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Humility > Arrogance.

I learned this the hard way. I’ve been blogging for seven years now (HARDCORE haha). If someone calls you out for being offensive, just apologize. Freedom of speech is awesome, yes, but we also need to be responsible bloggers. I would appreciate it if you didn’t write things like Saab Magalona is overrated/tanga/pangit/feeling/mataba because I stumble upon your blogs. I am more of an online celebrity than the TV/movie kind so of course I surf the net and contrary to dumb belief, celebrities do not automatically ask for judgment just because we share a part of ourselves with the world. Cliche cliche but we do have feelings, too. I understand I may have given you guys more than I should have (being too open about my life especially through the Q&A portion, etc) and this is something I’m trying to fix. A little more censorship from now on, sorry about that. I do not ask for you to like everything I post, I do not wish for everyone to like me, I only ask that we all blog in peace. That is the last time I blog about haterade. I still love you all and I know most of you don’t mean to hurt my feelings. <3

P.S. I know I diss Miley Cyrus sometimes but OMG I am not on Miley Cyrus’ level. Plus, you know I love her. I’ll try not to anymore, k? I am not super showbiz Hollywood mode, I am just like you and I know you wouldn’t want me posting shit about you. I’m 21, and 21 is young. Although I don’t let it affect me much, I am not at all immune to this. I’m not commanding you to stop the hate. This is just a love letter from me to you. … Labo. (DO NOT LIKE THIS IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, WALA NANG TUMBLARITY ANO BA TAMA NA PLASTIKAN chos)

xx Senior Blogger (emo laslas mode)

January 15, 2010