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When I got an e-mail from author Chrissie Peria about how she wanted to send me a copy of a book she wrote and published herself, I actually went AWWW. It was for two reasons: she published her own book and the cover is actually really nice!!

It’s a dream of mine to publish my own book so whenever I hear about self-published authors, I give them a telepathic high five. I have been approached by publishers but I’m still hesitant because I need more content. I’ve also heard horror stories of publishers from hell who practically force you to cry yourself to sleep dreaming about how ugly your book cover is. Really, try going to the local section of a book store and laugh at how grossly boring 80% of the book covers are.

That’s why I applaud Peria for doing this on her own (with the help of good friends, of course)! It’s a very short story with less than a hundred pages about two travel bloggers, Five Cuevas and Jesse Ruiz, who don’t get along as soon as their first meeting. They are one of four bloggers who are invited to an all-expenses paid trip to Macau so they may include the city of China in their respective blogs. It’s a romance novel about wrong first impressions and how no matter how hard you deny liking somebody, you won’t be able to fool yourself!

Another awesome thing that the author did was to make the characters their own social media accounts! Readers are able to follow them beyond the book!

Find out if Five and Jesse end up together by reading All’s Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria! I am giving away a special gift pack for 1 winner and e-books as consolation prizes for 4 winners!

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If you’d like your own hard copy of the book, you can visit Chrissie’s blog: thewriteside.kingdomcow.net. The e-books are available on Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo!:)