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I’ve gotten some requests to list down my favorite iOS/Android apps so here I am keeping my word and writing them down! I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy S5 (yup, this is my nth leap from iPhone to Samsung) so I’ll be sharing the Android apps that I find especially useful for my own productivity. FYI, all these apps I’m listing down are also available on iOS!

1. Any.do – Any.do lets me do, well, anything. So I list down whatever random thing comes to mind that I need to get done. It can be for today, tomorrow, next week, next month, someday, WHENEVER. Just list them all down and everyday at 9AM the app will prompt you to plan your day. A few swipes will help you build the day’s to-do list. I’ve found this to be VERY helpful considering what a scatterbrain I am. It keeps my priorities in check. TIP: it’s also accessible from the web if you want to see your lists on a bigger screen via http://web.any.do

2. Cal – I am such a sucker for clean, minimal apps and this calendar app is from the same makers of Any.do. I use it to write down my schedules and the best thing about it is the event planning thingy. Ugh, I forget what it’s actually called but here’s the gist: you input your meeting/party/whatever and you can include the location and the people you’re meeting. It automatically sends an e-mail to remind people of your get-together. You can set many personal alerts for your meeting – I set mine 2 hours, and 30 minutes before I leave. A 2-hour lead time lets me get ready at a leisurely pace, 30 minutes means I should make sure Joey is all set to stay alone in my condo, I’ve brushed my teeth, the trash is thrown out, and the couch is nice and clean for good vibes when I get home. I usually leave an hour before my meeting to anticipate traffic. Best thing about the event planner is that it automatically goes to Waze when it’s time so you don’t get lost on the way to wherever! That’s 5 minutes off my usual GPS-setting pace everytime I get in the car. I love efficiency!

3. Waze – You all probably have this already, do I even need to explain? If you don’t have it yet, what is wrong with you?! Chos. Find the best route to wherever you’re going minus the traffic. I love that the voice now says street names. Any.do should buy Waze and call it Any.waze. #waleyz

4. Uber – I had to let go of my driver, it’s been almost 2 months now. Okay lang because I don’t have a TV show right now anyway so I don’t stay up until 5am – I can drive myself. I actually really enjoy driving, listening to music and singing while stuck in traffic… Pretending I’m not emotionally singing along to Sam Smith when the truck driver beside me looks at me funny… But sometimes when I don’t feel like driving, I just get an Uber. It’s pretty hard to get one when you’re in Pasig/Libis. Ubers are more for the sosyal areas like Fort or Makati haha. So sometimes I resort to GrabTaxi which is okay lang but the car is a literal taxi as opposed to Uber’s super nice cars AND I pay more for the taxi so it doesn’t seem right. GrabTaxi has GrabCar as well if you want a nicer car but it’s way more expensive. You’re lucky if you get their special taxis with the characters that take you to places for free. I also like that Uber is connected to my credit card so I don’t need to have loose change on me and I can just get out of the car when I get to my destination. UberX, the more affordable option than the usual Uber black car is now in Manila but I haven’t had the chance to get one. ANYWAY if you want to try it out pls use the promo code uberSAAB to get a P300 coupon! Do it cos I get a P300 coupon too if you do!!!


5. YNAB – You Need A Budget helps me keep track of my expenses. I’m only recently learning how to be frugal and careful with my money because I’ll have a family of my own soon enough (calm down, I don’t plan to have a baby until I’m like 30 haha) so I need to make sure I have money set aside. What happens is that you set your budget for the month and each time you make a purchase, you input what you spend and see how much you have left for a certain category. For example, if you overshot and spent more for groceries this month, you’ll have to sacrifice part of your allotted “clothing” money. Because not everybody has clothing allowance ifyouknowwhatimean. Check it out. The phone app is free and the desktop software has a free trial. Have to admit interface is better on the iPhone though.

BONUS: I also just discovered the app MediSafe that helps me remember to take all my medicine. I just got out of the hospital from dengue and am on a lot of stuff, now it’s mostly for my allergic rhinitis and (TMI, sorry) constipation that leads to UTI. My immune system is just a little off right now but I’m a strong girl and by taking all my medications at the right time, I’ll be 100% in no time.

I hope I helped you find new apps you can use to boost your productivity!! Let me know your thoughts, concerns, and if you want to share other apps with me and my readers by leaving a comment below ;)



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    Debie Grace

    September 4, 2014

    AnyDo seems great! I will try it. Thanks, Saab! :)

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      September 5, 2014


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    September 6, 2014

    Hi Saab! Download Shoebox App. You can sync your photos and unify your photo collection across your devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Android). Unlimited free photo backup!! You’ll definitely love itttt!!! Love youuu :*


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      September 9, 2014

      Hmmmm will check it out! Thanks!

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    September 9, 2014

    Thank you, Saab, for all these helpful apps! :)

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      September 9, 2014

      No problem!!