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Gut-busting movie School of Rock starring Jack Black turned 10 years old last year but I only saw footage of their reunion concert today (thanks, Candy, for the link!).

Jim is such a nerd. We were talking about something na nakakaiyak and he said, “FEELS!” trying to see if he could get away with talking like a 15-year-old girl. I just looked at him, appalled. But now – I think that is the most appropriate term to use… FEEEEEEEEEELS!!!

Can’t believe no one professionally filmed their reunion concert. But I guess this way makes it more rock and roll. Stick it to the man!!

school of rock

I’m especially thankful for this movie because it heavily influenced Cheats‘ 18-year-old drummer Enzo who was 7 years old when the movie first came out. Enzo expertly plays drums, guitars, bass, and he has a dreamy voice too! He says it’s one of his favorite movies ever.

Our band played at the launch of new magazine, Scout, a few weeks ago and it had a 90’s theme. Enzo was a bit Clueless (get it?) about 90’s fashion and he asked “is it like what they wore in School of Rock?” and I felt like a lola. Kaloka!! Anyway, here he is with Jim who constantly tries to look like he was born in the 90’s too.

photo (4)

In fairness, keri naman ni Jim mag mukhang 18 years old. LOL! <3




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    July 24, 2014

    Jim looks like a tibo in the picture! Cute tibo though. Hehehe! *peace*

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      July 24, 2014

      That’s cos he pretty <3