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Since watching that first teaser trailer, I have been waiting to see the latest Godzilla movie. Even watching it today, post-movie, gives me the chills! So Godzilla may not be one of the best movies of all time but it sure has been one of the best I’ve seen in a really long time. Not to mention, that was definitely the best trailer ever. Surprisingly, not everybody feels the same way I do. Reviews of Godzilla were coming in like reviews of Man Of Steel: either really amazing or so boring.

I mostly agree with my friend Niles’ Facebook status:

Sa mga hindi natuwa sa Godzilla, sa mga nagsabing nagsayang kayo ng 200 pesos… UTANG NA LOOB, ANO PA BA ANG GUSTO NYO??

I mean, come on!!! I watched the last full show of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and fell asleep.

gwen spidey

People say it was great but oh my goodness I found it cheesy as fuck quatro formaggi! The plot was so useless and I didn’t feel for the characters at all. One minute Peter Parker is all “I can’t be with you, I promised your dad” and the next he’s like “LET’S BE TOGETHER FOREVER – I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!” How can I respect someone like that?! Did I miss something while I was asleep? Because when I bring this up, no one explains why he’s bipolar. Harry Osborn’s best friendship with Peter Parker was so forced. I didn’t pity him enough to care unlike James Franco’s Harry Osborn (Spider-Man, 2002) who had a legit reason to be so angry with his best friend. I love Emma Stone, she’s so pretty but I feel the movie was too Twilight-fied. I only explain my thoughts on The Amazing Spiderman 2 because of the virtual gasps I got when I tweeted that I fell asleep. Also because I watched the last full show of Godzilla and didn’t yawn once. So…

Now let’s move on to Godzilla. There are plenty of reasons why I liked it and I’m warning you that there are ~*mild spoilers*~ ahead! Here it is–


bryan-cranston-godzillaI missed Bryan Cranston. Of course his scenes were amazing. Within the first few minutes of the movie, he breaks your heart with his acting chops.

godzilla-elizabeth-olsen-01-636-380I cared about Elizabeth Olsen. With very little screen time together, I felt the love between Elle (Elizabeth Olsen) and Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). She proves that good acting is always better than over-acting. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is not on this list because he was just okay, I guess.

Trivia: Olsen and Taylor-Johnson play twins in the upcoming Avengers sequel as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Weird? Similar to Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort playing siblings in Divergent and then sweethearts in The Fault In Our Stars.

godzillaGodzilla is terrifying but cute. He’s a little pudgier than the older versions but his roar was panic-inducing! He had this strange effect on me like I wanted to pet him because he reminded me of my dog but also I wanted to sprint away from him because death.

muto godzillaThe M.U.T.O.s recognize that females are boss. See that image above? The small one is the male, the massive one is the female. As with a lot of species – the woman is boss. Bees, spiders, whales, baboons, hyenas, sharks, most birds, lemurs, praying mantis, angler fish, just to name a few. Humans should probably follow suit. Haha. And who knows – Godzilla is probably a giant female lizard on her period.

gojira“GOJIRA” is the title of the 1954 film and when Ken Watanabe says Godzilla’s name for the first time in the 2014 reboot, he pronounces it as Gojira. Other than that, Watanabe sucked. Same face in all frames. (I am ready for the “EDI IKAW NA” comments. Che, nagpipilit ba ako mag Hollywood?!)

godzilla fogGodzilla is not over-exposed. Producer Thomas Tull said, “That was a very conscious choice. It should be a big deal that Godzilla is onscreen. It’s a force of nature, it’s an awe-inspiring event. We didn’t want that to be common. We wanted to be restrained and not be over the top.” And it proved effective because I was sitting there with my eyes wide open.

Pristine Philippine RainforestThe beautiful Philippine forests. I know they didn’t actually shoot in our country but I was reminded of our rain forests. When the first scene was set I instantly thought “Philippines!” I read this huge book back in college about our forests and it had lots of photos in it. So much greenery. This is what director Gareth Edwards said about choosing the Philippines.

“Actually, that scene was initially set in Siberia. What happened was, we found out that the ‘Man of Steel’ movie had a similar ice-based scene at the time. So we changed [the setting] to the Philippines. Whatever the cause of them (monsters) coming back, I wanted it to be born out of man’s abuse of nature. There was a scene that didn’t make it to the movie but it’s in Tagalog, with translation, where a dying man talked symbolically about how people came, raped the earth and scarred her flesh and now she has given birth to a demon. Man versus nature is a big theme within the film.”

That scene would have been beautiful and tear-jerking to the Filipino people as we realize how much we’ve raped our gorgeous country for profit.

amazon-deforestationI saw man in Godzilla even without the blatant spoonfeeding. Ha ha, funny, but no I’m not referring to old versions of Godzilla played by a man in costume. The movie puts man’s careless destructiveness in perspective. I saw a tweet that asked why Godzilla was portrayed as a good guy all of a sudden. I don’t think he was portrayed as a good guy. The truth is that Godzilla doesn’t give a fuck about us! We are ants! The city is his forest! He only came out to fight with the MUTOs because they were a threat to him. Same with the MUTOs, they never meant to hurt us – they just wanted to consume some frickin radiation to survive. Meanwhile in real life, we humans destroy our forests and justify it as wanting to eat and build a house. If only these Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms would take a moment to realize they are NOT the only ones on this planet then maybe they would be mindful not to destroy city after city. Now replace MUTOs with humans.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 5.10.05 PM

We’re not the only living beings on this planet. We’re monsters to so many animals we’ve never even heard of.

I didn’t expect this blog post to become so serious but I guess I’ve become a little emotional. As an ambassador for Greenpeace Philippines, I’d like to take this opportunity and invite you to take part in a few activities the organization has.

Click here to be my fellow ocean defender.

Click here to be one of the few signatures needed to reach the 6,000,000 mark in order to declare a global sanctuary in the Arctic.

Feel free to share this blog post if you want to stop Godzilla – the selfish man, not the movie! I hope the sequel is great, too!



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    Krisella Chua

    May 22, 2014

    My thoughts exactly! :)

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      May 22, 2014


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    Paulo M.B.

    May 23, 2014

    WHY OH WHY was that Tagalog scene cut.

    I enjoyed this movie too but now I’m totally DEVASTATED to know that there should’ve been a Pinoy scene, which surely would’ve made it like a godzillion (sorry) times cooler than it already is.

    Again, WHY

    PS: Nice touch on that deforestation pic. YES YES it’s sad and all, but nice.

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      May 25, 2014

      Haha at godzillion :p

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    May 26, 2014

    Haha! Whew! And I thought I was the only one who appreciated the movie. Call me bias because I always have loved GODZILLA anyway….

    “GOJIRA” has the same effect on me. I want to cuddle him and take him home but at the same time kind of scared or freaked out to be crushed or be “accidentally” blasted away by his awesome blue laser something. Haha! Oh myyyy looorrrddd. Some of my friends think I’m a geek but WTH I LOVE GOJIRA! :D

    Although the female parasite was Godzilla’s and humans’ enemy still who will miss the enormous size difference of the female from the male? FEMALE DOMINATION!!

    And yeap the second I saw “THE PHILIPPINES, 1999” I was ecstatic. C’mon who wouldn’t be? For me to hear Filipino words in the movie had somehow made me feel proud. Haha! Patriotic much? :D Although the rainforest/mining scene wasn’t actually filmed here but the fact that the director portrayed our country as a true-blue forest tropical country is pretty nice. Some Westerners will basically smack right on the viewers’ faces the negative vibe/aura/surrounding that our country has. This is I would say a fresh take on the Philippines. :)