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The Uniqlo T-shirt brand (UT) was launched back in 2003 and has since been assembling a wide range of content from pop culture. You can choose to wear different t-shirts about art, music, movies, anime, and so much more for the sake of free self-expression.

I’ll be supporting the campaign by posting a photo of myself on Instagram (@saabmagalona) wearing one of the UT shirts every week until June


I urge you to join the conversation as well because your photo could end up on the biggest Instagram feed on EDSA!!


Here are the full mechanics:

  • Upload a photo of you wearing a Uniqlo Graphic T-shirt
  • Give your photo a UT statement that perfectly represents you
    • UT statements are as follows:
      • one with yoUTh
      • support trUTh
      • be aUThentic
      • be the fUTure
      • see beaUTy
      • have gUTs
      • be the revolUTion
  • Use hashtag #UTYouTalk and tag Uniqlo’s social media account
    • Twitter @uniqloph
    • Facebook /uniqlo.ph
    • Instagram @uniqlophofficial
  • You may upload as many photos as you like
  • Uploaded photos will be saved in an album in Uniqlo’s Facebook page
  • Uniqlo will select photos from the album that will appear in the LED billboard until June 5, 2015
  • Posting rules:
    • At least one UT shirt must be included and no other brands should be mentioned
    • T-shirt should be visibly seen
    • No advertisement and selling allowed via pictures, logos, captions, and texts
    • No nudity, vulgar statements, or anything that may be construed as offensive to the general public
  • By posting and tagging Uniqlo, and using the official hashtag #UTYouTalk, you are giving Uniqlo royalty-free license to use the photo on or in connection with Uniqlo Graphic T-shirt campaign materials.

Start posting your photos and please tag me because I’d love to see them!!!


May 18, 2015



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    May 16, 2015

    Love your hair here! But what happened to purple hair? I wish my hair would grow long faster tapos papagaya ko hair mo!! ❤️

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      May 18, 2015

      I colored to ash brown because purple hair was hard to maintain!