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SaabTV: A Day In The Life #RevitaliseCalm

September 13, 2017 0 Comments

Yay! Finally, I was able to shoot what a normal day looks like for me! Thanks to the team of Certified Calm for making this happen! I’m very proud to be the company’s official brand ambassador alongside Amanda Griffin-Jacob ☺️

Click here to read Certified Calm’s complete feature on me (and exactly what products I’m wearing/using in the video)!

Here are some photos taken behind the scenes:

We shot so early in the morning, nakapag-cameo pa si Jim haha!

That’s Cheats’ guitarist Kyle shooting the video!

Trying to hold a plank for longer than normal hehe


Love my Manduka yoga mat and bag!!!

I swear I’m a nice boss LOL

Checking things off my list

Just so happened my blog reader Mayee was at Cup Fiction when we were shooting

So we had an impromptu meeting! Thanks, Mayee!!

Off to the gig, still with my trusty Klean Kanteen limited edition millennial blush color 💕

Sometimes we get to squeeze in a band practice before our actual gigs — yes, that’s Candy on drums haha

How I like to end most days 🍕

I know I’ve been laying low for a while, but I promise you it’s all for good reason. Big news coming up!☺️ Love you guys!