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Friends have been asking me for information on the candidates and I’ve been sending them links. So I decided to reproduce them here, too, in case voters will find them useful. Here is the official Comelec list of presidential candidates; the official Comelec list of vice-presidential candidates.

I. Background on the presidency

I prepared this chart comparing the careers of past presidents of the Philippines. The list only applies to presidents elected directly by the people in a national election.

II. Platforms

Abroad, platforms, as U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich once said, are a statement of beliefs. Once elected an administration then unveils its legislative and policy agenda in the State of the Union (or in our case, State of the Nation) address. Here at home it seems voters want platforms to be a specific list of specific action items.

Here are the platforms I’ve found.

Aquino-Roxas Platform and Credo

Gordon-Fernando Platform

Madrigal Platform

Perlas Platform

de los Reyes Platform

Aquino was the first major candidate to publish his platform. Neither Teodoro or Villar have published a platform, as far as I know (Teodoro’s opinions on issues are presented informally on his site). However, the Nacionalista Party and the Makabayan Coalition have a document of NP-Makabayan Shared Principles. Loren Legarda also previously released her own Plataporma. Estrada formally adopted a platform during his proclamation but to date no formal document has been published or made available.

III. Comparative data on the candidates

You can compare the candidates based on the following charts:

1. Senatorial attendance

2. Voting Records of the candidates

3. Comparison of their Statements of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth

IV. Their websites

Aquino: Noynoy.ph

Estrada: Erap.ph

Gordon: Gordonbayani.com

Madrigal: Jambymadrigal.com

Perlas: Nickperlas.com

delos Reyes: Angkapatiranparty.com

Teodoro:   Gibo.ph

Villar: Mannyvillar.com.ph

February 4, 2010