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Most people have this habit of relating Valentine’s Day to expensive dinner dates. I beg to differ! Ika nga ni mareng Jennifer Lopez: “love don’t cost a thing!” Also, Jim and I are a testament to a no-frills relationship. Sometimes, we like giving each other gifts but we know how to live within our means.

We are what you’d call “creatures of habit.” I am not kidding you when I say we have Japanese food on 90% of our dates. Haha! We can’t help it! WE LOVE JAPANESE FOOD.

Now, before you go thinking that Japanese food has to be over-the-top expensive to be good – think of Tokyo Tokyo


This month, the #1 Japanese Restaurant Chain in the country, is launching their Valentine Sumo Meal. It’s good for two and it consists of Tokyo Tokyo’s best-selling products — 4-pc prawn tempura, 1-pc Best Chicken Teriyaki with mixed vegetables, unli-rice (music to my ears), and Red Iced Tea. To complete the meal, it also comes with a Valentine-inspired Snow Ice dessert.


It’s basically a Valentine’s-inspired version of Tokyo Tokyo’s famous snow ice. It’s made with finely shaved vanilla ice topped with strawberry syrup, chocolate chips, heart candy toppers, and whipped cream. Perfect for sharing with your loved one!

For only PhP 409, you can now enjoy this complete meal for two. That’s only a little over Php 200 each!! Why not try something different and surprise your crush? Sharing the Valentine’s Sumo Meal during lunch break would be a nice little pit stop from another mundane day at the office.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to show your love! That’s why Tokyo Tokyo is serving this Sumo Meal special for the whole month of February! Stay in love!



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    February 11, 2016

    The limited edition Snow Ice looks cute, I bet it’s delicious. Thanks for posting, Saab! Stay in love to you too! Hehe =)