Spell Saab

Here’s an entry w pictures, old school style. You’re gonna have to click Read More to read more! Nyahaha. Pictures of celebrities and musicians at the Awit Awards after the jump!

I went to the Tik Tok forum in Ateneo, where I got reminded of stuff I already knew (and I think everyone should know by now, too). You can read more about it in this reblog.

Ping Medina, one of the speakers. Is that eye contact?? Hehehehe he’s a brilliant actor!!

In love with my Whiteberry :):)

I don’t know where Julius got this picture, maybe it was on the bag of the person beside us. Nice! Anyway, after the forum, I got ready for the 22nd Awit Awards.

My lovely dates, Nyko and Patch!

Copying the bathroom girl backstage

Marc Abaya and Sunshine Dizon

Singer of Paraluman + Kean of Callalily

Eugene Domingo aka Kimmy Dora! God I love her!

Joined by Piolo Pascual!

Rico Blanco performing Yugto

Close up

Arkin and mom


My only semi-clear shot of Elmo w Pupil. Mom and I accepted a posthumous award for papa, thank you Awit Awards for giving my dad an award almost every year!:)

Mike Hanopol woohoo!

Should’ve at least fixed my hair… Or put lipstick on. Haha!

Went to Sonja’s cupcakes with the kids after and it started snowing inside!!!

FUN! Anyway, Mong picked me up after and we hung out with the Homeboys (his basketball buddies) but I left my camera in the car so no pictures! I swear those guys are awesome, I don’t think I ever stopped laughing. Oh, plus I just have to share, alam niyo yung kapag may kaaway kayo tapos sobrang seryoso until one of you says something stupid and you both just start laughing? Happened that night!!! Haha, Mng and I were arguing about something in the car (I don’t really remember what about) tas sabi niya “Ano nga?? Pakisabi mo nga sakin? Paki-fucking-sabi??” HAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT A LAME ATTEMPT TO SOUND SERIOUS, INSERTING AN ENGLISH BAD WORD IN THE MIDDLE OF A TAGALOG WORD. Sobrang laughtrip yun. Wala lang. There. That’s what I did Monday. Bow.

December 11, 2009
December 11, 2009