Spell Saab


Sandwich – Fluxxe (<S> Marks The Spot)

Are you going to Fluxxe tonight
Beats dance together
Let’s dance forever

With the disco girls and the disco boys
With their skinny jeans and their skinny ties
With the punk rock girls and emo boys
With their striped t-shirts and painted eyes
With the crying goths and the vampire girls
Neo-hippie cats future retro now
With the metal heads and the techno geeks
Harajuku girls straight from Cubao

With the indie kids and the twee pop fans
With obscure band shirts and vintage sneakers
With the new wave guys, call center gals
With the vespa mods and the rasta geezers
With the hip hop heads and breakbeat geeks
With the fashionistas and the fashion victims
With the hip designers and video directors
Models, wannabes, and stage actors

Everybody is a DJ

October 22, 2009
October 22, 2009