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SaabTV LIVE: Maxene Magalona

September 3, 2017 0 Comments

It’s the strangest thing that in my almost 14 years of blogging, I think it’s the first time I’ve ever collaborated with Maxx!!! This was long overdue and in this hour-long episode, it’s obvious how much fun we had. Thanks for tuning in last Thursday!

What we covered this episode:

  • Maxx’s makeup routine
  • Fill Linya Blanks (a Linya-Linya giveaway — sorry, there’s a winner already😅)
  • Being a celebrity before the time of social media
  • CHOICES: Arya or Sansa Stark (don’t you just hate it when sisters are compared?! LOL)
  • A SPELLSAAB EXCLUSIVE: Maxx and Rob’s engagement story

We also answered a bunch of your questions and we suuuper enjoyed it! Next week, I’ve got another favorite girl as my guest. She’s crazy, silly, and always willing to learn. Guess whooooo…

NEXT THURSDAY: 10AM on my Facebook page!


September 4, 2017