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We at No Filter have always wanted to add more voices, more stories to our play.

We have something exciting in store and we’d love to make you a part of that experience! Get a chance to collaborate with No Filter‘s writing team and cast by answering either of the questions below in 800 words or less:

  • Why is feminism important to you?
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Email to with the subject line: “No Filter Open Call” by May 6, 2016. We can’t wait to read your work!

P.S. That’s really Sab with one A because that’s not me! That’s the very talented (and gorgeous) Sab Jose :)


Whose Voice Is It, Anyway?

Photo by Miggy Abesamis of Ballast Photography using expired Verichrome Pan
Photo by Miggy Abesamis of Ballast Photography using expired Verichrome Pan


“You can’t do it.”

“Why bother?”

“You’re not good enough.”

“What you’re doing isn’t important.”

You’ve heard it at some point in your life: that voice at the back of your mind telling you that your idea is stupid. That stupid voice has resurfaced to remind me that I’m incredibly incompetent. It tells me that there are other people writing about more important things. I am always just a blogger. I don’t deserve readership. I’m not making a difference.

I hadn’t heard from this particular voice in a while so I wondered why it was making a comeback. It was supposed to disappear along with teenage angst, but here it was again trying to leave scars worse than teenage acne.

Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who knows exactly when I’m not feeling a hundred percent.

He asked me last night if there was something bothering me. He said he noticed that I hadn’t published anything on my blog lately. We got to talking and he seemed to know what I needed to hear even before I opened up to him. He reminded me of his struggles about leaving his corporate job and finally get into business.

I knew this story. He sought advice from his dad, the brilliant Gerry Bacarro, and he was told to put a face to the nay-saying voice in his head. For whatever reason, Jim saw a certain person he’d known all his life. I know the guy. He’s definitely not an evil person per se, but he’s the typical bully who laughs at your dreams and aspirations while he’s blowing his parents’ money on bottles of vodka ~*in da club*~.

Papa Gerry then asked Jim to imagine himself in a room full of the people who cheer him on. I was there. His family was there. Our band was there. The room was full. Then he was told to imagine that bully in the same room. His taunts were inaudible and Jim barely noticed him. Did the guy — a guy he only saw once in a blue moon at reunions — really matter to Jim? No. Because the people who matter would never laugh at his dream, even if it was different from their own.

Last night, I identified the voice I’d been hearing.

The girl was somebody I’d wanted to impress. She’s so smart and funny but she’s critical of practically everybody. I didn’t want to be a basic bitch in her book. I was always giddy when she’d laugh at my jokes and when she’d praise me. She’s unimpressed with everything but I can make her laugh!! But then I realized — this person had always been so negative and unhappy. She’d let it slip more than once that celebrities are unimportant and undeserving. She could be one of the smartest, funniest persons I know but she’s also the loneliest. Insecurity doesn’t look good on anybody — I guess that’s why she loses friends quickly.

Jim told me to imagine my room full of my best friends, my family and his, my idols, my blog readers — all rooting for me to win. I don’t always have to post something life-changing or Pulitzer Prize-worthy. It’s when I don’t publish anything that I let that whole room down.

It’s Not You

“Silence your inner critic.”

“You are your worst critic.”

We always get these pieces of advice and it’s helpful, no doubt. But now I know that more often than not, it’s not my own voice telling me I can’t achieve something. It was probably implied by somebody and the seed was planted in my head. Very Inception. Let this blog post serve as your totem. Wake the F up.

As for the owner of the voice messing with my self-confidence — I’m sure she never actively meant to hurt me. I’m not mad at her at all, I’ve just decided that I don’t need to try and impress her anymore. Instead, I pray she finally puts a face to the voice telling her she’s not all that. I wish she kicks that party crasher hard out of her room. “NOBODY INVITED YOU, YA LITTLE BITCH.”

We may never be able to silence that voice completely, but we sure can drown it out with a room full of cheerful voices. Let that choir sing and please allow me to be in your room (as creepy as that request may sound). Here’s a gentle reminder: you can do it.


Cheats Album Relaunch

My apologies for not updating my blog for over a week. I was so pre-occupied with our album relaunch that happened last Thursday.

Why the relaunch?

Here’s the thing: Candy and I are pretty controlling. Well, kind of. It’s just that we were hoping our previous suppliers would be able to execute our idea. Our mistake was to allow our previous management to handle it themselves. Even after saying “MAKE SURE THE MATERIAL IS CORRUGATED CARDBOARD” in all caps, when we got the albums they were made of this ridiculously flimsy material. Of course because we weren’t handling the production ourselves, there was no more time to fix it. We were heartbroken because we worked so hard on conceptualizing it, shooting the actual in-lay booklet (it’s all handwritten), getting artist JP Cuison to collaborate with us for the artwork, etc. After we launched it, we let it go because people were nice enough and happy enough with the songs that nobody complained about their albums getting completely flattened in their bags.

A photo posted by Cheats (@cheatsph) on

And then it started: we were getting messages about some CDs not working at all. OMG, I thought. WHERE DID OUR MANAGEMENT GET THESE CRAPPY SUPPLIERS?? It was a logistical nightmare. There was a total of about 30 completely blank CDs. We were so embarrassed.

Still, the demand for the album was there. We finally decided to do it right a second time. Candy and I did everything ourselves, from looking for the best suppliers to actually assembling the albums ourselves. I personally checked each and every CD before packing them in their box. The rest of the band took care of making sure we had 2 new tracks to offer them for the relaunch.


I even made the poster for the event myself

Aren't you so proud of me???
Aren’t you so proud of me???

I’m so happy we did the event because it just proves how awesome our supporters are. I was trying to be realistic because there were no more weekends left in Saguijo so our event fell on a Thursday. I told the band not to expect too much given that our initial launch last July broke sales records in Saguijo. Tough act to follow!! So I was really surprised when people started pouring into the bar. It was one of the hottest nights in Manila and I don’t mean that in a Paris Hilton way. That outdated reference was totally not hot, by the way. It was literally hot with barely a breeze. But the crowd braved it, turning our home base into a sauna once again. We wanted to give you quality products and here’s a second chance at giving you your money’s worth.

The new album has two absolutely new tracks (Drunk + Cube)! Drunk was recorded at La Balls Studio with Nick Lazaro, and Cube was a product of amazing technology. Jim recorded the instruments in our home office and then I recorded my vocals. He sent it to Ernest for more guitars and mixing, Candy recorded her vocals at the JAM 88.3 studio a day before the song’s deadline (I don’t think I’m supposed to be disclosing this information but oh well), Ernest put everything together and mixed it, sent it back to me so I could send it to the supplier for printing. Actually, my recording was supposed to just be a guide for Candy to think of a counter-melody. But she told me not to do a second take anymore because she loved it already. Overall, the rawness of it always makes me cry. Try to check it out! Although, we’re not making it available online for a while so it’s exclusive for buyers of the new version of our album. More info on how to get your hands on it at the end of this post.

Thanks to all the bands that played with us at the relaunch!!

Fools and Foes | Photo by  JD Valdez
Fools and Foes | Photo by JD Valdez
Rusty Machines | Photo by Nicky Aureo
Rusty Machines | Photo by Nicky Aureo
The Strangeness | Photo by  JD Valdez
The Strangeness | Photo by JD Valdez
Musical O | Photo by  JD Valdez
Musical O | Photo by JD Valdez

Thanks to our road manager Jhoi and Al of Support Local Indie Scene for manning our merch booth!! Follow SLIS on Instagram, they post daily local gigs!

Shirts for sale!! | Photo by  JD Valdez
Shirts for sale!! | Photo by JD Valdez
Photo by  JD Valdez
Photo by JD Valdez
Photo by Nicky Aureo
Photo by Nicky Aureo
Photo by  JD Valdez
Photo by JD Valdez


Photo by Nicky Aureo
Photo by Nicky Aureo
Photo by  JD Valdez
Photo by JD Valdez
Shirt by hehe | Photo by Nicky Aureo
Shirt by hehe | Photo by Nicky Aureo
As the photographer, Nicky, captioned this: "May worship service sa Saguijo kagabi" LOL
As the photographer, Nicky, captioned this: “May worship service sa Saguijo kagabi” LOL
HIGH FIVES | Photo by Nicky Aureo
HIGH FIVES | Photo by Nicky Aureo
Kyle joined us onstage to play keys | Photo by Nicky Aureo
Kyle joined us onstage to play keys | Photo by Nicky Aureo
SO FUN | Photo by Nicky Aureo
SO FUN | Photo by Nicky Aureo
Photo by Nicky Aureo
Photo by Nicky Aureo

SOBRANG SAYA, guys. Watch this video I posted on Instagram:

LOVE YOU GUYS #CheatsAlbumRelaunch

A video posted by Saab Magalona-Bacarro (@saabmagalona) on

Thanks again to everyone who came out and celebrated with us!! If you weren’t able to get a copy of the album and if you want our shirts, you can visit our shop on Facebook :)

cheats shirt gray


The Huntsman Premiere at Universal Studios Singapore

A few weeks back, I got an invite to the premiere of The Huntsman: Winter’s War in Universal Studios Singapore. Not only that, the awesome folks from Resorts World Sentosa told me I would get to meet & greet Chris Hemsworth, Jessica Chastain and Charlize Theron!! Unfortunately, Emily Blunt couldn’t fly out because she’s pregnant and expecting her second child with John Krasinski (a.k.a. Jim from The Office).

Still, I got to shake hands with Hemsworth, Chastain and Theron!!! WHAT?!?! Even until now I can’t believe it. Hollywood stars always seem like mythical creatures. We always hear about them but never see one in real life so actually touching their hands was what I’d imagine touching a unicorn to feel like. Haha!

We flew out Saturday morning after an awesome night out with the band. Jim and I were expecting to sleep the whole 4-hour flight to Singapore but guess what we ended up doing non-stop? We played chess on my iPad. Haha. For 4 hours straight. Ang sakit sa brain.

We checked in to our room at Festive Hotel, which is where Cheats also stayed when we shot our music video for Summer at Resorts World Sentosa. Click here if you haven’t seen our video!!




Love clean bathrooms!!
Love clean bathrooms!!
The view
The view

For our first night there, we had dinner at the amazing Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora where we sat in front of a larger-than-life aquarium. It was a breathtaking dining experience to say the least.





After dinner, we met up with Jim’s ate Mia at this cool al fresco bar called OverEasy along Fullerton Road. No photos to capture the night, unfortunately, except for this blurry one. Haha!



Then we walked to Boat Quay where we had a few more drinks, Tom Yum soup and noodles to cap off the night.

The following day, we went around to Universal Studios before heading back to our hotel to get ready for the premiere.

I never get tired of this place!
I never get tired of this place!



Annnnnd it was time for the premiere. Watch my Snapchat feed below, in case you missed it!

While I was busy Snapchatting, Jim took care of taking photos for my blog! Isn’t he perfect??


That's me, Snapping away.
That’s me, Snapping away.
The director of The Huntsman, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
The director of The Huntsman, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
People going wild because Charlize was approaching!
People going wild because Charlize was approaching!



Swerte ng girl na itech
Swerte ng girl na itech









Jessica Chastain signed my poster huhuhu
Jessica Chastain signed my poster huhuhu

Jessica Chastain was the first to step onto the red carpet but she was the last one to get to our spot (closest to the entrance of the theater), because she was really trying to grant as many fan photos and autographs. She was followed by Chris Hemsworth who was so handsome (no surprise there) even if he looked like he was dying from the heat in his suit. Charlize was the last to arrive but first to get to our spot although that’s not to say she took her time on the red carpet as well. Her hair looked like it was silky soft and she looked amazing in her white dress.

Then it was time for our group to head backstage for the meet and greet. The Resorts World Sentosa staff called us K.O.L.s short for Key Opinion Leaders, similar to what’s more commonly known here as “influencers.” How flattering, they see me as an influencer?? Sure hope I’m a good influence. LEL.


When it was time to take the photos though, of course I asked Charlize, “Can I stay beside you?” to which she replied, “Of course!” ?

M&G 3

M&G 4

It was an amazing experience, plus we got to see the movie before it officially comes out! It comes out in Manila April 13. Here’s the trailer for The Huntsman Winter’s War:

I have to say I didn’t expect much from the movie since I didn’t like Snow White and The Huntsman except for Charlize Theron’s role. But I actually had fun watching it! I don’t know why most online reviews aren’t so nice. Of course, the accents are ridiculously off, the plot is predictable, but somehow I found it fun enough. Although, I may have been heavily swayed by the theater’s amazing surround sound — something that makes a world’s difference when watching a movie, for me at least. Doesn’t hurt that I’m a huge fan of the four lead actors.


If you’re looking for something light, fun but not exactly life-changing, I think you’d enjoy the movie!

Jim and I wanted to grab a few drinks before we went to bed but as the movie started later than intended, most restaurants were already closed by the time the movie ended. So we ordered some beers and laksa via room service and watched Adventure Time while packing for our flight the next day. What a great impromptu weekend.

Thanks again to Resorts World Sentosa for having us!


D’Angelo Russell Exposes Swaggy P Cheating on Fiancé Iggy Azalea

If you don’t care about the NBA, this still makes for juicy chismis. Apparently, Los Angeles Lakers teammates D’Angelo Russell and Nick “Swaggy P” Young aren’t on good terms following the fact that the latter was secretly videotaped by Russell admitting to cheating on his fiancé, rapper Iggy Azalea.

Iggy Azalea and Nick "Swaggy P" Young
Iggy Azalea and Nick “Swaggy P” Young

Watch the video below:

I honestly can’t make out what Swaggy P is saying but reports say he and Russell were talking about a 19-year-old girl he met at a club.

Iggy Azalea then tweeted about the leaked video:

Some people are saying D’Angelo Russell is a snake for secretly videotaping his private conversation with his teammate, others are defending him and saying people should be focusing on how Swaggy P cheated on his fiancé.

“Hey, that’s part of being a basketball player. There’s always something,” she joked to 92.3 AMP Radio’s Shoboy in the Morning last week. “When people come out and say things, and have their entire [press plan] where they do 700 interviews about the one time you catcalled me out of a car supposedly, to me that takes a bit of the potential authenticity of the story away. I believe my man, and Nick is a super nice guy. This is not the kind of thing he would do.” (via usmagazine)

The pair have been together since 2011 and they’ve been engaged since June of last year.

As for the Lakers locker room, people have no idea what’s happening. D’Angelo says in a press conference that he wishes he could “make things better right away.”

What do you think of the whole dramzzz?? If you were Swaggy P, would you be mad at D’Angelo? What if you were Iggy, would you forgive Swaggy P? Such a random thing to blog about but I am so distracted by this. LOL.


My Favorite Blogging Tools For Better Time Management

I’ve always been a pencil and paper kind of girl. I have a hundred notebooks with checklists and my desk is littered with different kinds of pencils (my favorite is a Pilot Opt 0.5 mechanical pencil I got from a Japan airport store).


After 12 years of blogging, though, I’ve come to embrace technology and take advantage of the many apps available to make my blogging process easier. I like it when you guys comment on my blog posts and leave a link to your own blogs. You guys have amazing layouts and content, I’m quite flattered that you even bother visiting my simple blog!

So here’s a post for all my fellow bloggers! If you’re not one, don’t worry, some of these apps can also apply to those who’d simply like to manage their time better!

The Pomodoro Technique

The premise of The Pomodoro Technique is simple: 25 minutes of working non-stop and a 5-minute break between each “Pomodoro.” The word POMODORO is Italian for Tomato, and I’m sure you’re familiar with the old-school kitchen timer that looks like a tomato. This helps me balance out work-mode and surf-mode when online. Watch the cute video that explains it better:

There’s a free version on the App Store that lets you put it in your Mac’s menu bar. For Windows users, you can download Tomighty for free. You can also use Tomighty for Mac, but I prefer the App Store one because it shows me how much time I have left for each Pomodoro/break. You can set a goal of how many Pomodoros you want to accomplish everyday.

UPDATE: I just discovered POMELLO, an app you can download thru Chrome. It’s a mix of Pomodoro + Trello. Trello is an alternative to Any.Do which is the next app on my list!


Any.Do is great for people who don’t like writing down lists on paper. It’s perfect for people who prefer having their to-do lists seamlessly synced between their devices. My favorite thing about Any.Do is its “moments” feature, where you get an alert at 9AM daily (you can choose to change the time if you’d like) and choose what tasks you plan to tackle for the day. There’s a free version but you can pay to get more features. Watch the video below for more info.


I have minimal graphic design skills and I like doing things myself, so instead of relying on a graphic designer I use Canva for blog images. I used it for all the images on this blog post! Cool, right? Plus, a lot of the designs are free! I still dream of having a graphic designer on my team who can create this stuff for me but until I’ve mastered managing myself, I don’t think I will be able to manage another person for now. Hehe.


I like having no distractions when I’m writing. Calmly Writer also has the option of going on “focus mode” where the rest of your content sort of blurs out to help you finish the paragraph you’re working on. You can try it in online mode! I also like the app Evernote as an alternative but I really love the clean look and feel of this one. Have to admit, it’s pretty difficult to copy-paste it with links and all onto WordPress. I’m better off just doing things directly on WordPress, actually. But the interface of Calmly Writer is just so pretty. Haha! Maybe this will work for you so I’m leaving this here anyway.

Note: Through Calmly Writer, I found out about the Typewriter Sounds extension on Google Chrome and I love it so much. Feel na feel ko, guys. Download it here.


When I’m done writing my whole post, I like to copy-paste the whole text onto HemingwayApp (there’s a desktop version but why bother?). It’s a great editing tool that lets me simplify my sentences and get rid of unnecessary words. Editing is very important to writers and I highly recommend this app. I’m not saying we should always aim for a first-grade readability level but it’s nice to know if we’ve got too many run-on sentences.

a screen shot of the interface
a screen shot of the interface

I hope you found something you like out of my list of favorite tools for blogging and time management! I figured, since I really enjoy checking out new apps, I’ll feature them on my blog just for fun :) Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for productivity tools!


Ask Saab 47

Flying Ipis SXSW Fundraiser at Saguijo | Photo by JD Valdez
Flying Ipis SXSW Fundraiser at Saguijo | Photo by JD Valdez

Q: Sorry for a personal question but where do you buy your underwears?
A: Marks & Spencer for cotton panties but I recently discovered Uniqlo’s seamless underwear, I have a LOT in nude and black :)

Q: do you own any American Eagle stuff? How’d you like it?
A: No, I actually don’t! Okay ba? Haha

Q: Pls do another “Girl” blog. You only wrote Beyonce, Megan and Lauren. #leveling
A: HAHAHA oo nga noh!! SIGE!!

Q: Isn’t awkward na you’re beshies with Lauren tapos gf ni Elmo si Janine? No conflict? How’d you think of Janine? Would you rather prefer Lauren-Elmo? Lelz
A: It’s not awkward at all. I like Janine, too! I prefer anything that makes Elmo happy :) And Lauren is very happy with Robbie, too! It’s not a big deal, thank goodness they’re not immature :)

Q: Do you watch Brooklyn Nine Nine? If yes, who’s your fave character? If no, you’re making the biggest mistake of our life, girl!!!
A: Hahaha I just binge watched season 2 last week. It’s not my favorite show but I do like Peralta’s partner, Detective Boyle! And I like Santiago, too. And the boss!!

Q: what is your fave filipino food?
A: Bistek Tagalog!! And adobong pusit hehe. Haven’t had that one in a long time!!

Q: Have you watch any of the AlDub episodes?
A: I watched a “Best Of” YouTube clip before! I understand the hype hehe

Q: How did you add Nuffnang Ads in your sidebar?
A: Nuffnang’s website has a tutorial :)

Q: Did you ever like Selena Gomez for Justin Boeber?
A: YES I’m not over Jelena!

Q: Do you watch Scandal Series?

Q: After shopping, pagkauwi mo ng bahay, what do you do sa mga pinang shopping mo, like if you bought a new dress do you put it agad sa cabinet mo or just leave it in the paper bag hanggang sa gagamitin mo na talaga sya? #weirdkolang
A: I usually just leave it in the paper bag for days hahaha pinagsabihan na ako ni Jim though :p and because I’m in a constant decluttering mode, I have to store everything right away. I take out the tags and throw it in the laundry :)

Q: Did you wear a tube top underneath your floral playsuit (the one you wore recently in SG) ? Just wondering what you usually wear under tops and playsuits which are open at the back.
A: Sometimes I wear a bandeau in place of a bra or a stick on bra (La Senza has awesome stick on bras)

Q: do you still exercise even if you’re on diet diva? :)
A: Honestly I haven’t worked out in months :( But I just started my 90-day P90x3 challenge yesterday!! DAY 2 TODAY!!

Q: What would you advice your married girlfriend if her husband keeps cheating on her? Napansin ko kasi ayaw mo talaga sa cheaters and you always advice against such relationship, would there be a difference in your advice if the cheating is already inside marriage?
A: No, I would still say leave your partner if he/she is cheating. If there are kids involved, you should at least talk about it. Attend counseling, if you can forgive each other and get to the root of the problem, maybe there is still hope. Don’t stay together for the kids, you have to stay together because you love each other. Your kids will be more affected if you secretly hate each other.

Q: Most of the time I feel ugly kaya ata walang nagkakagusto sakin kasi sobrang chaka ko. Insecure ako masyado. Ano ba dapat gawin ko every time I feel this way?
A: When I feel ugly (we all have those days), I make sure to work out. Pag nag-exercise ka, you’ll blow off steam and you’ll feel better about yourself after exercising. Don’t depend on others liking you for you to feel beautiful. You have to FEEL beautiful for you to attract others. Hope you stop feeling this way!!?

Q: have you been a TOTGA? Or who was your TOTGA?
A: I had to Google that. Haha! The One That Got Away? Thankfully, wala akong TOTGA.

Q: Give me one reason that will make you break up with your bf. Question mark. hhahaha
A: Infidelity. No ambition. Dependent. Three yan ha! Haha

Q: Where did you. Uy the pink dress you wore when you guested at the Ryzza Mae show for the Matrix Cut for Cancer? Thanks :)
A: I think it was from Forever 21!

Q: Nakakaitim ba ng lips pag palaging naglilipstick?
A: Parang hindi naman!

Q: you have really white underarms. Mind if you share your secret? :)
A: DOVE DEO!!! Lelz – but really, it has a moisturizing formula that takes care of irritation after shaving :)

Q: Pano nagkakilala silva chelo and ely buendia?
A: GRRRL SCOUT gig! Ely played with Oktaves and Chelo watched Jim’s band.

Q: Hi Saab!! Help me naman, ano kayang pwede kong gawing hairstyle sa long, natural curly hair ko? Ayaw ko kasing nilulugay siya eh :( Huhuhu help me naman. Pero sabi naman nila, maganda daw yung pa ka curly ko. Parang pinakulot daw? :))) Love you, Saab! Thank youuuu! <3
A: Girl, a lot of people would love to have long, natural curly hair!! Bakit ayaw mong i-lugay? Haha! What I used to do is wear it in a bun on top of my head haha. Check this link out for tutorials!

Q: Bukod sa palladium and DMs boots, ano pang go-to boots mo? I super love your style! ♥
A: I have booties from Stradivarius :)

Q: Except for the Cheats shirt. What’s your Top 10 favorite FMCC shirts designs?
A: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten

Q: Hey Saab, do you own a muted purple lipstick? I think I saw a picture of you on instagram wearing it idk not sure though. If you do, what is it? :) Also, do you play sims?!!
A: Yes, I have MAC Heroine and Up The Amp :) Yes, I love The Sims!! But I haven’t played in a long time. It ruins my life hahahaha

Q: Hi Saab <3 pahingi naman ako ng tips paano mag budget. Ako kasi ang pinaghawak ni hubby ng pera. Though sabi ko sakanya sya na lang since magastos ako at di ako marunong mag budget talaga hehe). newbie lang din kami kagaya nyo ni Jim. Salamat. :)
A: OMG I love this desktop and phone app called YNAB (You Need A Budget), I finally learned how to budget through the app and tutorials online :) I’ll blog about it so I can help you!

Q: What BB cream product do you use?
A: Kiehl’s BB cream + sun screen :)

Q: if he cheated on her with me, will he also cheat on me with someone else? or do people really change?
A: I believe people can change. But be careful.

Q: Hi saab! May Spotify account ka ba?
A: Yup!

Q: Hi Saab! What’s your favorite MAC Lipstick?
A: Currently WHIRL

Q: Bakit parang di stress si Jim sa work kasi nakakapag gig and all pa kayo?
A: When he had a corporate job, he really made time for our gigs. When he moved to JB Music, it was much easier because his boss understood since they usually sponsored gigs. Now, he quit his 9-5 job and is focused on Linya-Linya so his work hours are much more flexible :)

Q: Hi Saab!! Hawig mo nga yung Bean! Hahaha pero mas cute ka hihi. Anyway, how do you avoid having a beer belly? I know iwasan ang beer pero yun lang iniinom ko kasi I can’t stand hard liquor huhu ? Love you so much sana mag-tape ka ulit sa MYX studio susugod talaga ako lol ?
A: Anong Bean???? Hahahaa. The truth is, I really get a beer belly when I drink beer. The only solution would be to lay off it. So I don’t drink as much as I used to! Hope to see you too :)

Q: You know what, you are so blessed to be raised in a well off family. Hard working I must say. On my part, I have to cancel date nights and I can’t just leave my job for something I really wanna do because I know it will be costly and risky. I can’t even see myself marrying 5yrs from now (I’m 22 btw) bec I know I still need to provide for my family and to save. I’m not being paawa but you are so blessed Saab and thank you for sharing what you have through your blog.
A: I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog and I wish you find a partner who will understand your situation and maybe even help lighten the load for you by working by your side and being creative with “date nights” xx Jim and I used to do this thing called CRUSH HOUR since he had a 9-5 job and I had a lighter workload, I would get dropped off at his place of work and ride with him home just so we could talk in traffic. That was how we used to date :)

Q: Aside from topshop saan ka pa bumibili ng damit? Your my inspiration pagdating sa pagbibihis. haha
A: Thanks! I like to get clothes from H&M too :)

Q: How big is your 2 bedroom condo?
A: It’s perfect for me, Jim, Joey and our kasambahay Mary Lyn :)

Q: Hello Saab! Yung Superstar na binili mo sa Japan, was it a WMN size shoe or MEN size? I’m planning to buy one pero kasi puro pang boy ang size :( Your thoughts please. Thank you! :) Stay fab and adorable :D
A: WMN :)

Q: Hi Saab.Advice lang. I just asked for this guy’s number thru instagram and he replied within minutes. Now I got his number and texted him but no reply yet. It’s been an hour. What do I do? I met this guy through a job at an amusement park here in Canada. We live in different cities as well. Help please. I’m going crazy na. Super cute sya.
A: Hahaha I bet he’s replied by now!! Good luck!!

Q: Hi Saab! I purchased a physical copy of Cheats’ album and sadly walang album artwork when I imported it sa iTunes huhu :( wala rin sa google. Is there any chance that I can get that amazing cover? Thank you!
A: Here you go! Thanks for purchasing our album!!

Q: where is ur regular gig po here in QC? loveyou saab!!!!
A: No regular gigs but we often have gigs at Route 196 :)

Q: gurl balak mo pa ba mag blog? nyareh??????

Q: Hi Saab! Can you ask Jim kung okay lang siya kasi nung Sunday sa Trendsetter’s Bazaar, bumigay yung inuupuan niya habang nandun siya sa Linya Linya booth :(
A: HAHAHAHAHAHA kinwento nga niya sa akin yun!! LOL okay lang naman siya :)) He was sitting on a plastic tupperware where they stored their stocks eh wala na palang laman so nasira :))

Q: Hi Saab! What ipad model do you have?
A: iPad Air 2

Q: Hey saab! Just curious lang, how do you motivate jim in stuff regarding his career? I support my bf in his career choices, i just wanted sana to motivate him without naking it seem like i’m a knowitall. Kasi it has happened na before. Thanks! Really love your blog. :) -cj
A: I’ve learned to listen more, dati kasi puro ako suggestion. Haha! It really helps when you just let him talk about what troubles him and what stresses him out. When you just listen and let him finish his train of thought, he will most likely come up with the solution himself. I just always tell him we will be okay. I’m lucky he’s very ambitious and he’s not all about passion, he’s also practical so he balances it out. I also always ask what I can do to help and he’s said more than once, “it’s enough that you listen” and then he hugs me. I think that’s motivation enough for him to keep working for our future:)

Q: Hi Saab! Would you do a post about your lipstcik collection? I’m interested especially in your MAC Lipstick collection! Keep being gorg!!!
A: A blog reader e-mailed me a 20-day lipstick challenge which I’d love to do on my blog!!

Q: At what age did you start wearing makeup? Were you good at doing it immediately? Saka anong unang makeup product ang kinahiligan mo? Was it always lipsticks?
A: After college na! No I wasn’t good haha I was always into lipstick and nail polish :)

Q: have you been to Pinto Art Museum?
A: Yes, my mom’s sister Auntie Erika had an exhibit there before. She’s a sculptor in New York, check out her stuff here.

Q: Hi Ate Saab! You’re one of my blogspirations. Anyway, how do you bond with Clara considering the age gap? Don’t you find it hard to put up with Generation Z kids? -H
A: I always try to stay “on fleek” with the latest trends. CHOS hahahahaha but seriously, I always ask her about Kylie, Kendall, 1D, Bieber, etc. And we share funny memes with each other.

Q: Hi Saab. You’re so pretty. I’m a fan, I love you. May I know what EOS Lip Balm you use and recommend? ♥ -Camie
A: Passion Fruit (the purple one) is my fave :)

Q: were you popular back in high school? random questiooon
A: Not at all!

Q: Saab! What camera are you using? Can you suggest cameras that are good yet affordable? :)
A: Sony A6000! Check out this link of the best bargain beginner cameras so far this year!


Ask Saab 46

BFFs | Photo by Gerard Del Mundo
BFFs | Photo by Gerard Del Mundo

Q: Have you read Paper Towns by John Green?
A: Yes! Has the movie come out yet?

Q: Watch Fear the Walking Dead plsssss
A: YES! I’ve finally caught up with The Walking Dead, will watch FTWD next!!!!

Q: do you go to church?
A: Yes

Q: Do you want kids anytime soon?
A: No, not right now.

Q: how and how often do you exfoliate your lips?
A: You mean using my tooth brush? Pag na-feel kong kawawa na yung lips ko. Hahaha. Siguro every two weeks?

Q: Hi, Saab! I’d like to ask you if it’s okay to wear tights or stockings, esp black, during daytime? I really want to wear short dresses but is not really confident coz I don’t have nice legs. Thanks in advance.
A: Yeah sure if you don’t sweat easily. I would do that but I can just imagine dying in this heat /sad

Q: Thank you for always updating your blog it really helps me kc boring ang graveyard work ko & u inspire me tlga. How do you stay healthy when you have work at night? what’s ur usual dinner? any recommended brand of green tea? ;p -Lorz
A: Hi Lorz! I try to make sure I don’t have anything scheduled early the next day when I have a gig at night so I can get enough rest. My usual dinner is whatever Diet Diva’s serving. Hehe. Usually low on carbs! Oh no I don’t really care much for tea brands, I think you should ask my mom!!

Q: What is your favorite board/card game? :D <3 <3 <3
A: Munchkins and Pusoy Dos :p

Q: Hi Saab! When are you gonna do a virtual book club again? I love you. Haha!
A: You think people would be interested in another one?:)

Q: who are your influences on non-fiction writing?
A: Augusten Burroughs, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lena Dunham, I also enjoy reading the articles on Entertainment Weekly and Women’s Health. Their writers seem so fun.

Q: how did you become friends with cj de silva?
A: I can’t exactly remember but we’ve known each other since high school. Probably the Internet?

Q: Ever experienced talking to yourself then someone else enters the room and you have to pretend you were singing?
A: Hahahahahahaha that would be so awkward!!! Thankfully no but I usually talk to myself in my head. I make facial expressions but I don’t say stuff out loud.

Q: what are your mom’s hobbies?
A: She’s into watching TV series like me! She’s also really having fun taking care of her restaurant in Makati.

Q: do you and maxx talk about her kissing scenes?
A: No! Oh God, I don’t wanna know. Hahahaha. She has kissing scenes??

Q: what’s your definition of malandi?
A: Oooh.

Q: what’s the worst thing you did while you were drunk?
A: Vomited on my sister’s couch. HAHA. I was in college. It was not fun. She made me clean it WHILE I WAS DRUNK. Huhuhu.

Q: daks ba si jim?
A: What is daks?? Is this a new term?? Like scoobs??

Q: Did you like Julie Anne as Elmo
A: I don’t think Julie Anne ever BECAME Elmo

Q: Do you ever play gigs on 19 East in Sucat?
A: Yes, we’ve played there a few times! You can see our gig sched on the right side of my page if you’re interested in catching a gig!

Q: do you talk about each others past relationships?
A: Just in passing. Not really.

Q: I need advice on what business to venture on. D: I can make money grow but i don’t know where to start. I just need ideas. help naman T_T
A: Girl, if I knew anything about money… I don’t even know how to finish this sentence because I don’t know anything about money.

Q: hi saab! how much is the cheats shirt and where can we view the design? i’m from davao, btw. :)
A: You can message us on our Facebook page!

Q: Mejo hindi ko gets yung ”You had me at hilaw” from LinyaLinya Hahaha
A: Jerry Maguire

Q: Hi Saab! I am 22 years old and working already. I wanna introduce a guy to my dad but he’s really masungit when it comes to boys!!
A: Hahaha! Talk to your dad and tell him how important it is. Or ask your mom to talk to your dad. If he says it’s okay to meet your guy, okay lang na masungit siya sa guy! He doesn’t owe your suitor anything. Tama nga yan, ma-intimidate dapat siya kahit konti :))

Q: What made you love/like Emily the Strange before?
A: I felt like she was so relatable cos her only friends were cats and she liked being alone. I had no cats but I really preferred being alone. Emo ako noon. Haha.

Q: Bakit short hair yung mom niyo since then?
A: Moms prefer a wash and wear hairstyle for practicality.

Q: Do you pray the rosary?
A: I can’t remember the last time I prayed the rosary. I’m not against it at all, I just don’t do it. I remember one time in grade school, I was one of the prayer leaders and we’d always pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be just before ending the class. One of my classmates (I can’t remember which one) spoke up and said how unnecessary it was to always recite those 3 prayers every time. She said, “Jesus taught us that The Lord’s Prayer is enough.” I don’t even know if what she said is legit but that always stuck with me. I don’t know what the “rules” are but I honestly think one short sincere prayer means just as much as a really long one.

Q: Are you related to the family of Pres.Gloria Arroyo?
A: I think we’re far relatives of the late Joker Arroyo. Was he related to Gloria?

Q: Are you close to your dad’s family?
A: Yes, especially my tita Maricar’s family.

Q: Do you consider sexting a form of cheating?

Q: My sister keeps on letting her friends stay in our apartment pero nagbabayad sila and yung bayad nila e sa kanya lang yun. Nakakainis lang kasi di man lang siya nagpapaalam samin or sa parents namin basta pag punta nalang nila mama dto sa Cebu may iba nang nakatira syempre di naman pwede paalisin ni mama kasi nandyan na. Diba disrespectful yung di man lang nagpapaalam? And sobrang wala pang mga manners. Di na ako makapag aral nang mabuti bcos of them. Parang gusto ko nang magsarili. What should I do? :(
A: How old are you? I think you should talk to your parents about it. It’s their apartment and not your sister’s, right? You and your sister should be the priority, not your sister’s friends. If you’re having a hard time studying, you should really be vocal about this. Or ask your parents if they can help you find your own place. Good luck, that really sucks :(

Q: Sinong mas close mo si megan or si lauren? and thoughts about them
A: I’m closer to Lauren because Megan is more mahinhin, she’s our beauty queen. Lauren is crazy. Hahaha. I really enjoy conversations with the two, they’re totally on equal sides of the spectrum.

Q: what sport are you interested in?
A: Shit. Wala. Hahaha. I like watching NBA games sometimes when it’s an exciting match. I really enjoy watching our drummer Enzo play futsal (he’s the team captain of the UA&P team). But I don’t really play sports.

Q: Saab, itutuloy ko pa ba ang pagmmed? Just say NO, and I’ll stop it! HUHU. I love you for doing what you love to do without struggling. Stay supergirl! <3
A: Why don’t you want to pursue it? Think it through before giving up! And also, wala namang life without struggles so what you said about me is not entirely true. Good luck!!:)

Q: Hi Saab! I plan on going to Japan this winter. How’d you dress for the weather? Was it super cold or kaya na one thick coat plus scarf?
A: Invest in thermal tights and undershirts. There’s a lot in Uniqlo. You will need gloves as well ? Have fun!

Q: I also love your Superstars!!! Were they cheaper in Japan?
A: Way cheaper. I don’t even know if they have women’s sizes here.

Q: Hi Saab, Apologies for having to message you here but I don’t know how else to reach out to you. :) I am humbly reaching out to you to help Syrian refugees in your own way. You’ve probably seen photos and news all over FB about the exile that Syrian refugees are in because of the war since 2011. A lot of innocent victims have been displaced from their homes, children’s bodies wash up to shore from their families’ desperate attempts to flee the country, and so many other horrific events. This has been going on for 4 years that our brothers and sisters in Syria think that they are not worth saving because people judge them as terrorists. You can learn more about the issue here In lieu of this, I started a fundraising campaign via Mercy Corps. Mercy Corps is one of the organizations that has really been trying to help these Syrian refugees. If you can donate even just $1 and/or share this cause it would really help a lot. Proceeds will go directly through Mercy Corps (not me). There has not been much support from their neighbouring countries so I truly believe that it is part of our moral obligation to do what we can in our own little way. Here’s the link to my fundraising campaign > Hoping for a favorable response from you! From a fan and a friend, Yumi

A: Thanks for the link, Yumi!

Q: how do i get back with my ex boyfriend when i’m the only one trying?
A: I think you know the answer to that already, my dear.:(

Q: if given a chance,bet mo din ba maging host ng eat bulaga?
A: Sure, my dad used to be part of the show! But I think mas bagay si Maxx dun. Haha.

Q: hi saab! I am dating this guy for three months and he’s awesome but i don’t think I love him though I enjoy his company. What should I do?
A: Don’t rush it. If you enjoy his company, why should you stop dating? Is he pressuring you into being his girlfriend already? If he says it’s now or never, baka never nalang kung di mo naman siya love.

Q: do you want another dog? if yes what breed?
A: corgi ?

Q: huhu newspaper girl and again professor manny? lang yung pwedeng maplay sa spotify, WHYYYYY? :(
A: Uy complete na lahat!:)

Q: Hi Saab! :) have you tried doing Revlite to your face? :)
A: What’s that? Okay I just Googled it. Nope!

Q: Are you a feminist?

Q: Who’s your favorite character from The Office?
A: Michael Scott! And Ryan!

Q: Anong tawag sa haircut na to? Please, I REALLY WANT TO KNOW :(
A: I have no idea! I just say, “magulo na wavy” haha! Just show the photo to your hairstylist!:)

Q: How do you do closet spring cleaning? You sell/throw/give away old clothes? I also want to get rid of my pinagsawaang clothes LELZ Help pls!
A: I just give them away!

Q: What is the most expensive thing you bought for somebody? Who did you give it?
A: I think a PS4 for Jim. I got it before it was released here so it was more expensive back then. Hehe. But he really loves it until now so it’s all worth it!

Q: Uhmmm what is a monolith? Jim gave one to you before your wedding.
A: It’s from 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. You can read more about it here.

Q: Sinong atista na siguro pag nakita mo magfa-fan girl ka? Local and hollywood hehe
A: Locally, si Piolo. Pero nakasama ko siya sa ASAP, katabi ko siya sa backstage tapos nakalimutan ko magpa-picture HUHUHUHU. Hollywood, lahat siguro. HAHA.


Cooling Off: Yes or No?

Q: Naniniwala ka ba sa cool off? Para kasing nagiging routinary na lang yung relationship namin ng boyfriend ko ngayon. :( nabobore na ako. :( don’t know what to do! :(

Ross & Rachel talking about taking a break
Ross & Rachel talking about taking a break

A: Awww… Personally I don’t believe in “cooling off” — I think the better thing to do is talk about it and be honest. Tell him you want to do new things together and if he’s not willing to try at all, then maybe you should think twice about your relationship.

Of course if he’s very busy with work you’ll have to be more understanding rin. He’s not the only one who should be making an effort.

Jim and I have talked about alternating each week about who will come up with an idea for our weekly dates!:) If he’s really really really busy and there’s absolutely no way he can do fun stuff with you (and I hope it’s just temporary), that’s no reason to stop you from going to an art fair or a gig with your friends (preferably friends of the same gender just so your boyfriend doesn’t get threatened). Then you can tell him all about your adventures and how you can’t wait to do these things with him too.

I asked what my Twitter followers have to say about this topic just so you can read what others have to say about it, too!

I hope this helps you figure out what you need to do!:)


Ask Saab 45

Route 196, 2015 | Photo by Bel Certeza
Route 196, 2015 | Photo by Bel Certeza

Q: What do you think of B.P. Valenzuela? :)
A: I think she’s a very talented young girl.

Q: Do you like UDD?
A: I’m a fan of their music

Q: Hi Saab! Do you watch American Horror Story? Violet’s appeal is so like yours hahahaha I love you!!!!!
A: No but everyone says I should watch American Horror Story! Coven ba yan?

Q: Hello Saab! Do you usually blow dry your hair everyday? you are sooooo hooooot!
A: No, I wish I knew how to blow dry my hair.. Thank you very much!

Q: Did you try to smoke cannabis? if you dont mind hehe loveyou and your coolness!!!!
A: I tried it before and I puked very violently hahaha it really doesn’t suit me.

Q: HOLLA! at what age nasabe mo sa self mo na “WOW, I need to more responsible and be matured already.”
A: Siguro mga 9. Charot. It wasn’t the age, it was when my father passed away and I felt like I needed to be a rock for my mom.

Q: (CAREER-WISE) Have you ever applied to any non-showbiz jobs? :D
A: No.

Q: this is a bizarre question..I know Philippines is not like Singapore or United States…What made you think to live in the Philippines for almost 26 years of your life? :)
A: I was born here and life has been good to me here. And it’s more affordable here!

Q: Hi! Saab! I feel like you are more of an Ambivert person like me. What are the downsides of being an ambivert?
A: Full disclosure, I had to Google that. Okay, so an ambivert has the qualities of both introverts and extroverts. I’m definitely an ambivert and I feel like there’s not really much of a downside to it because you get the best of both worlds. The important thing is to surround yourself with people you’re excited to talk to. I used to be more of an introvert but since my profession calls for it, I’ve learned to adjust and become an ambivert. I used to think I would die if I arrived to a party alone, now I’m a little better. I just smile at everyone and that makes me more comfortable and approachable so people start talking to me. I need to work on my small talk though. I absolutely hate small talk so I’m horrible at it hahaha. I can’t go past “how are you?” and “good.” LOL.

Q: if you had the chance to make a book, what would be the title of your book? (well, khit anong title ng book mo, bbli ako! :p
A: I was gonna write a book on my past relationships and call it “The Ex Files” but I just Googled it and that title is not original at all. Hahahaha.

Q: do you drive ba, saab?
A: Yes, I do!

Q: Hello there Saab! I know you’ve read tons of books already. I have a question for ya! :P what are your tips on how I can visualize the story of a certain book? :( how do you make it a point to apprehend all the information of it?
A: I really just make a movie in my mind. Good books usually describe locations and characters really well. Sometimes I even think of existing actors playing each role but most of the time they’re total unknown personalities in my head. If it’s not science fiction, I think of existing locations I’ve seen in movies or in real life. Like when the author describes a public school, you can think of the hallways of your favorite teen rom com. When you visualize things, it’s really much easier to understand what you’re reading.

Q: Hi Saab!! I’m one of your avid readers, like I always check you site every single day, sa bahay, sa work, sa gabi bago matulog! HAHAHA, intense! But anyway, i just wanna ask, if you are experiencing this situation what will you do? You met a guy, common friend niyo siya ng sister mo, then you both got a long well. After few weeks of talking over social medias, you decided to meet and hang out. Then suddenly, after a while, he just disappeared. Literal na nawala walang pasabi, You’re left clueless, hindi mo alam kung ano nangyari and all. :( I kept reminding myself that he is not worth it pero honestly hindi naman siya nawala sa isip ko until now…. after 4 months? Hay. PS – why do you look so fresh always!!! hehehe,
A: Hello! Thanks so much for supporting my blog! Here’s my answer: if you aren’t close enough to know where he lives or his family members, maybe it’s time to move on. Otherwise, you should really check up on him through his family in case he’s in some sort of danger? I know it’s easier said than done but in these situations, it’s usually a case of The Missing Douchebag. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but he probably got bored or met somebody new and he obviously doesn’t value your friendship for him to tell you about it. He probably thinks it’s easier that way because guys don’t really enjoy drama. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, my dear! Good luck! P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH hehehe

Q: god forbid, but what if jim cheats on you? what will you do?
A: Kick him to the curb.

Q: Bakit “Joey” name ni Joey? :P
A: Named after my favorite character Josephine March from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. She’s a rebel tomboy who loves writing.

Q: What’s your comfort food?
A: Pizza and sushi — the greatest things in life

Q: Best compliment you have received?
A: When my real life friends randomly quote something I wrote on my blog. It’s really the best feeling.

Q: May mga future baby names na bang sumasagi sa utak mo? Hihi. :)
A: Isamiah or Jerebella. Lel

Q: Worst away nyo ni Jim? :)
A: Super love how that question ends with a smiley face haha. Hmmmm I think it was that one time we broke up for 2 days. It was the worst, we just ignored each other. But Jim tells me that was the catalyst for our engagement. He felt so horrible that he wasn’t able to talk to his best friend so he knew he wanted to keep me forever. Not that I’m his property or anything but gets? Hahaha. To make it clear, I felt equally as horrible and I really felt like a part of me died a little. YUCK OA BA?? Pero ganon talaga yung feeling.

Q: Who’s your girl crush na local celebrity? :)
A: Kelly Misa hehehe

Q: Nagbabasa ka ba ng fashionpulis?
A: No, ew. Have you read the comments there? Mukha bang part ako ng demographic ng FP? Haha. Mga bored na walang purpose sa buhay ang nagsasayang ng oras doon noh.

Q: Sa mga future children nyo, sino sa tingin mo may tendency mang-spoil, you or daddy Jim? :D
A: Jim.

Q: Have you watched Breaking Bad?
A: Yaaas

Q: Who do you want as the next president of the Philippines?
A: Dick Gordon but he’s not in the running

Q: What turns you off immediately?
A: People who don’t smile

Q: Have you ever shopped in ukay ukay?
A: Yeah

Q: Hi! Kay janet ka ba bumili ng iphone 6? Plus bakit sa greenhills ka nabili? Thanks!!
A: Yung luma kong iPhone 6, gift ni Maxx sa akin! I just bought a 6S+ from iStudio in Shangri-la! I’m so excited, I’m restoring it with my contacts and other stuff now :)

Q: Do you pay for your kiehls at mac products? Thank!!
A: Some of them, yes! Some are gifts from the brands :)

Q: what’s your favorite red, pink, nude, orange/coral, dark, brown shades and brands of lipsticks? :) thank you :)
A: Right now I like diff shades of brown for my lips! MAC and Colour Pop are my faves at the moment.

Q: How much is the Creamy Eye Treatment from Kiehls? Gosh I need it I have the biggest designer bags under my eyes!! :(
A: Naku I’m not sure!

Q: hi saab i love you oh please love me back haha so where and when do you usually hangout? favorite spot or place?
A: Saguijo in Makati!:)

A: Rom com, not a movie though, watch Netflix’s new original series called LOVE. UGH SOBRANG GANDA

Q: are u an introvert or an extrovert?
A: Apparently I am what’s called an ambivert

Q: whats ur favorite fast food chain?
A: Burger King

Q: How effective is Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate to you?
A: Mukha akong Galadriel pag gising ko. Lel

Q: How do you tell someone to back off snooping on your stuff without offending them.
A: “Ummmm, hello, PWEDE WAG???????” Char! Just be honest and calm. “Hi, I hope you understand that I really value my personal space and it would mean so much if you could respect my privacy.” Optional ending: “, you motherf***ing snoop!!!!”

Q: Hey Saab you please check this out! What do you think? =)
A: I can’t find the track!

Q: Condition once in a while lang? not every day? omg every day pa naman ako
A: Actually, hindi ko alam! I think everyday is better for the hair, but I like my hair messy and a little buhaghag hehe.

Q: What are your blog-to-do list?
A: I try to plan what I’m going to write in advance so I don’t have a blank page when I start writing. I have topics ready. Then I look for at least one image that’s best suitable for the post, and make sure to end encouraging my readers to engage in a conversation. I also make sure I leave a link in the end to help my reader learn more information about my topic.

Q: saab, do you play COC?? if yes anong level kana?? ?
A: Nope!

Q: How do you maintain your pinkish or not dark lips? I always wear lippie because when, I don’t I look sick. Saka because I started wearing one about 4 years ago, and now my lips are dark :(
A: Nakaka-dark ba talaga ng lips ang lipstick?:( Maybe you need a better makeup remover! I use L’Oreal’s Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. And then use your toothbrush to GENTLY exfoliate your lips once in a while!

Q: HI SAAB!! I can’t wait for you to write your book!! (Sabi mo kasi before my book deal ka na hehe). Good luck!! P.S. Can I order a Cheats shirt with a message from you and the whole band? Huhu please!! I really love your album!!
A: Thanks!! Yes, you can get a shirt! Message us on our Facebook page to order!

Q: Do you ever consider having little Joey babies or gusto mo baby lang si Joey forever?
A: No Joey babies because I had her spayed a long time ago. Better for her health and there are way too many homeless pups in this world.

Q: SAAB! OMAYGAD Nakita ko finofollow mo si leloy claudio on twitter jasdhksdf sobrang crush ko siya as in!!! Kamukha siya ni Jim!!! So feeling ko Saab ako at magkakaroon kami ng Jim-Saab love story. Chos! Ang laki ng age gap namin hahaha! Pero kasi ultimate crush talaga ano ba :( But really how do you know him? And what’s he really like? :)
A: Hahaha he interviewed me before for Rogue magazine, that’s the most interaction we’ve had. Sorry I can’t give you more info on your crush :(

Q: Hi Saab, your hubby looks charming and nice :) my nagsabi naba sayo / sa kanya na hawig nya si Mark Anthony Fernandez? hihi
A: Omg wala pa pero super crush ko si Mark Anthony Fernandez!! Oo nga noh!!

Q: Its hard for me to get along with my officemates. Im planning to job hop but Im loaded with paperworks. I need a wake up punch! Any advice?
A: I need more info to give you advice but off the bat, I’d say: start sleeping early, waking up early, and smiling more. Be more patient with your officemates and just finish the paperwork. If you really feel depressed in your work environment, just quit!

Q: bb cream, naturactor or Mary Kay liquid foundation?
A: I’ve never used Mary Kay foundation so….. I’ll go for bb cream cos it’s not as thick as foundation!

Q: Hi saab. What can you say about Jadine? Do you like them? :D
A: Okay naman!

Q: Does Jim read you blog? Aware ba sya na marami kang readers na may crush sa kanya? Isa na ko dun! Haha! You are one lucky girl! <3
A: Yes!:) I’m very very lucky!!

Q: How are you right now?
A: Keribelz