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One of the trickiest things about getting married is having to split up the holidays with your in-laws. Jim and I have been saying over and over again how thankful we are to love each other’s families. Can you imagine having to spend the holidays with people you don’t like?! That would be the worst!!! I’m writing this from the living room of ate Mia, Jim’s older sister who is based in Singapore. The Bacarros flew in to celebrate the new year with her and after the last crazy few weeks of December, I’m welcoming 2016 with open arms.

Christmas season in Manila means sitting in your car for hours. That’s exactly what happened to me on the 16th when I decided to go to Megamall. Worst decision ever. Where I live is literally a maximum of 10 minutes away from SM Megamall by car. It took me 2 hours — Two. Hours. — to get to the mall. KALURKS.

Going back to splitting the holidays between our families: after enduring so many hours on the road because of the Christmas rush, we decided to plan it all out in advance and call it “The Jim & Saab Rockin’ Family Tour 2015.” We packed our bags on the 23rd.

December 24

Because I offered to make macaroni salad for my family get together even if I had never made it before and I don’t cook, I spent about 5 hours making it. I went to the grocery store at 9, started making the salad at 10:30 and ended at around 3pm. SUCH A NOOB. Pero okay lang, it tasted GREAT and I’m so happy my family loved it as well.

DISCLAIMER: SORRY FOR THE PHOTOS. MY CAMERA’S BEING REPAIRED AT THE MOMENT :( So these are just pictures taken from different phones.


We drove to Antipolo at 5:30pm, and we did my family tradition: Christmas Eve mass at 7pm, dinner with mom’s side of the family at our home, opened gifts, etc.

Processed with VSCOcam with q7 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

At around 1:30am, we said goodnight and drove to Ayala Heights in QC to join Jim’s family. We opened gifts before his parents went to bed. Jim, Chelo, ate Mia and I stayed up until 5am.


It was my first time to sleep over in his old bedroom! Yay!

December 25

Jim and I woke up at 11:30am, drove to my dad’s sister’s house in New Manila for Christmas day lunch.


Aren’t my new Prada shades fab?? Maxx and Robby’s gift to me!!

It’s been my family’s tradition to have lunch with my dad’s side of the family every Christmas day. Tita Maricar and tito Neil are great hosts and the food is always superb.


We left their home at 3:30pm and drove to Rockwell, Makati to check in at Aruga. It was our gift to mom to hold an overnight staycation on the 25th.


As mom was making dinner (I know, right, she still wanted to make dinner even if we wanted her to rest!!), we started playing some Pinoy novelty songs just to troll her. We played Otso Otso, some other songs I can’t remember right now and then we played Spaghetti by Joey de Leon and the Sexbomb Dancers. ISPAGETI PATAAS PATAAS NANG PATAAS. We were all laughing so loud but I could tell mom was getting annoyed already so I stopped the music. Exactly when I clicked stop, there was a loud boom from the kitchen. The stove kind of short-circuited and had a mini-explosion. Okay, exagge, hindi naman explosion. Pero yung sound sumabog talaga, thankfully no one got hurt. Frank pointed out that mom was making spaghetti and we were playing that Spaghetti song that Eat Bulaga made famous. We’ve got a lot of stories to back this up, but we do believe that was papa’s way of saying hello on Christmas day. Because of the incident, the hotel upgraded us to a bigger room free of charge. Thanks, pop.

IMG_4899 IMG_4900

We played some board games and drank some wine before going to sleep.

December 26

Okay, this is taking too long, I’m so sleepy na but I promised myself a blog post at least once a day for the new year. I’m just gonna do this with bullet points:

  • Got my nails done with Maxx in the morning
  • Checked out and had lunch with the family at CPK in Rockwell
  • Went home for like a split second before heading out for band practice


Got this from Manny!! Awwww

Got this from Manny!! Awwww

  • Did our Secret Santa with Cheats
  • Went to Saguijo for our Christmas gig


  • Got home at 3am

December 27

  • Woke up at 6am
  • Left for Tagaytay to celebrate Jim’s parents’ 35th wedding anniversary
  • Had breakfast at Antonio’s
  • Went to their newly-built house at his parents’ farm. It’s GORGEOUS, I’ll show you pictures another time.





  • We left Tagaytay at 3pm, got home at 7pm. NAKAKALOKA.

December 28

Had our carpenter Mang Danny come over to do some mini home projects. He came over with our family helper Yaya Gleza and our soon-to-be stay-at-home helper Vanessa. We’ve never had a stay-at-home kasambahay before so Gleza trained Vanessa the whole day while Mang Danny hung up some frames and installed some new furniture. Vanessa’s moving in some time in January. Wala pa siyang bed eh. Haha!


It was kind of an impromptu mini-home renovation from 9am-6pm. YAY.

December 29

  • Took Joey to the vet at around 11:30am for a check up because Jim and I suspected she had bladder stones again because of a very faint reddish brown color in her pee.
  • After 4 hours of tests and screenings, I decided to have her confined because she does have bladder stones again and she needed some meds. I wanted to have peace of mind while I’m away so I knew the best thing to do was to have doctors take care of her while I’m away :(
  • Jim cheered me up by buying Star Wars Battlefront on PS4 and we played it a bit before going to bed

December 30

  • Woke up at 3am for our 6am flight to Singapore!

So now we’ve got 1 more day before we fly home to Manila on the 3rd. The tour’s almost over and although it’s been tiring, I’m a happy kind of tired. I’m also VERY happy because the vet sent me updates of Joey thru Viber and sent me photos of her looking happy and active. Can’t wait to hug my baby love. K, gotta get some sleep!! Hoping to keep up this new year’s resolution of writing everyday.




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    January 2, 2016

    I love magalonas!!! And then I saw a pic of you with the bacarros uploaded by Jim yesterday on IG and you all look happy. Love ??? Btw, I’ll be one of the readers looking forward to your daily updates!!! Yay! Woohoo! Felt like I’m a friend getting an update cos of this blogpost. Haha. More posts like this please. Can’t wait for your post about laneway festival. :) PS: get well soon to your baby girl

    • Reply


      January 2, 2016

      Thank youuu!!!:)

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    January 2, 2016

    Love your shades and lipstick on the 26th. May i ask what shade and brand of lippie you were wearing? Belated happy holidays Saab. ?

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      January 2, 2016

      Colourpop Lippiestix in Pinch from @death_by_lipstick on IG :D THANKS!

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    January 2, 2016

    Now I’ll be looking forward to this rockin’ tour every year!!! So happy for you and Jim that you managed to spend quality time with both families! Achieve na achieve! Now I know why my older brother is always so busy when he and my sister-in-law are home for the holidays haha!

    Will absolutely look forward to more #SpellSaab this 2016!!! :D

    P.S. I also started on my resolution this year which is to write again (and keep on writing)! My blog is alive after 3 years of hibernation huhuhu.