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The Time I Lied About Baguio

face palm

My friend (I don’t even remember which one, I think it was Mikki) in 3rd grade called me over the phone and she said her family was going to Baguio. I said, “oh, my parents are going to Baguio too!” – I think that was the only truth on my end. She said her family would be visiting relatives. I asked for names and after each name I said, “ay kilala sila ng parents ko!” and she asked her mom for a list of people they were going to see in Baguio and I just kept saying my parents were going there to see those same people. I don’t know why the heck I did that. In the end I told her I wasn’t telling the truth and she said, “Saab, my mom says I can’t be friends with you anymore.” We still stayed friends after that. I mean, how can you resist having a good liar as a friend, right? Ugh that was unnecessarily embarrassing in retrospect.

The Time I Said Approvement

face palm

I was Editor-In-Chief and founder of my high school paper. I used to get so stressed because my writers and contributors refused to meet their deadlines. I did everything from editing to laying it all out and printing it on my personal printer before finally getting it photocopied for the whole school. Yup, I was a nerd, get over it! Anyway, one time at a meeting – I was telling the team off for submitting late. Let me remind you that I am the worst at confrontations, I get so nervous when everyone’s eyes are on me and when I get angry I cry. I started tearing up and my heart was beating so fast and I said “If you really want to be a part of this, you have to submit on time!! Siyempre your articles need time for my approvement before we print it!!” I realized it just as I said it but I was too caught up in the moment to laugh it off because HELLO I was crying and making a statement. It was so ground-please-swallow-me-alive embarrassing. But now it’s a good story for the LOLZZZ.

The Time I First Started Wearing A Bra

face palm

I was in 6th grade, a late bloomer. My mom got me my first training bra from Marks & Spencer – it came in a cute pink box with instructions and stuff. So I ditched my sando-under-my-uniform for my training bra. Days into it, I was playing chinese garter with my classmates during lunch break and apparently my training bra bunched up ABOVE my pre-boobies. You know how some girls’ school uniforms are made of super thin material? Ours was like that in Assumption. I noticed a bunch of my friends being jerks in a corner whispering and super laughing looking at my chest. Hahaha! Joke’s on them, I’ve got what I think are the perfect breasts. LOLOLOL. I was so embarrassed ;_;

Can’t think of much right now.. I think more embarrassing things are happening to me as an adult haha.



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    February 25, 2014

    I think kapag kids talaga dumadaan sa kaunting pasikat haha! Yung tipong “We did this and that” “Oh? Kami rin! We did this and that, too!” (Kahit hindi) Kahiyang isipin I did it pero ngayon nakakatawa na talaga sya.

    In fairness, hindi nabasag yung bad trip chorva mo nun hehe.. Kasi ako natatawa ako kaagad, wala na, wala na ung galit-galitan portion.

    Naku at first I did not know how to even put my bra on! I had to fasten the hooks in front muna so I could see tapos usod-usod haha! Tsaka ko isusuot ung straps. Hay naku hahaha!! :D

    Thanks for posting this. Everybody has his/her own awkward moments haha

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      February 26, 2014

      Hahahahaha sobrang pasikat.. Nakakairita