Spell Saab


Why He’s Hot:

  1. Name? Danny Masterson. Most known for? Steven Hyde. You can’t deny that sarcastic, bad ass-ery he’s got goin’ on. You want to run your hands all through that Jew fro of his. It’s just that sexy.
  2. That stare; he’s slowly undressing you with his eyes. Oh I see that your panties are on the ground now. His eyes are saying “I want to make hot, passionate love with you.”
  3. He’s silly. He would always cheer you up when you’re feeling sad. What girl wouldn’t want that?
  4. Sexiness runs in his FAMILY. Yeah, Francis from Malcom In the Middle his is brother, man. They have some damn good genes (that’s Danny’s half brother in the middle)
  5. He is just SO DAMN CUTE. I saw you looking at those arms, yeah I wouldn’t mind him holding me with them either. You just can’t resist him.


January 11, 2010
January 12, 2010