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What I really want to know from the Presidential Candidates is this: who will your cabinet members be? I’m sure they all have an idea by now. If I narrow it down to the issues that matter most to me- then the question will be whittled to “Who will you appoint as Dep Ed Secretary and who will run the DOH.” That should be easy enough. Those are two non-volatile agencies that provide a need that is steady despite political sways. Health and Education. Non-controversial, very little argument there.

When I vote for a President, I realize that I don’t vote for JUST HIM solo. He doesn’t come solo. I vote for his entourage, his funders, who he may owe favors to, his spouse even (for imagine the visibility of the spouse all through out), I also vote for his closest friends and allies, relatives too yes. Parang sa kasal yan ng Pinoy. Kasama pamilya. Pati aso.

I recently deduced that the candidates will never really name their future cabinets BEFORE they are elected. The ‘promise’ of these positions are the fattest carrots that they dangle before the eyes of those who go all-out in campaigning, funding, supporting and defending him during the campaign season. Okay not always- but it is a fine tool to lure funders in to commit cash & loyalty.

So if I had my way- I just want to know – Mr Future President – can you name me already some people who will be in your cabinet, so I know who will head the institutions that will directly affect me and the advocacies I work on. If there’s someone brave enough to answer that – with names and reasons why, if the candidate can tell me why he’s appointing who and give me experts in the fields of these institutions – then I can consider my vote to be truly informed – and his victory valid.

I always thought those were the goals of a formidable election season: an informed vote and a valid victory.

Gang Badoy, Rock Ed Radio. 29 January, 2010. (via gangbadoy)
January 29, 2010
January 29, 2010