Spell Saab


Sorry about the lulzy title, but I guess I just wanted to share a contest entry :”>

I only realized today that you’ll see the people you followed on tumblr in descending order (which means the last person on your tumblr following page is the first person you followed on tumblr!). I didn’t realize that your tumblr was the very first tumblr I followed. If I had the habit of liking posts on tumblr, then I would be sure that you were my tumblr crush. I only started liking posts this month!

Anyways, I know you wouldn’t want me to blab about how noob I am tumbling, so I better set my record straight: I followed your tumblr first for a reason, and it is because it is interesting, not because it had a ton of reblog ifs, tumblarity upping things, and such. It was because I saw you as you are, raw and vibrant, and that’s what people definitely want from people like you with a celebrity status: normality.

I know my entry is suckish and I’m sure I won’t win, but I just wanted to take this opportunity for you to notice how I learned to post things more like me instead of things that just gain tumblarity. I took it from you: Tumblarity is never to be trusted. Thank you, though, for taking time to read this. I just wanted you to know how much I seriously loved your tumblr from the very start :”>

<3 ingrid


January 9, 2010