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Tokyo Tokyo Launches Beef Pepper Ramen

August 11, 2016 0 Comments

Rainy days are definitely here again. I for one have been a fan of the cold weather lately. I like that I can layer my clothes, put my favorite boots on rotation, and snuggle with Joey in bed.

cuddle joey

Another thing I love about the rainy season is that it makes food taste so much better. Don’t ask me how – it just does!!

My top 3 rainy day comfort food (in no particular order):

  1. Home-cooked champorado with tuyo
  2. A warm cup of arroz caldo
  3. A really good bowl of ramen!

Filipinos are no doubt a rice-loving people (see: champorado and arroz caldo) but since the ramen craze hit our country years ago, we’ve proven we can also be a bit noodle-crazy! And on rainy, cold days, I find myself craving for a piping hot bowl of ramen.

Tokyo Tokyo Philippines has had the authentic Japanese noodle dish as part of their product line for years. Currently in their “ramen roster” are the flavors: Braised Pork, Spicy Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki and Seafood.

This year, in line with their Beef Festival, they’re adding a new flavor to the mix: Beef Pepper Ramen.


Beef Pepper Ramen is made with rich pork-based broth and is topped with savory and tender beef slices, corn, shredded cabbage, onion leeks, nori and Nitamago egg. For extra spice and flavor, black pepper sauce is added. A bowl of regular-sized Beef Pepper Ramen is priced at P195, while the snack size is only for P145!


Aside from the usual gyoza add-on, the Beef Pepper Ramen can be best enjoyed if paired with Chicken karaage or Japanese-style fried chicken and Tokyo Tokyo’s signature Red Iced Tea. You only need to add P55 for a complete meal!

Other dishes celebrating the Beef Festival in Tokyo Tokyo are the Beef Yakiniku Bento and Beef Misono Bento:


I’ve always been a beef-over-chicken-or-pork kind of girl so this is totally up my alley!!

Head on over to the nearest Tokyo Tokyo branch to get your beef ramen fix!