Spell Saab

I was putting off having to choose only 20 people to come over for my blog’s 12th anniversary meet up kasi HELLO ang hirap kaya pumili. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, guyth!!


I chose 30 people instead of 20 but because sobrang last minute naman itong decision ko, I only have 20 loot bags so I’ll give that to the first 20 who arrive!! Those who don’t get a loot bag can still get a chance to win the raffle items via games. I don’t even know what games we’ll play. I have no program prepared, okay?? Basta there will be good food and lots of prizes :)

SO PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAILS!! I’m SO excited huhuhu.


December 8, 2015



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    Karen Reyes

    December 10, 2015

    Huhuhu no email from you and it kinda broke my heart :( Kept checking if you already announced the winners. Saab I really want to join this anniversary meet up. Even if I don’t get some giveaways. Just to meet and have selfie with you is okay. Please count me in :( Happy 12th spell saab. You will always be my girl crush! I love you!

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    Monette M. Samson

    December 10, 2015

    Didn’t get lucky :(

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    Analyn Velasco

    December 10, 2015

    Halloooo! Yay! Uhmm but I don’t know if I was chosen because I had a typo on my email add when I sent my comment (shy). Waaaah. If ever I didn’t really get a chance to see you.

    You guys enjoy! Have fun! :)


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    Ma. Christina Nicolas

    December 10, 2015

    hi te saab do you have lists of names po ba?

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    December 10, 2015

    I know, i’m not gonna be picked but it still hurt, huhu. But have fun!! You deserve your 12 years in blogging, and the 4 yrs i have spent reading your blogs were superb! I am still hoping to meet you in person, someday ❤️

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    Thet Saludo

    December 10, 2015

    Hello Saab!

    Pat on the back for successfully choosing the lucky 30! Indeed a tough decision :)

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    December 10, 2015

    ang swerte nila!!! Kung nasa Manila lang sana ako :( anyway, have fun girls!

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    December 10, 2015

    huhu didn’t get any e-mail :((( I got too excited coz I happen to be going to Makati this Saturday too (I live in the south area). I hope there would be more opportunities like this. Really really really want to get the chance to hang out with you without much people around..but anyhoo, Happy 12th, Saab! ♥

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    December 10, 2015

    Still waiting for your email, Saab. Haha CHOS! Sayang. :( Have fun on Saturday!!! <3

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    December 11, 2015

    This is heart-breaking.. <//3 Im so outdated!! Nawala lang ako nang isang buwan para magaral ng mabuti, may ganap nang ganto, kalurks. I was silently and loudly praying for this one before pa talaga (syemps dapat makasama ako HUHU) hay, but I hope to see you real soon, and the other sensible readers / Saabae's lovers. Have fun on Saturday! x

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    December 11, 2015

    Kakareply ko lang girl!!!! So excited!!!! :D

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    Jeehan Rivero

    December 11, 2015

    kainggit :( Now ko lang na visit ulit blog mo ate Saab, sayang :(( I was busy with school kasi :'( Anyway, you guys should have fun! ANG SWERTE NYO GUYS

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    December 11, 2015

    I’m always checking my gmail account, I think I was not really chosen hahaha, wala akong nareceive ee pero I still look forward for a “next time” hahaha
    More power!
    Take Care Ate Saab! ??✌
    If ever may back out,
    I’m here! Pwdng pwd ! ?

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    Sarah Sy

    December 11, 2015

    Hi Saab!
    Just dropping by to say thanks again for the invite. See you soon! :)

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    December 11, 2015

    better luck next year sa’tin!
    Happy 12th Saab…

    kelan kaya ikaw pupunta H&M Headquaters..
    papicture lang please =)

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    Irish Lazado

    December 11, 2015

    Mygee.. I got picked however superlate ang confirmation ko at nawalan pa kami ng net y’day. Well, #turtlenet. Hope you can still consider me Saab please? :(

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    December 12, 2015

    So jelly of those who can go!!!! :( Wish you’ll do this again!

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    December 12, 2015

    Happy 12th, Saab! Been your reader since 2004. Here’s to 12 more years of blogging! I wish I can see you in person. Hopefully, when I have my vacation next year, I can come and watch one of your gigs.

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    Lyka Lorraine Sumido

    January 4, 2016


    Hello Saaaab! I blogged about you and the Spell Saab 12. Wala lang. Just letting you know. Hehe. Love youuuuu!!!

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      January 4, 2016

      Yayyyy!!! Thank you!!