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Jack Holga Pack

For Jack White, we’ve got a custom Color Flash Holga Starter kit and
Fisheye Adaptor lens. Created in the 1980’s, the Holga is an all-plastic
icon of camera design. The White Stripes edition supplies a Fisheye Adaptor
for incredible 180-degree super-wide images, and an exclusive collection of
plastic filters for a hectic range of color-drenched effects.

Jack Holga Pack special edition includes:
– The White Stripes “JACK” edition Holga camera x 1
– The White Stripes edition titanium Fisheye Adaptor lens x 1
– Three plastic lens filters (one solid red, two colored soft-surround) x 1
– Exclusive Peppermint lens filter x 1
– Plastic filter mount x 1
– The World Through a Plastic Lens softcover book x 1
– “AA” batteries, opaque tape, and one roll of 120 film x 1

Available in all Team Manila stores for Php 11,500.00

Never got into lomography but this looks so pretty!

December 7, 2009
December 7, 2009