Spell Saab

Went to Shangrila with Elmo in the afternoon, I just accompanied him on his little shopping trip hehe. Spilled some coffee on myself then visited my ate’s kids, played with them for a bit. Of course, I’m so smart I forgot to bring my camera… Anyway, later on I met up with Lucy, Julius and Idris.

We went to Idris’ studio. His dad was one of the animators of Barnyard and Anastasia! ASTIG!

Julius (@beeeyes) and Lucy (@LucyCatx) :D

Idris (@jafarout)

His dad (Gorio Vicuna) also won a MYX Award for best rock video (Spongecola’s Bitiw)

WLNG! That’s what I did last Tuesday. Oh, plus I went to Cubao X to fix some stuff. Hahaha.

December 11, 2009
December 12, 2009