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Get your favorite boys something nice from local men’s clothing store, The Artisan. Their latest collection is “an ode to the ghost of past lovers.”

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A collection of 7 pieces of clothing, 3 fragrances and things all pieced up together. A study on how even the worse of things could make something beautiful in the end – even if it’s just another story to tell. In this case however, not just stories but more over a soft whisper that hopes you’re okay, a lasting product you could rest your memories on.

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A collaborative work alongside Sonny Thakur, Judd Figuerres, Julio Del Prado, Emmanuel Natola, Cholo Dela Vega, Melvin Rodas, Ej Reyes and Nikko Martinez.

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The Artisan Collection VII now available: http://shop.theartisanclothing.com


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    Genevie S.

    August 18, 2014

    That’s so awesome Saab! ;)