Spell Saab

Today’s world is one big blur.

There is always a new update for an app, a celebrity’s relationship status, a basketball game, or a news story. It’s hard to keep up when what I deem as relevant information is swimming in a sea of D-list gossip garbage. I like keeping tabs on important things like what’s happening about the PDAF/DAP scam or how my fellow countrymen are doing after the devastation #GlendaPH left in its wake.

It’s easy to sensationalize headlines for clicks and views. There are thousands of bloggers with no experience pretending to know what they’re talking about. The Internet is so saturated that it gets so confusing.


For reliable information, I go to what’s black, white and read all over: the good ol’ newspaper – where actual journalists contribute! The Philippine Star, the leading news source of Filipinos worldwide, is embracing technological advances by creating an app accessible on tablets and phones for both iOS and Android devices! Awesome!

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It’s very easy to navigate as a short tutorial is shown once you download the app.

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Switching from one section to another is very neat as a menu pops open when you click the upper left section of the app!

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It’s definitely cleaner than reading an actual newspaper, which leaves ink all over my hands haha! Technically, the app is free. Users can view selected content in the app. However, you have to subscribe to access other content (like digital edition format and the archive). Price of the app subscription is about half of the price of the newspaper. Rates come in 7 Day ($2.99), 1 Month ($6.99), 3 Months ($19.22), and 6 Months ($34.99) for subscription. All subscriptions include a free 17-Day trial upon purchase!

I’m glad to know that The Philippine Star is adapting to the needs of its readers! Just don’t let your kids near your tablet when their teacher requires them to cut out a newspaper clipping!:p