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Some thoughts I had while watching the new version of “We Are the World”:

1. Who is this castrato kicking the song off?

2. Should I be worried or proud that I can’t recognize half of these people?


4. Celine Dion, you ain’t no Cyndi Lauper.

5. Holy crap is that Brian Wilson?

6. Auto-Tune makes the baby Haitians cry.

7. There’s a lot of Nicole Scherzinger in this video. That’s not exactly a complaint, mind you, but considering, you know, everyone else who was there…

8. Rapping in unison was probably better in theory than it turned out in practice.

9. Hey who’s the blonde guitarist?

10. Some of you reading this may not even have been born yet when the first version was released. Holy crap I’m old etc.

My thoughts:

1. Justin Bieber opens the song? Really?

2. Does Josh Groban’s voice have a built in echo?

3. Janet Jackson superimposed beside MJ was creepy.

4. Viva Mary J. Blige + Barbra Streisand!

5. Nice one, Miley Cyrus, Pink, Maroon 5 singer, Jamie Foxx, Usher. Enrique Iglesias sexy voice!

6. Why couldn’t I see that Jonas’ face? Was that Nick?

7. Was that Randy Jackson…

8. That was Toni Braxton’s only part?

9. If Groban has a built in echo, Lil Wayne  and T-Pain have built in auto-tune I guess!

10. I just really do not like Akon.

11. Oh it was Nick Jonas!

12. Yes, the rapping in unison sounded a little scary. Hey was that Snoop Dogg?

13. Kanye? Really? Joke lang. I just thought he was a little douchey to be preaching. I hope he’s sincere.

14. Luis, that blonde guitarist was Michael Jackson’s guitarist in This Is It! She’s hot stuff!

But hey I’m just kidding with all the nitpicking, it’s nice that they all got together for a good cause!

February 15, 2010
February 15, 2010