Spell Saab

I won’t claim to be Phoenix‘s #1 fan but some of their songs really helped me through bad times. Hahaha. I first heard If I Ever Feel Better in 2007, six years after it first came out in 2001. All the same, it was good timing because I had just broken up with my college boyfriend when I heard it and it literally made me feel better!! Haha. It understands I’m sad but the song makes me feel flirty enough to realize that there will be other guys. If you still haven’t listened to this song, please do!

My favorite songs to listen to back in college included Everything is Everything, Long Distance Call, Consolation Prizes, and then Wolfgang Amadeus came out! Yay!

A lot of their songs honestly didn’t stick with me because to be frank most of them sounded the same. Even so, I got really excited about Phoenix coming to Manila. I booked my tickets right away – saw there were going to be chairs in the VIP so I said F that, I’m going to dance in the Gold section! It was a good Tuesday night.


They had a lot of different backgrounds for their show – this was my fave!! Very laptop wallpaper material hehe.


Car pool buddies of Jim and mine – Maxx and Chino


What’s super crazy is that our friends lined up for alcohol way before the concert started. I kid you not, they got drinks nung encore na!!!


Still happy people. I have to put it out there though, it was really inconvenient to have just one booth for alcohol. The same thing happened at Deftones also in World Trade Center.

But anyway, Thomas Mars (who is married to Sofia Coppola <3), came towards the Gold section during their encore. It was amazing. His voice is beer for my ears. Hahaha. Labo.

DSC09439 DSC09441 Phoenix

Sorry, I only just took my camera out again after so long. I didn’t take that many photos.

Izzy and I told our friends we got to touch Thomas Mars.. They didn’t really care because they were all guys. Haha. Well, we were only kidding anyway.




My low-quality OOTD taken with my phone on the way home. Haha. #ahrt (that’s Jim’s car photobombing me)