I’m not one to count my blessings but I will say this: if I did, I’d count you, my blog reader, as one of them FOR SURE (#blessed). Hehehe. Last month at my blog meet up to celebrate my blog’s 12th anniversary, I had the best time with some of Spell Saab’s readers. It was  a fun-filled afternoon where we got to hang out and play some games!

Since this was the first meet up I’ve ever had, I wanted it to be more intimate. I pre-selected not more than 30 Spell Saab readers and as a special treat, I put together these loot bags for everyone to take home!


Personalized tote from Printpedia (designed by Gelo Yellow), a journal from Bratpack, Goodies from Oreo, Toblerone, Cadbury, a loaded sim card from Sun, a pack of Claritin (just in case allergic ka sa chocolates LOL), exclusive Spell Saab bookmarks, stickers, postcards made by Gelo Yellow, and a book from Fully Booked!

We started off the afternoon with everyone introducing themselves one by one a la first day of school haha and then sharing when they first came upon my blog. Have to say, it was super awkward to do something I thought was so self-indulgent. Thankfully my best friend Candy said she’d love to host it for me. Some of my guests had been reading my blog for all 12 years, others were newer readers, I had to stop myself from tearing up because they were all so sweet.


Milky & Sunny in Makati was a great venue for the get together because it was nicely lit and great for photo ops hehehe. Really love Candy for hosting it. Eh Candy nga naman pangalan niya, kaya sweet siya. Huhuhu ang corny ko.

Joey was also a hit during the party, unfortunately I don’t have a picture of her huhu nakaka-stress kasi siya. During one of the games, sa sobrang competitive ng groups, one of the girls knocked over a waiter’s plate and some food fell on the floor. Joey sneakily got a piece garlic bread and she was on some shark-from-Finding-Nemo-smelling-Dory’s-blood vibez the whole time. Haha. You’ll see her in the video later.



I’d like to thank one of my readers, Meryll Kae Barandon for coming up with the program for the meet up! We played a trivia game and each group came up with different team names. They named their groups as follows: Newspaper Girls, Saababes, LELZ, Saabado, and Team Millennials.

One of the trivia questions gave birth to a little inside joke among us but I will be lame enough to share it with the rest of you. The question was, “What is Jim’s nickname short for?” and I think one of the groups answered Jimwell!! Hahaha!! It’s Jeremiah FYI. But good try.?

We also played Pinoy Henyo. All the games gave the girls a chance to win some special prizes!

Gift packs from Kiehl's
Gift packs from Kiehl’s
Shoes from Kickers
Shoes from Kickers
Surprise packs from Jansport
Surprise packs from Jansport
Bags from Bratpack
Bags from Bratpack
Sony Xperia phones
Sony Xperia phones

Pinoy Henyo was a LOT of fun because everyone had already gotten to know each other! Lots of angry OOs and HINDIs by teammates hahaha. My favorite part was when some girls got the correct answer in less than 15 seconds!! WHAT THE HECK, RIGHT?! Hahaha. Ang galing!!



Jim was the self-appointed DJ for the day. He was a hit.
Jim was the self-appointed DJ for the day. He was a hit.❤️

Just for fun we also played The Newlyweds-type game where our guests could ask us any question and we’d have to write down the same answer!


When and where was your first kiss? Hahaha sorry, Maxx ?
When and where was your first kiss? Hahaha sorry, Maxx ?
Some girls traded books  that they got from Fully Booked with each other. They also played bato bato pick over some FrancisM Clothing Co. goodies!
Some girls traded books that they got from Fully Booked with each other. They also played bato bato pick over some FrancisM Clothing Co. goodies!

I’m so glad we did this and I do wish to have a bigger gathering this 2016 to accommodate more people!

Thanks for coming, guys!!
Thanks for coming, guys!!
Good job, team!!<3
Good job, team!!<3

Thanks to Gelo for the photos and for putting together a video to let you in on the fun! Enjoy!


SaabTV: Saabasketball Episode 2

As you may have learned by now from watching the first episode, I know very little about basketball. So here’s a video of my husband asking me questions about the subject and me basically bullshitting my way through it.

DISCLAIMER: SAABASKETBALL is taped in front of a live studio audience of two. The questions asked are on the spot and the answers are improvised as well. The views expressed in this video do not reflect Spell Saab’s but it does reflect Saab Magalona-Bacarro’s inner #ballislife persona.


How To Get Netflix U.S. Content in The Philippines

Alright, I was gonna act as if I didn’t miss 3 posts as part of my New Year’s Resolution to post here once a day but I have to admit I feel really crappy about that. So here’s a post that I hope will make it up to you.

Last month, Jim’s ate Mia suggested that we get their parents an Apple TV and a Netflix subscription for Christmas. They love watching TV shows and movies and it was no doubt the perfect gift. She taught me how to set it up and because I really wanted it for our home, Jim and I impulsively bought an Apple TV as well. It was our Christmas gift to each other. Little did we know that we didn’t need an Apple TV since our television set is a smart TV. This means we can download apps on it directly. Bummer, but at least we can still use the Apple TV to rent movies.

Now just a few days ago, we found out that Netflix is now available locally. Once again we were bummed out about going through the trouble of it all. However, we learned that a LOT of U.S. content is still unavailable here so it was worth it after all. Netflix Philippines only has 174 TV shows and 507 movies available while Netflix U.S. has 1157 TV shows and 4593 movies according to this website.

Get it? Netflix and Philippines? Hehehehuhuhu
Get it? Netflix and Philippines? Hehehehuhuhu

This is perfect if you don’t want to go through the trouble of having to illegally download torrents. It’s really silly that we have to “hack” this in order to pay for good content.

If you’ve already signed up for your Netflix account here in the Philippines, don’t worry about it. You will just need to sign up for an Unlocator account and you’ll be able to see all the content available outside of the Philippines. Otherwise, I’ve made a step-by-step guide for you guys!

So here’s what you need if you simply want Netflix on your phone or your laptop:

  • A credit card
  • An Unlocator account
  • A Netflix account


Unlocator tricks Netflix and other U.S.-only apps into thinking you are residing in the United States. You can do a 7-day trial for this without using a credit card and I suggest you do it before actually buying the service. Just so you can see how good it is for yourself!

$49.99 gives you access for a whole year and this is what I signed up for. That comes out to about Php197/month.

On a MAC, you’ll need to open System Preferences and select Network (for non-MAC users, click here for other set up guide)

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2.18.26 PM

Select Wi-Fi and click the Advanced button on the lower right

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2.20.39 PM

Select DNS on the tabs above

Delete all DNS numbers by selecting them and clicking the minus sign on the lower left.

Add these numbers by clicking the plus sign: and

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2.16.48 PM

Click OK and then click Apply

Restart your computer

You can now use streaming services that are limited to the U.S. WOOHOO! No more “this content is not available in your country” messages!

You will need to regularly update your IP address so I downloaded the Unlocator Updater app (it’s free) on my phone so I can refresh it with one click. I do this daily.


Simply sign up for an account on Netflix.com. Normally, Netflix only accepts PayPal accounts and Credit Cards that are based in the U.S. but you can just use your normal Credit Card and input a U.S. zip code (try Beverly Hills 90210 hehe).

I signed up for the $11.99/month (Php568/month) plan that lets me watch in HD and I can watch on 4 screens at a time. Technically you can get 3 other friends who want a Netflix account to split the bill with you but they will need their own Unlocator account. You may also opt for the $9.99/month (Php473/month) plan, which lets you watch in HD but on only 2 screens at a time.

Since Netflix is now available in the Philippines, you can probably use your normal Credit Card and our zip code but I didn’t get to try this so do so at your own risk!

Watching Netflix on Your Phone

Since a lot of you guys are probably iPhone users, this set up guide is for you guys. If you are an Android user, click here for the setup guide.

  • Open Settings
  • Select Wi-Fi
  • Press the blue letter i located on the right of the router you are connected to
  • Edit the DNS to:,
  • Press Wi-Fi on the top left to go back
  • Restart your iPhone

Watching Netflix on Your Apple TV

  • Open up the Apple TV and go to the Settings > General > Network
  • Select Wi-Fi
  • Select Configure DNS and select Manual
  • Enter following number and click Done:
  • On the Network screen please verify that the DNS numbers you have just entered are present.
  • To make sure the US Apps are present on your Apple TV please go to the Settings > General > iTunes Store > Location
  • Select United States
  • Go to settings and select Sleep now
  • Unplug the Apple TV power cord
  • Wait ten seconds
  • Plug the cable back in on your Apple TV

Next, you need to check if you can download Netflix using your Philippine iTunes account. If you are able to download Netflix, you can probably disregard this last part. But I had to create a US account when Netflix wasn’t available here yet. In order to access the US store, you will need a US-based credit card. But I found out how you can make one without iTunes asking you for a credit card. You can do this on the Apple TV but doing it on your phone or desktop is much easier because the Apple TV remote control doesn’t have a keypad. You have to do these steps EXACTLY in this order:

  • On your phone or desktop, go to the App Store. Make sure you are logged out of any account.
  • Select any app
  • Try to download it by clicking GET
  • There will be a pop-up window asking you to sign in or create a new account. Opt to create a new Apple ID
  • Follow the onscreen instructions. When you’re asked for payment information, choose None
  • Note that the NONE option usually doesn’t show up if you create a new Apple ID before selecting any app and clicking GET
  • Verify your new apple ID by clicking the link sent to the e-mail you used
  • Now you have an Apple ID! Sign in to your Apple TV using this account and download Netflix

Now that you’ve got the Netflix app, you just have to sign in and start watching!

Again, MAKE SURE YOU DON’T HAVE A SMART TV BEFORE YOU BUY AN APPLE TV. Hahaha. It’ll save you money. Another way to watch Netflix on your non-smart TV is by purchasing Chromecast which is way cheaper than an Apple TV. It’s only around Php2,500 and I don’t know any store that carries it but I found a bunch over on OLX.ph. You can go to this set-up guide for Chromecast. It’s a little more complicated than just changing the DNS for this one but my friend uses her Chromecast successfully so I guess you can make it work, too!

For an Unlocator and the highest Netflix plan, Jim and I have to pay about Php760/month. If you split your Netflix bill with 3 other people (because all 4 of you can watch using one account), you’ll each only have to pay about Php340/month if you are in different locations (because you’ll all need individual Unlocator accounts). I have 4 different profiles on my Netflix account so we don’t really mess up each other’s content.

Let me know if you have any questions :) I love being an IT specialist. LELZ.


Hi all. An update on the proxy issue has been long overdue. We have been working hard behind the scenes and we have held back mostly because we have nothing conclusive to add at the moment.

What we do know is that the blocks have been become more aggressive and the frequency between the blocks is picking up. Even the updated infrastructure we built for the beta is being blocked.

We are working on some new approaches that we want to test. This will take time and we can make no guarantees about these new approaches. We know that you would all like an ETA but we simply can’t give you one at the moment. Too many unknowns are involved and we would only disappoint you by making promises we can’t keep. This is frustrating to all parties we know.

So now what? We will continue to work behind the scenes and hope that the new approaches will not only work but also have a longer shelf life. The old whack-a-mole approach is not sustainable with only days between blocks.

Unlocator still works with 216+ services and you will still be able to find incredible content with other streaming services. You can select bypass/disable in the region changer to get your local version and get rid of the proxy errors while still using Unlocator for everything else. In that case you need to remove any IP blocks you have made on your router to get your local version to work.

We want to thank you all for your continued support and we want you all to know that we do share your frustration.

The beta regions are non functional at the moment. Unfortunately we have no ETA.


Cheats – Summer Music Video for Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

We don’t know about you guys but our collective favorite season is the one that gets us all sweaty and sunburnt. It’s far from summer time right now but that’s exactly the point of Cheats’ latest single called (you guessed it) Summer. Being around a certain person transports you to your favorite season! It’s a love song which is an unusual theme for Cheats. In other words: this is a big deal, people. Haha!

I’m sure you guys know somebody that reminds you of summer. They make your palms (and kilikili haha) sweat, you want to grab ice cream with them, nothing else matters when they’re around, you feel free, the similarities go on. But what do your crush and the hottest time of the year most have in common? There’s a big chance of getting burnt by them but the experience is almost always worth it. That’s why the chorus goes: so much more, what you waiting for? We’re literally reminding you guys to take a stab at it!! You two could be so much more!!! Yihee!

We shot our music video at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore under the direction of Weave. It was my third time there but visiting the resort always feels like the first time.

Here’s a photo of Jim and I with Evac back in 2012 (we were pretending to be Sam and Mikaela LOL)


Here’s a photo of us just last October when we shot our video:

This time we were with Optimus Prime AND Bumblebee

Anyway, before I keep babbling on, I’d like to present our music video for Summer:

It’s an understatement to say we had a blast shooting the video at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore. Can you imagine, we got to Universal Studios at 6AM – that’s 4 hours before the park opened! It was an unforgettable experience.

No lines!!
No lines!!
Feeling the vibe!
Feeling the vibe!

The video shows Jim and I trying to enjoy a romantic day at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore. Little do we know, our band mates are also there and they pull all sorts of pranks on us. This is art imitating life, actually. Hahaha! Jim and I keep trying to ditch our friends in the video but in the end we realize we could also enjoy the day just as much with our best friends around. Just like RWS can be enjoyed by a couple or a big group. If you ask me, I think I would even be able to enjoy it if I were by myself! I know you can skip a lot of lines if you’re by yourself, actually. Haha! Still, the more the merrier.

Good times!
Good times!

So what you waiting for? Hehe. Head on over to rwsentosa.com/ph for SO MUCH MORE!;)



I just LOVE basketball.

DISCLAIMER: SAABASKETBALL is taped in front of a live studio audience of two. The questions asked are on the spot and the answers are improvised as well. The views expressed in this video do not reflect Spell Saab’s but it does reflect Saab Magalona-Bacarro’s inner #ballislife persona.

Episode 2 coming soon.



Originally published on Rappler.com / Written by Krista Garcia


johnnie walker

Millennials have a “starter pack” of hashtags to categorize their life on social media. There’s #OOTDs for their current sartorial obsessions. There’s #ThrowbackThursday for things they want to be reminded of (such as how cute they were as babies). They’d caption #OnFleek for things that are, well, on point.

And then there’s #LifePeg for tagging successful people who they aspire to be, such as a popular radio jock, an influential blogger, a sought-after band vocalist, or simply someone who gets to travel all over the world with the love of her life.

Enter Saab Magalona, who happens to be all of the above. Everything about her and her life is on a millennial’s bucket list. At least, that’s according to her 277k+ followers on Instagram, half a million followers on Twitter, and the thousands who read her blog. Brands and businesses who collaborate with her for sponsored content seem to agree wholeheartedly, too.

In that sense Saab is not only a #LifePeg for this day and age, she’s #Goals.


Saab finds it weird when people ask her what she does. “I can’t really label myself,” she says. She’s always trying something new, and always surprising others – including her own self. Whatever she’s up to at the moment, it’s chronicled on her blog, Spell Saab.

She’s been blogging for 12 years now – longer than many other fashion or lifestyle bloggers out there. Sure, the public already had an idea of who Saab was – after all, she’s the daughter of Francis Magalona; she’s progeny of rap royalty. But rather than rely on the instant fame brought about by her last name, it was through her own words and thoughts that people got to know and love her.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 6.21.55 PM

Saab recalls how, before, there were only a few bloggers on a handful of platforms. But now, social media has exploded, and every other celebrity is also capitalizing on their online following. Still, Saab has managed to keep the followers that have been with her from the start and gain even more. She sticks to what she’s always done: being honest and generous with what she shares – from her relationships, to her gigs, and even her diet plans.

“All the fashion bloggers came out,” Saab says, “And I used to feel bad because I didn’t know anything about fashion, I didn’t like taking photos of myself. But I think that’s the thing I’m proudest of. I didn’t have to feel pressured into following the trend. I like what I like and it’s just like that.”

Saab would write about her favorite books and TV shows, and readers would ask for recommendations. She’d discuss her love for Doc Martens and get asked where she buys her limited-edition pairs. She’d do a makeup vlog, and get emails asking about what look would be appropriate for a debut or a graduation. Naturally, brands wanted a piece of the pie.

In an age where success is measured by social metrics, Saab likes to keep it as real as possible. “I know that I could be marketing myself in other ways and I would be getting more work but I’m so happy that just by being myself there are companies that want to work with me,” Saab says. “Doing what I love, doing what I do, there are these brands that actually value being true to one’s self.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 6.23.02 PM

Until now, she still prefers not to know her actual traffic or follower count. There was a time, not long ago, when she stopped writing about her personal life. She had become too focused on avoiding any topic that might offend or clash with brand requests. “Then, I realized the reason why my readers have stayed with me through all these years is because they do like me being candid,” she says. “I don’t have to say sorry for what I’m thinking.”

Her mom Pia is her manager, acting as a bridge for collaborations and inquiries. But when it comes to what Saab writes, tweets, says, or does, nothing is checked or pre-created. “It’s really just me. I only have to ask her if my schedule permits it. She encourages me… I’m really so lucky that I have her to guide me because she chooses all the right projects,” Saab says.

Today, she’s simply motivated to inspire her readers. “I’m not saying I’m a role model,” she clarifies. But, she acknowledges that aside from her responsibilities as an endorser or what-have-you, girls in high school do read whatever she posts. “I always think my best market is my little sister. She does read my blog, and I have to be careful of what I put out there.”


Being a writer is not a strictly 9-to-5 job, although Saab insists that she still follows a system: “I do have work hours in my head, like, ‘you can’t play video games until 7PM’,” Still, she’s got more freedom than most to pursue other passions, such as music. It’s futile to ignore the genetic references; her father Francis, after all, is one of the most successful MCs of the 1990s. Most would point out that it’s expected. Few would recognize how much hard work Saab actually puts into fulfilling the dream. Twice a week, Saab hosts a radio show on Jam 88.3. Her band plays regularly around the city. Both commitments entail research, rehearsals, and the grit to show up to work even if you’re nursing a cold or just not feeling “up.”

Still, this girl makes all the effort seem fun. The hosting gig, she gets to do with her best friend. The band, she gets to do with her best friend AND her husband. Is there anything not ideal about her life?

“I really think what brought me to where I am now and what I’m doing is really choosing to be happy,” Saab says. “[It’s] making all the decisions to really just choose the path of happiness.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 6.25.43 PM

That path led her to her current band Cheats, which just released their first EP earlier this year. Recently, the band reached a major milestone by becoming the first Filipino band invited to play at Laneway Singapore, the biggest music festival in Southeast Asia. The band is feeling the pressure, but Saab is taking it in stride. “We hope we make them proud and that they don’t question why we got in,” she says. Then she backpedals: “Actually, I do know: it’s because we make good music. I’m very confident in saying that.” Saab, together with her bandmates, put in a lot of hard work just to get noticed: hours of rehearsals and song writing sessions, playing weekly gigs, and submitting demos to various agents. Now, all the effort has paid off big time.

Cheats (not in photo: guitarist Mau). November, 2015
Cheats (not in photo: guitarist Mau). November, 2015

She also fell in love with Cheats’ front liner, Jim Bacarro. They just tied the knot last year. “He is part of the reason why I became a happier person,” Saab admits. She used to be more pessimistic, but Jim would call her out on it. “I think we balance each other out,” she adds. Case in point: Jim has always dreamed of giving up the corporate life, and it was Saab who finally persuaded him to do it and co-start a business. The two are now enjoying the perks of managing their own time, together: Recently, they went on an extended tour around Europe.


6 years ago, her dad Francis passed away. “I could’ve easily gone down the wrong path; spiraled down [then],” Saab says. “But what I chose to do was to really put my mom first. Everything I did was to make her happy and proud.”

These days, there’s certainly no shortage of things for Pia to be happy and proud of: the cheeky girl who used to be known as Francis M’s little girl has certainly come into her own and made a name for herself as a creative force. She is not afraid to speak up for herself, and in doing so, she has become the voice of her generation: millenials who are not tied down by labels or expectations, or traditional notions of success.


So how does Saab attain her own set of #Goals? “You have to choose to do something that gives you happiness,” she says. “You have to choose to do something that is making a difference in this world, even in just a small way.”


For Saab, that something is simply finding joy in being herself, and consequently, inspiring others to fulfill their #Goals just like her. “If that’s the most I could do in this world, then that’s something to be proud of,” she says. – Rappler.com

Photo-12 (1)

Photographs by Shutterpanda | Makeup by Jill Felix | Shot on location at EDSA BDG

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 6.41.30 PM

Happy 7th Birthday, Nunki!

Okay, it’s 10:39PM and I’m trying to get a post out in 10 minutes because we’ve got Ernest and Candy over in our newly cleaned condo (thanks to the hardworking girls of Rainbow Cleaners!!). SORRY, but really, this blog post is just to get through my promised daily post! Hahaha! What to do when you’re in a hurry? Photo dump! Heehee.

Jim and I hosted Nunki’s 7th birthday party this morning. It was scheduled for December 16th of last year (yuck, parang ang tagal na ng last year), but there was a huge storm and it got postponed. Today it was back on at Kidzoona, Robinson’s Galleria. Mommy Bing asked for my help to make the invitations.


Nunki is Jim’s foster sister. She’s been with Jim’s family since she was 2 years old and she is a very intelligent young girl. She has to be the funniest 7 year old I know! Her biological mother, Michelle, was supposed to be the host of Nunki’s party but it got postponed and Nunki’s mom has since been back in her hometown. Mommy Bing asked Jim and me to take over. We had to come up with games and I must say — Nunki’s classmates were soooo game to play!

Jim and I got to Kidzoona at 11AM
Jim and I got to Kidzoona at 11AM
We had to take off our shoes, thankfully Mommy Bing told everyone to bring socks!
We had to take off our shoes, thankfully Mommy Bing told everyone to bring socks!







What comes after millennials?
What comes after millennials?
I was tired out by the time we ended! Look at the fear in my eyes LOL
I was tired out by the time we ended! Look at the fear in my eyes. Get it? Fear? Inside Out? LOL I crack myself up -_-
But it was all good because these girls were SO sweet!!
But it was all good because these girls were SO sweet!!
Look at me feeling like one of the moms LELZ
Look at me feeling like one of the moms LELZ
What a magical place
What a magical place
My just-as-magical socks
My just-as-magical socks



The Search Continues

Today was a particularly stressful day.

Backstory: I’ve been looking for a stay-in helper for our condo and my mom’s auntie recommended one. She stayed for a month and a half in our Antipolo home being trained by our favorite Yaya Gleza. She had no prior experience at 18 years old. I think I mentioned her briefly in one of my recent blog posts. I was excited to finally have a stay-in helper. Since I went to college 10 years ago, I haven’t had the help of a kasambahay. It was only when I got married that Jim’s tita who lives in the same building offered to share her maid’s time with us. From 1-4pm she would come and clean our place then walk Joey. I thought it was a pretty good deal since she doubled her salary that way. Our tita even went to the States for 3 months so her work became much easier. Somehow though, in early December around the time our tita came home she said she couldn’t work 2 jobs anymore.

I thought it was a great set-up that we had a cleaning lady and we still had our privacy in our home. But we do have a maid’s room that’s been collecting junk for a year.


I really can’t cook and I don’t have the time and patience to cook (remember when I made macaroni salad for 5 hours?) so I thought it was time to have somebody help take care of the apartment, Jim, Joey and me. This is really difficult for me because I am naturally a Type A person and I like doing things myself. Picture Monica from FRIENDS.


So I worked very hard on cleaning the maid’s room. Mom said I was crazy because I should have waited for the maid to come and she would’ve help me clean it, but I couldn’t wait! I was so fixated! Jim and I kept asking, “How will we keep her entertained? What will she do the whole day??” We’re such noobs at this whole thing. So the bed finally arrived from Mandaue Foam (it is gorgeous with storage drawers underneath!) and I gave mom the go signal that I was ready for Vanessa to move in yesterday. I asked our driver to pick her up from Antipolo but when she arrived she had no bags with her. I asked her why and she said she didn’t understand that she was moving in already. So she just cleaned the place a little bit and then I told her, “okay, so you can go home now and then get your stuff tapos balik ka nalang dito.” She said okay but with a frown. I asked what was wrong and she said, “pwede bukas nalang?” I said okay and asked our driver to bring her back home to Antipolo. I even bought her some Bonamine because she’s not used to car rides daw.

Jim said he noticed that she didn’t seem happy to be transferring to our condo from Antipolo and I should ask her straight up if she was going to last with us or what? I called her up last night and we had what I thought was a good talk. I said, “Unang beses kami magkakaroon ng kasama dito sa condo namin kaya gusto namin maganda yung relationship natin at masaya ka dito. Hindi ka naman uutus-utusan lang dito, ang kailangan namin yung taong tutulong sa paglinis ng condo, sa pag-alaga kay Joey and sa amin ni Jim.” She said she was just afraid of being lonely and I told her she would make many friends here because I always talk to the yayas walking the neighbors’ dogs and they seem to have a good community! They walk around the park, exchanging stories, while their dogs become friends as well. I said she would have a day off every week so she would definitely have free time. She asked if her sister could visit her kahit sa may lobby lang, I said yes if she’s done with work and she could even walk Joey while she meets up with her sister downstairs. I asked her, “So sa tingin mo ba magiging masaya ka dito sa amin?” She said yes and we said goodnight.

This morning she arrived with her bags at 10AM. I was so excited and I asked her to come with me to Rustan’s so we could buy her food since I’m on Diet Diva delivery (love you, Diet Diva!) and Jim prefers black rice and she said she wasn’t used to that. Chicken and beef were already in the freezer so I told her to pick out her veggies, fruits, canned goods, rice, whatever else she wanted! She even said she didn’t have toothpaste anymore so I got her a tube and some sanitary napkins as well. She seemed very shy but eager to learn.

Anyway, so I had to leave for an appointment with a TMJ specialist because I found out Invisalign does not help with my TMJ problem (that’s another story). I taught her how to use the rice cooker before leaving her with Jim and Joey. Not 10 minutes out the door, Jim calls me and says Vanessa was leaving. WHAT?? She even said she didn’t bring her things with her yesterday on purpose. She really planned to leave daw and just live with her sister. I couldn’t believe it. I felt so sad but I told Jim to just let her go if she didn’t want to be there. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

AFTER. Bed from Mandaue Foam, a toy guitar in case she wanted to learn how to play, paper bag of her toothpaste and napkin, nozzles of my new vacuum. Hahaha

Ang ending: I bought a new Dyson vacuum cleaner as retail therapy. LELZ. But that’s for another post.

Some of you will probably think this is an entitled post by a brat who wants a yaya but no, fuck that, Jim and I work hard and we need help. The search continues. #TitaProblems


Pendragon Vet Clinic

When I suspected Joey had bladder stones again, I was adamant about finding a new vet for her. I’d been going to Vets in Practice along White Plains since it opened a couple of years ago. I needed to find a new doctor because I didn’t understand why she’s peeing blood again when I followed their instructions of only feeding her Royal Canin Urinary S/O. She’s not allowed to eat anything else for the rest of her life. What a sad life because she hates the stuff :( I’ve been so conflicted, like a mom with an allergy-prone kid… I felt like I needed a second opinion because I suspected Joey’s former vet would recommend her for surgery once again even if she was just opened up last July.

Allegedly, the young doctors from Vets in Practice are known to recommend surgery right away. This is something my college friend Carissa mentioned to me and something that my sister-in-law Chelo experienced firsthand. Her dog Arya had a cough that wouldn’t go away and Chelo, being a new dog owner who had just moved into a new apartment back then, thought she might have eaten a screw or a staple wire. Her vet, who was also Joey’s doctor, recommended Arya to undergo surgery. They opened her up, found nothing, and stitched her back up. I believe they apologized to Chelo and figured out it was either kennel cough or an allergic reaction. Can you imagine going through surgery you didn’t need after all?

So I was messaging with friends, asking them for recommendations and Lauren reminded me about Pendragon Vet Clinic. Her dog Melo had a huge bump on his stomach when he was just a puppy and it was late at night when she noticed it. I researched for a vet hospital that was open at the time and found Pendragon. He got confined for a few days and he is so happy and fluffy today. I Googled more info on the clinic and read this on their website:

Pendragon Veterinary Clinic (PVC) was founded in 2004, as a veterinary clinic geared towards providing premium health services to pets and their owners. It started as a vision of Mayem Yao, DVM; way before it even occurred to her to become a veterinarian. As an animal lover who started breeding dogs when she was 13, she had several encounters which made her deplore the state of animal care in the country. She was disappointed by vets without a passion for caring for animals; unnerved by doctors who were afraid to approach and hold a dog in their arms; frustrated by those who could not explain the illness to her clearly; and angered by some who refused to treat or confine a dog claiming “ethics.” The turning point came when a beloved bitch started having a very difficult labor in the middle of the night. It took hours for her to find a doctor willing to perform an emergency cesarean section. Sadly, the doctor was ill–prepared and made several incorrect treatment decisions, resulting in the loss of the mother and all her pups.

Good marketing right there because I was sold. Went to them the following day and because of the holidays, there was only one vet available. Though I ended being there for 5 hours, I was confident Joey was in good hands when I left her before going to Singapore.

Great thing about them is that they’re so easily accessible, they’ve even got an app for iOS or Android so you can keep track of your pooch’s progress.


All her lab results and prescriptions were on the app, plus they gave daily updates!


Beyond that, they even messaged me on Viber like they promised they would.


I called as soon as we landed but office hours are only from 9:30am-6:30pm and beyond that are only for emergencies. They suggested I pick her up in the morning instead and so I did. I was there at 9:15am hahaha. So happy Joey is back home. They recommended a more conservative method instead of doing surgery right away. The x-ray results showed that her bladder stones are very tiny, she may be able to pass them when she pees. She’s under medication right now — 1 syrup, 1 gel capsule and 1 tablet. Sadly, she’s also still on a Royal Canin Urinary S/O diet.

Getting instructions about her meds
Getting instructions about her meds

Just wanted to share my great experience with Pendragon Vet Clinic in case you wanted to check it out. They’ve also got a mobile clinic with an extensive list of services. Looking forward to Bear’s fast recovery!!


Pendragon Veterinary Clinic is located at G/F Amaremca Bldg., 107-A Kalayaan Avenue Diliman, Quezon City
0922-VETHELP (09228384357) / (02) 436-3833 / (02) 401-9674 (emergency hotline)

Music Club: Cheats – Summer

New single for the new year!

I’m sure everybody’s got somebody who reminds them of summer vacation.

Tell me that you’re mine, or should I say it’s time
For you to turn your habits into mine?
Will you stay in line, or will you say it’s fine?
Clouded doubts, they came in by design

So much more, what you waiting for?

What do I need to get with you, baby?

Music video coming very soon! Enjoy!