Spell Saab

I’m getting ready for a huge trip I’m taking tomorrow past midnight! The doors of 2014 are about to open and I’m jumping in. There are some things I am taking with me and a few I’d rather leave behind.

Yep, you guessed it. This is my year-end blog post. Now I will stay true to my blogging style and come up with things as I go.



One of the best things that happened this year was BEYONCÉ. Yes, the person and yes her album!!


Let’s not forget, 2013 is also the year she sang the American national anthem at President Obama’s inauguration. The next time the media saw her was at her press conference for the Superbowl.

Wait, need to insert a photo of that realness!!!


At the press conference, she admitted that she lip-synced the anthem because she was not feeling a hundred percent and did not want to take a risk at such a high profile event. Before saying anything though, she asked everyone to stand up and she sang the national anthem perfectly. AND THEN SHE ASKED “Any questions?” HOW MOVIE MOMENT IS THAT????

I believe 2013 is also the year www.poormichelle.com was created just to poke fun at the least famous child of destiny. LOL!

One of Beyoncé’s new songs, Pretty Hurts, falls under the same category as TLC’s Unpretty – tackling our common insecurities and how to overcome the pressures of being a girl in today’s society.


I love you, Bey! I love the line ‘pageant the pain away.’ I admittedly cringed the first time I heard the line ‘it’s the soul that needs the surgery’ just because I found it so cheesy… But I know cheese is an important ingredient for a successful pop song. Allow me to guzzle down the cheese as I get a little surgery done before tomorrow night’s big trip!

Things I’m Getting Done:

  • Eyes – I’m getting new eyes. Ones that don’t always find the worst in everything. I personally think I have done a great job curbing my “wrong radar” that finds fault in all things. Remember when I was such a cranky teenager dubbed as The Incugirl? Ugh! Haha! But I think I can do even better next year!
  • Nose – I would like a nose that prefers to smell the roses. When I turned 25 I realized that I am actually old! Imagine, I have been blogging for TEN years?! Naloka ako. I decided I need to slow down and appreciate things more. I need to love life more. Thank God I do not have a nose that sticks itself in other people’s businesses. If you have that kind of nose, get a nose job stat!
  • Mouth – I need to cleanse my palette. My taste for adventure has gone stale. I dream of traveling the world but there have been days when I’m just in bed watching TV series. It makes me so sad that I am not planning trips even to nearby towns. I have to stop making money an excuse not to go on adventures. It does not have to be Europe right away! It can be as simple as exploring Marikina or something. Jim and I are so bad for each other when it comes to exploration because we both love to stay home, watch movies and get massages. We are creatures of comfort!! I brought this up when I turned 25 and cried about not living my life to the fullest (LOL DRAMA) and it snapped us out of our lethargy! We’ve made a pact to have adventures outside of our condos at least once a month! YAY <3
  • Ears – I would like eager ears for 2014. I barely listened to any new bands this year!! What a shame. It is probably because I was very focused on starting my new band Cheats. I have to do more research and actually LISTEN in the year to come!

Since I’m going on a year-long trip to 2014, I have to get packing!

Here are some of the 2013 memories I would like to bring with me:


Jim and I went to Hong Kong to visit his ate Mia who works for the company that handles Cartoon Network (yes, she gives me Adventure Time goodies I LOVE HER). Ate Mia graciously let us stay at her apartment. It was the first time I went abroad without staying at a hotel and it was the best experience I’ve had in Hong Kong by far!!! I did things so differently, I felt like a person actually living there. I took the tram more than the train, I walked instead of taking a cab, we even woke up early one morning and went jogging around the horse race track near ate Mia’s place. Ate Mia and her boyfriend Rahul took us to a tiny bar that reminded me so much of Route196/Saguijo and we watched an amazing jazz singer with a blind Filipino keyboardist. Swear, it was magical. Jim and I also went grocery shopping to stock up the fridge as a thank you before leaving! It gave me a taste of living far away from my comfort zone and I absolutely loved it. Naiiyak ako thinking about it. Hahahaaha!! I would really like to live abroad for a while. Maybe in a few years! For now, I am very happy with this memory.


I formed a new band with my best buddies, including my boyfriend! It’s been so much fun! Always exciting! There’s so many things to look forward to regarding Cheats this 2014! Follow us on Facebook!


This year we recorded Duster‘s new album! It was my first time recording and I was so nervous but it turned out great, just a few more tweaks and waiting for our lead singer Katwo to get back from the States so we can finally release it!!<3


GRRRL SCOUT held its first gig at Cubao X this year and we didn’t expect such a huge crowd, we should have hired more bouncers. I’d like to share that I had my worst public flip out that night. It was a mix of stress and alcohol, I admit. No I didn’t threaten to buy Cubao X haha but backstage some people were talking about one of the monitors (speaker) being stolen. Okay, I wasn’t thinking straight because DUH ang laki laki ng monitor para manakaw. The crowd was so rowdy so I took to the stage and told this group of guys in front to calm down and behave. They started mocking me by dancing magulo so I told them to “get the fuck out of here” ewan ko ba kung sinapian ako ni Dave Grohl or what. Basta namura ko sila and their girl friend was screaming expletives back at me. It was so embarrassing, I am SO not confrontational. I cried backstage out of frustration. Apparently, the monitor was not stolen but it was definitely soaked in beer because of that group in front. I apologize for that incident but I’ll keep this memory with me to remind myself that I am not one to get into fights. Number one reason: because it’s so chipazzz (cheap). HAHAHA SORRY!!!


My Joey bear turned 1 this year <3<3<3 She is now huge but her body still isn’t able to contain her love for me. So unconditional. I love her so much.


These 3 became my barkada for a while. Got highly addicted to GTA V. I think I’ll play it all over again this 2014!


I landed a new show on GMA primetime – ADARNA! Kontrabida once again, I love it! I missed taping! I think I took a 5-month long break from TV but I’m back and I am so happy with this role. I just read the script for the coming 2 weeks of taping and it’s requires a lot of emotion aside from the usual taas-kilay and smirks I do. Haha! But I am totally up for the challenge! Yay!! Mondays-Fridays after 24 Oras on GMA7 :)


Jim surprised me with a trip to Palawan for my birthday! It was my first time there AND also my first time to go snorkeling!!! What a perfect first time because fishing in that area is forbidden to preserve the coral reefs. They were amazing, I want to cry because I didn’t have an underwater camera with me huhuhu. Also the best because my BFF Candy also went with us!!<3


Lauren and I spearheaded Ukay Alalay twice this year. The first time was for her brother’s friend with cancer and the second time was for Yolanda victims and with the help of our friends, families and followers, we raised over P112,000 in just 4 hours <3 THANK YOU!

My beautiful beshies never failed to make me happy once again this year. Sorry, missing from this picture are Megan and Janna!!!<3 MORE COMPLETE SESSIONS THIS YEAR PLEASE.

Our besh Megan won Miss World 2013 and this is the first time I’m releasing our reaction. Hahaha nakakaloka. HAPPINESS! PRIDE!


Got another job as a segment host for GMA News TV’s Taste Buddies! Best job ever. I really really enjoy doing this show! Saturdays 540PM on GMA News TV <3


Oh I have to mention the fact that I had my hair colored this year because it totally changed my look! Yay!!

I’m sure marami pang ibang pangyayari na hindi ko na-lista dito pero napaka-bilis ng 2013. There were a number of big calamities that happened this year, a lot of public scandals and break ups, so many heartbreaking moments. Still, there are a million reasons to look forward to the new year. Your parents, your siblings, your kasambahays, your dogs, your house, the grass, the clouds, the ocean, the food on your table, the friends who make you laugh, the friends you can cry to, the higher being that keeps you going.

I will remember to fill my backpack with humility and determination this year. Leave behind bitterness and anger. It will be a trip to remember. Good things will happen if I have a positive outlook in life. Down with the hate blogs. Hindi kailangan maging negative para sumikat (kaya sana wag niyo rin tangkilikin ang mga hate blogs). The Incugirl 2.0 is here! CHAROT!!! Sama ng ending kung ganon. Hahaha.

By the end of the year, not everybody in this world will know how to spell S-A-A-B but more people will be under my spell. SAAAAAAAAABEHHHHHHHH?! I love you, guys!

What are the things you’ll be packing for 2014? Blog/tweet/comment about it and share with me!<3

January 6, 2014