in my wallet and flushed it down the toilet. It was very mean because it was mine and he had no right to do that (also, it wasn’t very good for the environment to flush it down the toilet). I think he could have asked me why I kept it and I could have said DAHIL MAHAL KO PA SIYA BWISIT KA!!! Char.

But I guess you should ask yourself why you feel the need to keep some of the stuff your ex gave you. If it’s a nice pair of sneakers that you can still use, then it would be stupid to throw them away. If it’s a sweet card that reminds you that you once shared a bond together, I would understand that as well. Although I feel like it would make your partner feel inadequate.

In retrospect, I kept that letter in my wallet because I was honestly not completely over him at the time and it was a bad decision to jump into another relationship right after. I don’t think I own anything from my exes today because of my recent obsessive de-cluttering. I have a few drawings and letters in my Antipolo home I can think of at the moment but that’s not hurting anybody and I could probably give it to my future biographer. LELZ.

Communication is key. Like, Jim probably still has stuff from his exes at his parents’ house but I’m not gonna be all OMG THROW THEM AWAY RIGHT NOW. I’m preeeeeeeetty sure we’re in love (see: Jim’s vows) and those things don’t matter to either of us anyway. Jim’s right beside me so I asked him, too.

Jim: “I think the first question you should ask yourself is if it’s practical. It’s more understandable to keep it. I had a guitar from an ex. I kept it until I found a new guitar, which made it less practical for me to hold on to the other one. That aside, I think the way these gifts are kept or displayed kind of reflect how you feel about them. A letter in a box in your drawer is fine. It just means it’s at the back end of your heart. But if it’s framed on your wall, then it still represents who you are now.”
Me: “Should you keep it secret? That box in your drawer?”
Jim: “No. But you should only say so when you’re asked..”
Me: “So meron kang box???”
Jim: “Di ko maalala.”
Me: “Paano kung binigyan ako ng poster na naka-frame sa wall?”
Jim: “Ang mura mura lang ng poster eh..”
Me: “Paano kung signed Death Cab For Cutie na poster?”
Jim: “Eh akin na yun.”

Okay, I have to go look for a box now. Hahaha joke lang! I guess what I’m saying is if you guys are confident in your relationship, you should be thinking about your future and not if your boyfriend is keeping gifts from their exes. We also asked two of our guy friends Ali and Panch about what they thought. They said they still have the first letter from their first girlfriend. Not because they’re still in love but because “it’s nice.” Jim said, “it’s not a reminder of the person, it’s a reminder of the experience. Of a first love. Of a failed love.”

My final say: as long as it’s not an STD, keep it if you want.

What about you guys? What gifts have you kept? What have you thrown away? Why? Share your insight, it would really help!:)


Ask Saab 43


Q: girl, ganda talaga ng style mo. effortless pero may class! so ang tanong ko girl ay, saan mo nabibili mga damit mo?! lalo na yung interview mo with Kevin Kwan?? TAGALOG para iba naman hahaha lurve u Saabae!!!! ♥
A: Hahaha madalas sa Topshop, girl! THANK YOU!

Q: Girl, nanonood ka ng Aldub? Bet mo?
A: Hindi eh pero nakanood na ako ng clips sa YouTube and nakakakilig yung unang nakita ni Yaya Dub si Alden tas na-self conscious siya haha.

Q: hi saab!:) i just wanna ask if where could i find that adiddas superstar color white like yours:-) muchas gracias gorgeous:-)-♥mhing
A: Hi Mhing! I got both my Superstars from Japan ABC Store!:) Much cheaper there!

Q: First, what happen to Grrl Scout and Duster? Sana tama spelling. Second, where do you usually buy clothes and if you have any limit or budget allotted to it. Last, what is your facial wash? Thanks Saab
A: Grrrl Scout is on hiatus because Candy and I formed a band with the rest of Cheats and we focused on that for the past few years. Duster was really a band fronted by Katwo Puertollano. She was supposed to move to the States and I was to step in as new frontman and then she didn’t move anymore and they decided to keep me (yay!). We recorded the album with all songs she wrote but then her work really did require her to move abroad. It just didn’t seem right to promote the album without her and to keep singing songs she wrote so currently it’s just on hiatus until Katwo decides to pick up the mic again. About the clothes, I’ve never had a budget and I just buy a lot at once (because I really don’t shop that often). My facial wash is Kiehl’s ultra facial wash :)

Q: Ever since you made that make up tutorial video and Maxene tweeted saying that you guys do one together, I’ve been waiting ever since!!! When are you making one??
A: We really should… Sige i-schedule ko next week. Haha.

Q: My mother always told me not to wear lipstick that much since they will make your lips pale and dark. Just wondering if you have had any experiences like this in the past? And what lipstick would you recommend for everyday use?
A: Oh I’ve never had that experience naman! I use L’Oreal Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. For everyday use, I really like using my new Dior Addict lipstick, the one being endorsed by mareng Jennifer Lawrence. Haha! It doesn’t dry up my lips and it’s a nice natural color.

Q: Can you twerk? Hahaha
A: No but I can ocho ocho

Q: Jollibee or McDo?
A: McDo for burgers, Jollibee for spaghetti hehe. Also, I like McDo fries better.

Q: Do you like Emily Strange as much as I do? Do you also collect her merchandise? Love ya!^_^
A: I was obsessed with her in high school!

Q: I have been a girl gamer since I was 5-6 years old. When did u start to play video games? Do you prefer PC or console games more? Me, console games.Much love!
A: At a very young age as well! My dad was a solid gamer and I used to just watch him play all the time. I like both PC and console games!:)

Q: What do you think of Echosmith and Paramore? Me I love em! Love u Saab!:)
A: I only know Cool Kids by Echosmith because we had to cover it for a debut hehe. Paramore songs are fun to sing along to!

Q: should i delete comments/pics of my ex on fb since i have a new bf already?
A: If you want to, but it’s not a requirement! I still have some pics of my exes on my Facebook because I don’t really use FB that much and I’m not about to go through all my albums just for that.. Haha. But if it bothers your partner, go ahead delete mo na. Haha.

Q: What’s the best advice you can give to a frustrated actress who can’t pursue her passion because of her flaws? (Pimples/pimple marks, and with a weight of 55kgs) Thanks, Saab!
A: Hey, that’s not a reason to stop pursuing acting.. Although there’s the harsh reality of cookie cutter pretty girls becoming the most famous ones even if their acting skills are so-so. But if your friend’s passion is really acting itself and not the fame, it’s not impossible to excel in the field. Indie films are always looking for “real” looking actors. The best advice you can give is to keep going.

Q: do you know john green and have you read his books? :)
A: Yes, I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, and Paper Towns :)

Q: is fmam single? hehehe
A: No Frank’s been with his girlfriend Denise for 3 years :)

Q: kanino ka pinaka close sa mga sibs mo? :)
A: Maxx

Q: what is your term of endearment with jim? :))))
A: Belly

Q: who is your ultimate favorite author?
A: I really enjoy reading books by Augusten Burroughs

Q: if you got elected as the president of the philippines, what would you do to solve the traffic and mass transit problems?
A: Cars should not be more than 10 years old and they should be regulated. Everybody here has a car. Because people see it as a necessity cos there’s no way to get around!! More trains. If you think about it, it’s not that expensive.. Think of all the time wasted on the road. People could be more productive if we could get to places faster. Less buses but scheduled stops at designated bus stops. It’s all about urban planning. But I really don’t think I’ll see a better mass transit system in my lifetime.

Q: What do you think of Lauren’s playing kontrabida to her ate Megan in Marimar? Would you also want to play kontrabida with Maxene or Moe? :)
A: Parang it’s so much fun.

Q: Saab, advice naman, There are a lot of counseling for those who got cheated on. But nothing about the cheater. Here’s the scenario: Si guy laging galit, di marunong mag alaga, si girl palagi nalang si suyo for like 6 yrs. Then suddenly cool off, si girl may na-meet na somebody she likes and made her feel special. Si guy galit pa din as usual, he never fought for his place. Then nung si girl iniwasan na si new guy, si girl naman balik kay bf. Si bf ayun galit pa din. HAHA! Kumabaga sa restaurant ” If We Don’t Take Care of the Customer, Somebody Else Will’ LOL Masisisi mo ba everything sa tao why she looked for a sweet caress from others. Psh.
A: Paano naging cheater yung girl kung cool off sila? At bakit niya pa binalikan? Ang sakin lang, hindi ka naman mamamatay kung breakan mo muna yung kasama mo bago ka mag-entertain ng iba diba?

Q: do you answer all your questions? or pili lang? just curious. :)
A: Almost all, basta may sense yung question.

Q: How do you deal with Man’s ego? :) Well especially for others na nag-hoard ata ng ego.
A: If he’s got something to back it up (like that Beyoncé song), it’s not so bad. If it’s all ego tapos wala namang reason kung bakit mayabang eh malabo na yun.

Q: Hi saabelly. Is your band close to flying ipis? Loveyouu
A: Yes!:)

Q: Any advice on first time sex?
A: Don’t do it! Chos. Use protection and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Q: Hello, I want to go to your gig but my husband does not want to. He’s the homebuddy type kasi, but I can’t convince him to go to Route 196 with me! He says madami daw “adik” and “lasenggero” haha! Even if I say that you go there. He’s a Francis M fan but he still thinks na baka daw magulo. How can I convince him kaya? Thanks! I hope to have a pic with you and I can die the next day. Joke may anak pa ko
A: Haha! Uy, kung ako nga kaya ko sa Route 196 siguro naman kakayanin ng husband mo dun. Walang adik dun. May mga nalalasing pero laging masaya lang. Conyo nga mga tao dun madalas eh lelz.

Q: What nude lipstick would you suggest? Thanks.
A: Darling Beige ng Shu Uemura, my makeup artist used it on me the other day and it’s so nice!

Q: You said before na ayaw mo ng baby boy kasi ayaw mo sa lahat ng idedate nila. So may pake ka ba sa mga dinedate ni baby brother mong si Elmo? =))
A: Di ko naman anak yun eh. Hahaha! Pero siyempre may pake ako! As long as my siblings’ partners bring out the best in them, wala akong reklamo.

Q: How did you cope when you lost your dad? I just lost mine a few months back
A: I’m very sorry for your loss :( It was really a matter of staying close to my family and spending a lot of time together. If anything, losing my dad brought our family closer together.

Q: Ate saab, saan po kayo regular na naggiGig?
A: Madalas sa Saguijo!

Q: Saab! Do you know leloy claudio? he was from ateneo and is currently working there as an assistant professor. crush ko kasi siya huhu
A: Oh he interviewed me before when he wrote a piece about my dad on Rogue magazine :)

Q: hi saab! i fight with my sister. most of the time I have no clue as to how or why it begins but she would rather do the cold shoulder no matter how hard I try. I used to do that but I’m trying to speak out instead to just clear the air but she wants none of it. She’s dealing with a lot, mind you. But, still I feel as though we can’t always give her a free pass just because of this and rather for her to start speaking out more and well beginning to act like an adult by speaking out and discussing things. Any advice? ang hirap talaga.
A: You can write her a letter?

Q: hi saab!!! how do you do your brows and what concealer do you recommend :) I wish we could do facetime or something like that you’re so insanely inspirational!!!! xx
A: Omg thank you so much hehe. I haven’t had my brows threaded in so long.. They’re very bushy so I sometimes have to cut the top a little bit. I just ordered Naturactor concealer because Maxx uses it and I borrowed it when we went to Japan. Makeup artists also highly recommend it :)

Q: Hi, Saab! Do you own a GoPro?
A: Yup!

Q: I think my best friend is inlove with me what should I do? I wanna get some advice from you .
A: I’m gonna need more information. Haha! Do you like him/her back? What’s stopping you?

Q: Hi Ms. Saab! I am just wondering how did you get to have a talk in UP about Boosting Your Self- Confidence last April :)
A: The org emailed me :)

Q: Can I get a virtual hug from you? :( Rigby, my two-month old puppy, is currently confined at a veterinary clinic. Huhu. She contracted parvovirus and we were told by the vet that she has a slim chance of surviving. I’m feeling really sad right now cuz she’s only been with me for 2 1/2 days. :'( I don’t want to lose her.
A: OMG! How is she now??:(

Q: kapag umaalis ka ng bansa, anong sinusulat mo sa occupation (departure card)? Writer? Actress? :)
A: Writer

Q: Hi Ate Saab, where did you buy your Sony A6000? :) Was it in Greenhills as well, same where you buy your phones? Thank you!
A: No, I got it from Sony mismo :)

Q: HI ate Saab! I just want to thank you for having this awesome blog. I actually can’t sleep right now so i just got my laptop and started reading your blog (im a big fan of you and jim hihi). anyway, this is my real problem, i think i’m a frustrated english speaker (or whatever you call it ahahaha). it’s like i need to construct my sentence first in my head before saying it and that really takes a lot of time so i always ended up saying “okay”, “ahh” “sorry” :( what am i going to do? huhu ps: sorry for this long message. this is how frustrated i am with myself. :(
A: Awww.. Well, my question is: is it necessary for you to speak in English? Why do you feel the need to speak in English? How do you think? English ba or Tagalog? If you really want to start speaking in English you’re going to have to train your mind to start thinking in English :)

Q: Mom keeps telling me to save my virginity until marriage. How should I react during the times she reminds me to (I’m not a virgin anymore but she doesnt and shouldn’t know)?
A: Just say okay. Hehe. She’s your mom but she doesn’t need to know that part of your private life especially if you’re already an adult. Still, as long as you live under her roof you will have to follow her rules so.. That’s something to think about!

Q: I have thin forearms and flabby upper arms. How do I balance them out?
A: A few upper arm exercises would help! I’m not a fitness expert but I think push ups would help?:)

Q: pano nagkakilala si maxx & rob?
A: Maxx goes to gigs, Rob’s in a band.

Q: how old is chelo?
A: She’s a year younger than me so 26

Q: kilala mo ba si helga weber or camie juan??
A: Yes, we met at a dinner together once at a Nuffnang event! And I see Helga during gigs :)

Q: do you want to visit siargao??
A: Yes especially because one of my college BFFs lives there now

Q: Umakyat kna ng bundok?? If yes, saan?
A: I’m not sure but I think so back in high school. We climbed a mountain called peak 27 or peak 28? It was in Tanay. Lelz.

Q: Gsto mo bang magpa gray hair?
A: Nah!

Q: creative writing din ba si chelo??
A: Nope!

Q: my blog ba si candy??
A: Nope

Q: if let’s say 25k lang sweldo mo, mgrerent kba ng condo on your own??
A: Kukuha ako ng room mate.

Tips On Finding A Good Kasambahay

Over a month ago, I wrote about my search for a good kasambahay. Right after I posted that entry, I remembered that my college friend told me about being part of an agency that helps homemakers find their perfect match. I’ve always been wary of agencies because someone told me they secretly don’t want things to work out between you and your kasambahay so they can just keep their workers in rotation.

But my friend was a good person with very similar values to mine. Plus, I was frustrated about being jilted by Vanessa (read my blog post if you haven’t). Like a heartbroken dumpee, I decided to give a try the same day Vanessa left me.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.09.30 PM

I called their landline and I told them what I was looking for in a kasambahay: an all-around cleaning lady who does not hate dogs. “All-around” means somebody who knows the basics of cooking and has ample knowledge on doing the laundry and cleaning a home. I was also looking for somebody who doesn’t hate dogs because I needed her to get along with Joey, who she’d have to walk at least once a day. I was on the road so I said I would send a text as soon as I got home.

When I messaged them that I was home and ready to do the Skype interview, they responded very quickly via iMessage.

Hi ma’am! Yes we may. Will it be fine ma’am if we do it after dinner? Or the time of your liking ma’am since our maids are stay in here at our office. All our candidates have just started having dinner lang po. :)

It was 6:41PM and I was happy to know that they were treating their trainees very well. I obliged to doing the interview after dinner.

Finally, it was time to meet the 3 girls they deemed fit for our household. The first one was Mary Lyn, and she was very shy and soft-spoken. Jim and I asked her the basic questions and I will share those questions with you later on in this post. We interviewed two other girls after her and we were given time to think it through. After about 5 minutes, we called back and said we would like Mary Lyn to come work for us. I just had a good feeling about her. She reminded me so much of our yaya Gleza (whom I wish we could clone because she’s the best!!).

That same night, MaidSource sent us the sample contract between Mary Lyn and me. Take note, I have never had a kasambahay under my direct employment before so I was so happy that this was all written in black and white. No need to tiptoe and wonder if either one of us is asking for too much from each other. The contract is written in both English and Tagalog for better understanding between both parties. It’s clear that I am not the only one protected by the contract but it honors the Kasambahay Law very well, too.

MaidSource has a one-time fee of Php9,450 if you’d like to hire someone through their services. You might think this is a bit too steep but they’re still the most affordable among other top agencies. Also, here’s what you get with that one-time fee:

  • Making sure your kasambahay is healthy by going beyond routine check-ups. They cover tests for psychological soundness, tuberculosis, pneumonia, hepatitis, leprosy, and infectious diseases.
  • Authentic government clearances like NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, NSO-certified Birth Certificate, Character References, and their own background investigation from the maid’s micro-community.
  • The convenience of transporting your kasambahay to your home, even on the same day you interview them.
  • They are trained by a duly registered & board-certified nurse to ensure the quality of cleanliness and care, especially for nannies.
  • MaidSource instills a sense of gratitude in their trainees. “With the right mindset, you can rest assured that the job you provide is cherished and not taken for granted.
  • Their legal contract keeps both parties protected from abuse and this 26-page contract was worked on by a team of labor lawyers. Even if I’d like to post it here for all to use with your existing kasambahays, that would be unfair to MaidSource as it comes with their fee.
  • They offer 3 FREE replacements just in case you are not satisfied with your hire. Highly unlikely from my own experience but it happens.

Before I go on, I have to divulge the fact that MaidSource waived their one-time fee in exchange for a review on my blog. I warned them that I had to be honest. I also said I would have to wait at least a month before writing a review so I could fully assess their service.

Mary Lyn has been with us for over a month and since day one, Jim and I have been obsessed with her. Not in a creepy way but in a WITH-ALL-I’VE-DONE-WRONG-I-MUST-HAVE-DONE-SOMETHING-RIGHT-TO-DESERVE-MARY-LYN. Okay, maybe we are creepy. Hahaha. But really, she’s been amazing.

She arrived in our condo the day after our interview and we both signed our contracts in the presence of an administrator from MaidSource. I was given all the clearances and her documents for my files. Jim and I really wanted this to go smoothly so we handed her some chocolates with a card that said “WELCOME TO OUR HOME.” In retrospect, we really must have seemed like a strange weird couple hahaha but hey, it’s our first time and we wanted to make a friend of someone who’d be staying under the same roof.

She was obviously so pleasantly surprised about the chocolates and card so she gave us a big smile and thanked us. It was the start of a good relationship and I hope things continue to be this way.

Mary Lyn cleans our condo very well and asks questions when she’s unsure of something. When I give her directions (“if you find any cables or small gadgets lying around, you can just put them away in this drawer”), I never have to repeat them (I always know where to look when I’m searching for something). I really like Mary Lyn because she always makes sure I have a full glass of water beside me, and I didn’t even ask her to do that.

She asked me if she could move stuff around in our kitchen and I said yes. SHE CATEGORIZED ALL OUR MEDICINES SO WE COULD FIND WHAT WE NEEDED RIGHT AWAY.


During our interview, she said she was just okay with dogs. Joey, in classic fashion, used to bark at her every time she’d go near me or Jim. Mary Lyn asked me why Joey didn’t seem to like her. I explained that Joey’s very smart and she thinks people need to ring the doorbell and I need to allow people to come in. She doesn’t like it when people (except Jim or myself) open the door themselves. Of course this is just a theory but it seems to check out because Joey was also like this with our previous stay-out cleaning lady. I told her that she just needs to bond with Joey and make her feel like she is part of the household so Joey stops barking at her. Now she and Joey have become best friends because Mary Lyn takes the time to sit on the floor to pet Joey and they walk three times a day! I’ve caught her many times singing to Joey, too. Now Joey only barks at her when she sees Mary Lyn holding the vacuum — Joey’s mortal enemy. Haha.

I recommended MaidSource to my mom who ended up hiring 2 girls — one for our home and one for my lola’s home. I just checked in with my mom last night and she said she needed to ask for a replacement for her first choice after two weeks because she was not satisfied with her work. MaidSource, true to their word, sent a replacement for free and now my mom is very happy with her new kasambahay.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.22.41 PM
Taray, may graphic!

TL;DR*: Overall, I’m very grateful that MaidSource helped me find our perfect match and we’re lucky to have found her on the first try! If you are looking to hire a kasambahay as well, here are 5 questions I suggest you ask during your interview:

Is she okay with the scope of work?

Be ready to explain exactly what you are looking for. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of your kids, etc. Be specific so you both know what to expect from each other. Ask if she’s had experience in the past and feel free to inquire about her length of stay with each household and why she is no longer with her previous employer.

Why does she want to work?

Is it to be able to send her children to school? Is it so she can send money home to her family? Is it because she wants to finish her studies? Talk about it now so you can learn more about the person you are hiring and so you understand how important it is for both of you to make this work.

Is she eager to learn?

In our interview, we told the candidates that we did not like it when people take things personally. Kapag mapagsabihan, sana pakinggan yung sinasabi. Again, it’s important to say that you’re not just looking for somebody to order around. You are looking for somebody to help you maintain peace and order in your home.

How long does she plan on doing this?

This is so you can manage expectations. With MaidSource the standard contract is 6 months but if you both want to keep working with each other, you are free to extend your contract after that without involving the agency anymore.

Is she okay with your proposed salary?

With MaidSource, it’s up to you and your candidate to agree on a monthly rate. To give you an idea, some employers start with Php4,000/month as a starting salary. But MaidSource explained to me that if you start with at least Php5,000/month salary, you no longer have to worry about paying for your employee’s SSS and PhilHealth. It will be their own responsibility. Of course you will have to provide your kasambahay with a room and 3 meals a day aside from their monthly salary. All of this information is on the legal packet that MaidSource provides with each deployment.

Employers will eventually find the right fit for their household. I keep talking to my friends who also recently got married and they’ve told me how difficult it is to find a good kasambahay. I keep telling them to try out MaidSource.

Do you have any personal “horror stories,” perfect matches or other tips on finding a kasambahay? Please share away!:)


Visit or call (02) 654-7338 / (0998) 996-MAID(6243) for more info! You can also reach them by e-mailing Their office is located at 29 Delgado St., Ortigas, Pasig City.
*Too Long; Didn’t Read — a.k.a. in a nutshell

My Husband’s Awesome Wedding Vows

Jim's draft HAHAHA
Jim’s draft HAHAHA

Dear Saab,

When I first saw you, met you, I was just so curious. I couldn’t pin down what type of girl you were. You were such a mystery. All I knew was that you were a bit annoying, masungit but definitely rare and special. Who knew this mystery would eventually be a major crush that led to some flirtation which then blossomed into a beautiful friendship?

Most people spend so much time looking for the prototypical perfect girl. But the truth is, there is no perfect girl, only a perfect friend. A best friend. That’s you.

A friend who holds my hand and that in itself assures me that my weirdness and all my quirks can make an impact on the world.

A friend whose imagination and brilliance inspires me to see the world beyond the confines of earth and sky.

A friend who makes me laugh and hold me when I feel the world turn against me.

So thank you. Not just for being my best friend, but choosing to love me as much as you have. To go beyond your comfort zone and giving me all that you can give. Sabi ko nga, “iba talaga ang pag-ibig ng Magalona.”

So I promise to never stop being your friend.

To understand you and try my best even when you’re incomprehensible.

To tell you when you’re wrong and admit when I have failed.

I promise to never let go. To never leave.

That you will never have to cry without me to cling on to. I promise to remember all the reasons why I fell in love with you especially on the days that we don’t like each other as much.

I promise to give my best to you, as a provider, your bandmate, your best friend and as a father to our pretty and chubby musical geniuses. I promise that this will be our greatest adventure. From our sofa, to Saguijo, to Rome. To unexplored galactic territories, we will have the most fun in one lifetime together.

Since I was a little boy, I envisioned the world in slow motion sequences protected by masked vigilantes and alliances that would save the world. But today is my greatest fantasy, one that goes beyond my imagination. Because it’s you, my precious.

When we get older, we start thinking: what will the world remember us by? You, and most people here who know me, you know that’s what scared me a lot during my younger years. Someone once asked me, “Ikaw, Jim, ano ba magiging legacy mo?” Di ba yun naman talaga ang habol natin? Saab, marrying you and raising our family will be my greatest legacy. So before God today, I promise you a life of laughter, my loyalty, my love and whole lot of rock and roll.

My dad once told me: the perfect love is like the perfect song, some melodies may break and the rhythm may go off-pace but at the end, the song sings sweetly. This is our masterpiece. And I promise you, I will never get tired of singing it.


Top Sun Protection Myths and How To Join The SunWarrior Challenge

I’m not one to shy away from the sun.


I like going to the beach, throwing barbecue parties with my bandmates, attending outdoor concerts, and I LOVE SUMMER☀️

Because I find myself being under the sun a lot, I did some research. Turns out, there are a lot of confusion about sun protection and I thought it would be beneficial for all if I put some of them here on my blog. I got these myths from

Myth #1: If Your Skin Is Dark, You’re Protected. Melanin is what gives skin its color, and melanin does protect your skin from the sun. But it doesn’t completely protect you—the sun still damages people with darker skin. Also, the darker your skin, the more difficult it is to tell when you are burning. Because people may think they are better protected if they have dark skin, they may also take less precautions regarding sun exposure and end up staying in the sun longer and more frequently—leading to more damage.

Myth #2: If It’s Cloudy, You’re Safe. On cloudy days your skin is still being damaged. The majority of UVA rays penetrate clouds and fog, leading to sun damage possibly without any indication of the damage whatsoever. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds. Use the same caution regarding sun exposure on overcast days as sunny days.

Myth #3: Sun Exposure Early Or Late In The Day Is Safe. While UVB rays peak in intensity in the middle of the day, UVA rays remain fairly consistent in intensity from morning until evening. Likewise, the ability of UVA rays to damage your skin remains high throughout the day from morning until evening (not just during the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky, but all day). This means that even when you are not tanning or getting burned by UVB rays, you may still be sustaining serious damage from UVA radiation—without ever realizing it!

If you’re still not wearing sunscreen daily, I urge you to go out and get a bottle as soon as you can! A large variety of brands can be found at Watsons! I personally like how the Vaseline one doesn’t smell like sunblock at all but I just ran out of it! Thinking of trying another brand just to compare! Any recommendations??

Participating Products

Speaking of Watson’s, they’ve sponsored a really fun event happening on March 6!

Color Manila Run x Sunwarrior Challenge

I got my kit in the mail!!
I got my kit in the mail!!

Start summer early and unite with your fellow SunWarriors in Watsons SunWarrior Challenge on March 6, 2016 in SM Mall of Asia Grounds. In partnership with Color Manila, Watsons once again brings the most colorful and vibrant fun run with exciting obstacles and a party rolled into one. Run 3k, 5k or 10k at P950 Registration fee which includes a singlet, head wear, sunglasses, finisher’s medal, color packet and a whole lot more. Visit to register. Hurry! Limited slots only.


Ask Saab 42

Resort's World Sentosa Singapore, October 2015
Resort’s World Sentosa Singapore, October 2015

Q: Hi there pretty! What’s your favorite COLDPLAY song?
A: The Scientist

Q: Hi Saab. What is your favorite word?
A: Pizza

Q: Hi Saab. What is your most bizarre talent? :)
A: I can do some tricks with my eyes hehe

Q: Do you have a local celebrity crush? (aside from Jim. Hehe) Thanks!
A: Piolo Pascual!

Q: bakit hindi rinig voice mo kahit nasa mic ka pag kumakanta ka sa band gigs?
A: Sama kasi usually ng monitor, I can’t hear myself! It was a habit to let Jim & Candy take the lead kaysa lakasan ko and wala pala ako sa tono. It’s taking some getting used to for me to accept it na pangit talaga sound system in most places we play at.. I’m trying though! I have to do that one finger in the ear thing that divas do haha

Q: may time ba na di ka second voice sa Cheats gig?
A: We all have our parts to sing. Mostly Candy and I are back up vocals to Jim, but some songs, like Summer are mine and Candy’s. Triple Horn is Candy’s. A new song called Talk is mine.

Q: Hi Saab! Do you personally know Franco Reyes? I have a big crush on him & I want to know how he is to his friends/colleagues. :) *Kilig* Thanks, Saab & keep rockin’ girl!
A: Aww sorry, I don’t!

Q: Were you self-sufficient since 18? Hope you can do a blog post of your teenage transition, that would be so helpful to us in taking risks and making life-changing decisions :)
A: Pretty scary to write about that. Haha. But maybe I will. Thanks for the suggestion!

Q: Who is Pauline Camille Prieto?
A: Julius and I used to hang out with Pauline! But she moved away and I don’t hear from her anymore. She’s a successful model!

Q: How long ka single before naging kayo ni Jim? :”)
A: I don’t know how to count that because we don’t have an official “kami na” date. Haha.

Q: Were you one of the first ones to know about Maxx new boyfriend? Were you surprised by their ‘sort-of-announcment’ on IG? Heehee
A: Omg ano ba, she’s my best friend. Unang nag-message palang si Rob, pinakita na niya sakin. Haha!

Q: Parang Maxx is so sweet and affectionate of you, posting so much about you etc. Ikaw parang waley!
A: Hahaha OA! Can you compare our updates as well? She posts like a gazillion times a day, I barely do. Do you seriously think social media is a measure of affection? Because I don’t and she knows that.

Q: Pansin ko lang iba iba moods mo sa pag answer ng Ask Saab. Sometimes you’re friendly and nice, sometimes you’re scary and sarcastic. Do you agree?
A: I guess?

Q: What is your definition of conyo? Are you conyo?
A: My definition of conyo, and I’m not saying this is the actual definition of it, is a guy who says “Dude, pare, sorry I got caught up in Polo Club. Shi Anton kashi wouldn’t get off the horsh.” LELZ.

Q: Did you ever need a tutor during grade school/high school?
A: I’d say I needed one in college. Haha. But I never had a tutor. Except for my college boyfriend who tried to help me with math but we’d end up fighting cos I’m stubborn. Hehe. Sorry.

Q: How is Pia Magalona as a mother?
A: Okay lang.. CHAR. The best.

Q: How many Star Wars related clothing items do you own?
A: 1 dress, 2 shirts I think! And 1 pair of socks.

Q: what’s your pagerank
A: What’s that

Q: Hi po~ Avid reader from Cagayan de Oro. Hihi. Um, just wanna ask what you think of Kpop? Thanks ^^
A: Hi! I love 2NE1’s song Fire but that’s as much Kpop as I know!:)

Q: You said that you are on a no rice diet. I want to become fit also, but I don’t eat veggies. So what food will I eat? Thank you! More powers to your blog Saab! :)
A: Kamote! Saba! Quinoa! :) Thanks!

Q: do you know where can I buy The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing? Thanks. P.S you’re so pretty :*
A: Fully Booked!

Q: What type of job do Creative Writing graduates normally end up with?
A: Funny cos my block mates ended up in different jobs. One’s a fully-booked jazz singer, one’s very good at reviewing books for a prominent magazine, one just opened up her own yoga resort in Siargao. I think people who take up Creative Writing in the first place are those brave enough to know we probably won’t have a steady 9-5 job that gives us security. But I think we’re also brave to take on a dream job that we’ll work twice as hard to keep. Normally though, I think a CW diploma would be a plus if you want to work in media.

Q: What does Frank do for a living? Hehe
A: He still acts on GMA7, just finished taping Marimar.

Q: Hi, Saab! Nakakatuwa how frank you are and infair, you’re not like the other artists na masyadong pacute sa fan. (Yep. Medyo conyo. Di naman required pure english. Di ba? Lels)
A: I’m not frank, I’m Saab! Char :p

Q: Hi Saab, as a blogger and artist. How does the media and society influence you?
A: As a blogger and artist, I influence them. GUSTOMOYUN???

Q: I’ve been following you since Tumblr days, I was 16 or 15 then, I’m now 20.. haha. Anyways, I work in the airport in Dubai, I work night shifts.. starts at 9pm and finishes in the morning and I’ve been dreading to get back on my workouts but I do not know how to start back up, since I’m awake the whole night and asleep the whole day, my question is how do you fit your workouts in your everyday life? i know time management, but for someone who works night shifts.. what are your tips
A: Hello! I just have to recommend for you to do it as soon as you wake up! 30 minutes! Kaya yun :)

Q: Hi Saab, I have just recently started my own blog, at the moment the articles i write are mostly anything under the sun which i find rather interesting which i think would be catchy for the potential readers. However it feels all over the place since it’s not entirel focused on one category, any tips on what i should do?
A: Ganun rin ako! Haha! But if you want to gain readership, I guess you have to keep them in mind. Think of one actual friend of yours that you see could be your reader. When you are talking to that friend, what would you discuss? Food? Fashion? Maybe that’s a good jump-off point :)

Q: have you completed your chiropractic sessions before? How was it? Can i expect permanent result? I am considering this treatment but since it is pricey for me I only tried it once.
A: I don’t think it’s permanent. I have 4 treatments left in my package.

Q: Hi Saab, where do you always go to do your grocery shopping?
A: Rustan’s

Q: where did you get your ‘you had me at hilaw’ shirt?
A: :)

Ask Saab 41

At Toff De Venecia's Addams Family-themed birthday party, October 2015
At Toff De Venecia’s Addams Family-themed birthday party, October 2015

Long overdue but I’m back to regular programming ❤️

Q: Ilang guests niyo sa wedding? :)
A: Under 300

Q: did you get discounts and freebies from your wedding suppliers/videographers etc because you’re a celebrity? :)
A: Yes, some, and I’m very grateful :)

Q: bakit di ka nakakasawa? yung blog mo ang timeless. What’s your secret? :D

Q: who thought of the CHEATS font? :)
A: It’s typography by artist JP CUISON :)

Q: do you even get “rest days”? parang ang busy mo gurl
A: Right now I take weekends very seriously hehe I don’t open my e-mail.

Q: Hello Saab ♥ You’re probably one of my favorite human beings ever. Okay, just wanted to put that out there. Haha! But anyway for my real question, what was your favorite part when you were planning your wedding? You and Jim were really hands-on with everything from the invites down to the souvenirs and I was just really curious about your favorite part. Thank you and hope to see you again in one of my few visits (unfortunately the night life’s not for me) at Guijo!
A: Awwwww!! Thank you!! Anyway, I really enjoyed going to Baguio for food tasting and checking the floral arrangements and the layout of the tables, etc. :) It was fun because it was a separate Baguio trip for the fam and a few of our friends. Other than that, I really liked making the boutonnieres with my friend Kristia. The invitations as well, I had to put some handmade finishing touches on each and every one of them. I like arts and crafts so it was very fun for me.

Q: You buy printed books, or you read them on tablet/kindle? I have a problem with space for my books.
A: I buy printed books. I also buy some on my Kindle if I can’t wait. Yup, it is a real storage problem. But it looks nice displayed proudly on shelves naman. But I’ve learned to share my books when I’m done reading them.

Q: Hi Saab, I love your style..!! I’m a tshirt, jeans and sneakers type of girl, pero dahil sayo na-inspire ako mag-upgrade ng style.. I want to dress-up din for my boyfriend pero naka sneakers pa rin, hahaha.. ano yung shoes na suot mo papunta sa Singapore, and saan mo sya nabili? isa lang shoes ko na may heels (ankle boots) pero nasira na sya then nakita ko yung sayo and type na type ko yun..
A: Hehehe thanks! Those are my fave booties from Topshop. They’re kind of f-ed up (I think they’re over 2 years old). Got a new pair from Stradivarius a few months ago. Not the same but it’ll do for now!

Q: Gaano kataas grado ng mata mo?
A: 350 and 400 both with astigmatism BUT I GOT LASIK ALREADY WOOHOOOOO!!

Q: What is your favorite milk tea flavor?
A: Hokkaido, I think. Wow I haven’t had milk tea in so long haha!! Royal milk tea. With 25% sugar.

Q: Nag-uukay ukay rin kaya ang isang Saab Magalona?
A: OMG nakakairita yung “isang Saab Magalona” hahahaha that super reminded me of Nyko!!! Awwww… To answer your question though, no not anymore.

Q: How did your parents come up with your name? I like the combination of Isabella and Simone :)
A: Thanks! You’ll have to ask my mom because I really don’t know :))

Q: What made you decide to have an Ask Box? It’s cool cos it’s our way to ask you something. Parang friendz talaga tayo lelz
A: I’ve had a “kweschon vax” since 2003 when I started blogging!:D I took it out but it’s a nice way to interact with you guys!!

Q: Have you read Series of Unfortunate Events?
A: No :(

Q: Which concert are you planning to go to next?
A: Hmmm I guess Wanderland cos we’re playing!

Q: Chicken, pork or beef?
A: Beef 4evr

Q: Hi Ate Saab! How do you write the last paragraph of you blog posts? (ang weird ba ng tanong ko lol) I always find it hard to write the last paragraph in everything that I write ahaha. Parang hindi ko alam kung paano i-conclude yung post kaya feeling ko laging bitin.
A: I find it to be the hardest part as well! I usually just ask myself, “what’s your takeaway from this experiecne?” and “what can your readers takeaway from it as well?” also, “now what?” for links and info especially if I write about a place or something.

Q: Do you dance?
A: No :( Wish I could

Q: Hi Saab! I read that you founded your school’s paper! I am currently a contributor in my school’s official publicaion rn. Can I just ask some tips or articles that I may contribute under entertainment section? :) (aside from ootds n stuff/chill places, jokes, what else? thank you! PS: I blog because of you <3
A: That’s great! What about interviews with interesting people in school?:) Ask them fun questions, how a normal day goes for them, etc. I think that would be cool :)

Q: Hi Saab! I have a friend who has the same camera as your old one (nex 5n) but I find the quality not as nice as your pictures before. Tanong ko lang kung may ina-adjust ka pa ba to enhance the quality or something? Thank you!
A: Nope, I just shoot on auto mode and adjust the color temperature on Adobe Lightroom for a nice cool effect. Recently though, I downloaded VSCO filters on Lightroom. Great for RAW files!

Q: I love seeing you and Jim together. Sana kasing cute and cool niyo din kami ng boyfriend ko. Gaano katagal nanligaw si Jim sayo? <3
A: Hindi ko alam because he never asked me to be hif girlfriend. LELZ. We just started hanging out a lot.

Q: Hello, do you think its unfair with what happened to mei bastes? or you believe she deserves it?
A: Why, what happened to her?

Q: Nakalagay sa August Gig Sched mo na you’ll be at Technological Institute of the Phil last Aug. 26 :'( Yun pala sa Technological “University” ka pupunta huhu di tuloy ako nakapunta :'(

Q: How do you control yourself from eating the food you really really like? and paano pag nag dadate kayo ni Jim? I’m a foodie and I just cant stop! haha I was inspired from your weight loss and It’s Just Hardddddd! Anyway I love you!
A: Don’t deprive yourself!! It’s all about portion control. And when it’s date night, walang basagan ng trip. Hahaha!!

Q: Hey Saab! What’s your/are your favorite chick flick/s?
A: Clueless, Heathers, Mean Girls

Q: I’m in a 4 year relationship. My boyf’s ex added him in fb last Jan. I accepted him but then my boyf deleted her because he knew I would just pick up an issue against their past. The ex added him again last week and my boyf canceled her request. Since it was my boyf’s bday yesterday, the ex sent him a private message for greetings. Fortunately, I was able to read it first. What is your take on this matter?
A: Why are you touching your boyfriend’s Facebook account? I’m married to Jim and when he leaves his Facebook or e-mail logged in, I automatically log it out. I think privacy is very important and you should stop snooping around. If you feel the need to snoop around, maybe you should just break up because that means you don’t trust him. So why stay together?:(

Q: How would you react to an “attention seeker ex” of your boyfriend? PS the boyfriend doesnt bother to mind her but the girlfriend makes it an issue.
A: Just think, “I’m sure glad I’m not in her shoes.” Tapos momol kami ng boyfriend ko. Haha. Girl, KEBS! May ganyan rin kay Jim. Ang malala, hindi niya ex. Naiirita ako pero since Jim shows me her weird papansin messages I remember how good I have it with him. Once in a while magsesend yung girl ng random message. Iniignore nalang namin. If no harm is done naman, wala namang stalker vibe na pinupuntahan kami sa bahay, thank goodness.. Wag niyo na pansinin. I think tumigil na rin yung crazy girl na in love kay Jim. Hope so.

Q: My boyfriend suddenly became so suspicious of me cheating on him kahit hindi naman just because he always sees me chatting. But the thing is I’m just talking with my friends and I already told him that, but he will just say ‘talaga?’ in a sarcastic way. It bothers me not because I’m guilty, but because nagiging cold sya sa kin and it seems that he doesn’t believe me. I make lambing naman sa kanya but kebs lang :( I don’t know what to do na :( any advise? Sorry ang drama :(

A: Talk to him about how you feel. Be honest, don’t turn it into a fight. Say, “hey, I need you to know that I feel bad whenever I’m chatting with my friends and you get suspicious of me.” Tell him he’s your one and only and that he’s being silly if he thinks otherwise. And if he gets mad at you while chatting just laugh it off and wag ka magpa-apekto. Kung wala ka naman talagang ginagawa, and he still fights with you about it even after you tell him you don’t deserve being treated that way, I think you could do better.

Q: Hi Saab! Are you still looking for interns? If you are, are you okay with having a week-long intern? :( I have a week of vacation before I start school abroad and I wanted to make good use of my time :)
A: Oooh! When?? E-mail me :)

Q: Saab, can you share us your exercise routine? Do you workout from home? I work out from home but I am easily distracted so I always end up not finishing the planned workout. Any advise? Thanks! Youre like my cyber sister :p *I hope that doesnt freak you out*
A: Do it FIRST THING in the morning :) Get it out of the way and you won’t get distracted na. Hehe. I’m not freaked out!! ?

Q: Hi Saab! I’m a huge huge fan from mindanao. :) Who is your favorite band as of the moment aside from Cheats :)
A: Sandwich

Q: Did you and Julius see each other at the AxeBlackFrank event? Did you get the chance to talk or say hi to each other?
A: No, I didn’t see him there. I saw him at the YoungStar prom and I said hello!

Q: Hi Saab, last year I wanted to join the Matrix Hair Challenge but was discouraged because my hair was keratin-treated and has (ombre) color pa. Buti you were allowed to donate even if you had your hair colored? -T
A: That’s why I colored it into a solid dark brown color before donating it :)

Q: Hello Saabae! Panuorin mo na ang movie o basahin muna ang book?
A: Book first

Q: Hi Saab! :) do you read books everyday? i so wanna be like you in everything hehe! Crazy but that is true! Xoxo
A: Sometimes TV series get in the way of my reading so it depends on my mood! Thank you :)

Q: How’d you feel if i name (saab) my baby after you? :)
A: That would be cool xx

Q: Any believable excuses to make it appear you dont want a child but in reality youre just barren? My dilemma right now :(
A: Oh wow, I don’t know what to say.. Sorry about that :( I wouldn’t know but maybe you should ask yourself why you feel the need to give an excuse? It’s nobody’s business.. Unless you are trying to have a baby with your partner, I think at least he should know the truth. God bless you.

Q: Are you a believer? do you/ did you accept Jesus in your life?
A: I never got that, “accepting Jesus in my life” I really don’t get what that means. I didn’t really have a choice as a baby being baptized and brought up Catholic. As an adult, I’ve read so many arguments about different religions. But I was brought up to believe in a miracle baby who saved us all. I pray to him (the grown man Jesus, not the baby haha remember Talladega nights?) every night before I sleep. Does that mean I accept him in my life? I’m confused because I feel like “do you accept Jesus in your life” is a Born Again Christian thing to ask. And I don’t even get why Christians are not the same as Catholics. Regardless, I pray to God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) every night.

Q: Hi Saab! Ever since u cut your hair, I noticed that u changed ur hair color. Where’d you have it done and what color? It suits you and I’m obsessed! ?
A: THANK YOU! Got the hair cut and colored at Matrix Salon :)

Q: Why LELZ among other expressions? Just curious tho still love you and your blog ♥
A: It’s just SO jej, it’s perfect.

Q: hey! what’s the story behind your band’s name Cheats? or nasa FAQs na to, di lang ako marunong maghanap? HAHAHA. luhyuh! xx
A: Haha! It’s cos we all love video games

Q: “I’m Saab Magalona. Allow me to overshare about my life ♥” — change this na to Bacarro!!!
A: AY OO NGA one year na ano ba yan

Q: Who was the first person you told when you lost your virginity (aside from your then boyfriend)?
A: Virgin pa po ako. LELZ. I don’t remember.

Q: my friends and i want to produce gigs cos local indie and mainstream bands are the biggest loves of our lives. would cheats be willing to play in our prod for free? :)
A: E-mail for inquiries! But if you valued bands then you would look for a way to pay for their services kahit konti hehe just saying :)

Q: how tita can you get?
A: Not as tita as Candy who always reaches in her bag for a bottle of White Flower. She’s 3 years younger than me!! Hahaha. Hanggang pamaypay lang naman ako sa bag..

Q: how would you feel if clara tells you that she already has a boyfriend? and would you want to meet the guy?
A: Of course but I’d already know he wasn’t good enough before meeting him. LOLOLOL #PsychoAte

Q: what would you tell girls who get pregnant at a very young age?
A: Don’t you wish we had sex ed in school?

Valentine Sumo Meals at Not-So-Sumo Prices!

Most people have this habit of relating Valentine’s Day to expensive dinner dates. I beg to differ! Ika nga ni mareng Jennifer Lopez: “love don’t cost a thing!” Also, Jim and I are a testament to a no-frills relationship. Sometimes, we like giving each other gifts but we know how to live within our means.

We are what you’d call “creatures of habit.” I am not kidding you when I say we have Japanese food on 90% of our dates. Haha! We can’t help it! WE LOVE JAPANESE FOOD.

Now, before you go thinking that Japanese food has to be over-the-top expensive to be good – think of Tokyo Tokyo


This month, the #1 Japanese Restaurant Chain in the country, is launching their Valentine Sumo Meal. It’s good for two and it consists of Tokyo Tokyo’s best-selling products — 4-pc prawn tempura, 1-pc Best Chicken Teriyaki with mixed vegetables, unli-rice (music to my ears), and Red Iced Tea. To complete the meal, it also comes with a Valentine-inspired Snow Ice dessert.


It’s basically a Valentine’s-inspired version of Tokyo Tokyo’s famous snow ice. It’s made with finely shaved vanilla ice topped with strawberry syrup, chocolate chips, heart candy toppers, and whipped cream. Perfect for sharing with your loved one!

For only PhP 409, you can now enjoy this complete meal for two. That’s only a little over Php 200 each!! Why not try something different and surprise your crush? Sharing the Valentine’s Sumo Meal during lunch break would be a nice little pit stop from another mundane day at the office.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to show your love! That’s why Tokyo Tokyo is serving this Sumo Meal special for the whole month of February! Stay in love!