Spell Saab


It’s the PULP Summer Slam again! In its 10th year!

I know that the way I write and the way I present myself (online, at least) might give people the impression that I am a Proper Young Lady (all-caps, yo), but really, rock & roll is my first love.

Every year since 2003, I’ve been going to the PULP Summer Slam. At first, with friends, in the crowd (a lot of friends!), and man, it was such a trip. And then later on, backstage, with the boyfriend. Every year, it’s an experience—there’s always something new, something fun, and something crazy to write about. (The first time I heard Twisted Halo live was at a Slam. I fell in love.)

People like to write it off as one massive gathering of “orcs,” but when I was in high school, it was the only gig I ever got to go to. And it was great; I got to see almost all of the bands I loved in one huge production. Not as intimate as Saguijo or BigSky gigs, surely, but when it’s Queso or Greyhoundz (who are playing), I’m not sure that being in close quarters is always such a good idea (magulo, guys, magulo). Haha!

I was one of those kids who started out listening to really heavy stuff and then eventually mellowed out and fell in love with different kinds of music that still fell under the “rock” blanket, but I still love that heavy stuff.

Anyway, PULP’s celebrating a decade of the Summer Slam with Lamb of God and Testament, local metal acts like Sin and Cog (a personal favorite), and tons of other bands that (in all likelihood) might not simply walk into Mordor like Yagi Olaguera does—like Pedicab, Sandwich, Urbandub, Franco, Typecast, and Hilera.

And hey, don’t judge; my inner seventh grader misses Slapshock. And they’re playing.

So yeah, see you at Amoranto this Saturday! (Gen Ad tickets are P300, VIP passes are P3,500 with unlimited beer and pizza at Ticketworld and Ticketnet, or the PULP office.)

April 12, 2010